Business Name and What It Does

Our business, WildWash, founded by Andrew and Jane Cooper, specializes in eco-friendly, natural skin and coat care products for pets.

Founder’s/Owner’s Story and Motivation

Our passion for animals and the environment drove us to establish WildWash. Over the past two decades, we have diligently developed what we believe to be the finest range of pet cosmetics globally. We started with a clear vision to produce pet shampoo that matches the high quality of leading human brands.

We were fortunate to collaborate with a renowned independent boutique apothecary responsible for some of the finest UK-made human products. This solar-powered apothecary, ranked among the top ten natural fragrance apothecaries worldwide, enthusiastically embraced our project. With our expertise and dedication, WildWash shampoos and cosmetics came to life. Our products are now exclusively hand-blended using a holistic mixture of plants, botanicals, and essential oils.

At WildWash, we believe in offering animals and humans alike the highest quality cosmetics. We pride ourselves on transparency by providing full ingredient lists for all our products. Our range contains no parabens, phthalates, phosphates, petrochemicals, sulfates, palm oils, or PEGs. We utilize 100% pure essential oils and guarantee that none of our products undergo animal testing. As evidence of our commitment, we proudly carry the Cruelty Free International Leaping Bunny Logo. Our ethical practices have earned us accreditation and countless satisfied customers.

Business Strategies

When we started, we lacked a formal business strategy. Our primary goal was to create a product suitable for our own dogs. Our strategy revolved around producing natural and effective pet shampoo, particularly for our American Bulldogs with sensitive skin. The results were astounding, benefiting not only the animals but also the humans applying the product. Word spread rapidly, and demand quickly surpassed our capacity.

Challenges in the Business/Market

Almost two decades ago, when WildWash began, there was a scarcity of natural grooming products in the market. We were pioneers in listing ingredients on the bottle, despite it not being a legal requirement for pet products. We took immense pride in the positive feedback from clients whose pets experienced the difference our products made. Professional groomers also attested to the gentleness of WildWash on their hands.

However, being the first in the market presented challenges. We needed to educate consumers about the benefits of using natural products for pets, owners, and the planet. We remained committed to our eco-friendly plans, introducing refill centers and utilizing recycled plastic packaging (the first company worldwide to employ a recycled pump). These initiatives required significant investment and led to higher production costs. While WildWash aimed to remain competitive in pricing, our margins were narrow. Nonetheless, our unwavering commitment to providing natural and effective pet grooming products garnered loyalty from customers worldwide.

Market Opportunities

The pet industry stands among the fastest-growing sectors globally, and we initially underestimated its potential. This growth provided ample room for our business to expand. At WildWash, we continuously strive to introduce innovative products, which resonate well with our enthusiastic customer base. The passion shared by our customers fuels our drive and makes every endeavor worthwhile.

Business Advice

Our advice to others would be to create a product you genuinely believe in. Many companies begin with marketing objectives and then find a product to fit their advertising, often resulting in inferior products that disappoint customers. WildWash followed a different path. We emerged from a market need for a natural, effective, and gentle pet shampoo. Our brand grew organically through word-of-mouth recommendations, which holds unparalleled value. Marketing and advertising played a secondary role; our products became the heroes of our brand. To learn more about WildWash, please visit our website at www.wildwash.co.uk.

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