Infections caused by viruses, fungi, and bacteria, allergic reactions, inflammation, and many other reasons could drive your skin nuts and cause painful itching. Worry no more, though; with organic CBD oil, you can heal such itchy skin.

Skin conditions are among the many problems affecting people today, causing them great discomfort and pain. Eczema, psoriasis, infections by viruses, bacteria, and fungi, inflammation, allergies to food, cold, pollens, dust, and nutritional deficiencies are among the many reasons why your skin could be itchy, causing you great discomfort and affliction. Sadly, when some of these skin conditions are not attended to well in time, they can deteriorate and cause lesions, hair loss, and other infections. There is good news, though. With organic CBD oil, you could remedy most, if not all, of these itchy skin conditions. Get the gist of this by peering into this article.

CBD oil interacts with the body system

Hemp is a green leafy plant with a nutty taste whose products have multiple uses in modern medicine, including healing painful, itchy skin. Most of the health benefits stem from the interaction of hemp compounds with the body system. The plant has several active ingredients, including cannabidiol (CBD), which renders the oil potent. This compound interacts with the endocannabinoid system (ECS), which consists of glands and receptors all over the body, including the immune and nervous systems. Consequently, the ECS affects many physiological processes, controlling sleep, appetite, inflammation, mood, and digestion. All these systems, processes, and functions round up cumulatively and affect healing, which is why CBD oil can remedy painful, itchy skins.

CBD oil for skin health

For a long time, CBD was illegal, and it’s only recently that it was legalized for medical uses, although some states still consider it illegal. This potent compound is an active ingredient in hemp plant, and recent studies have shown that it can remedy several skin conditions and disorders. From dryness to eczema to psoriasis, you can expect to get healing with CBD oil. This organic oil has powerful antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, antifungal, antioxidant, moisturizing properties in its products, such as serums, gels, creams, and liquids that can help manage dermatological conditions and the pain caused by such disorders.

How organic CBD oil will heal your painful, itchy skin

Having seen that CBD oil is a potent organic oil that can help heal skin conditions, you need to know the exact mechanisms with which the oil works. This section enlightens you in this regard and outlines the following as the properties of CBD oil’s skin-healing ability;

i.                    CBD oil has antioxidants

CBD oil is rich in antioxidants, which has is the basis of its healing potential. These are phytochemicals with great healing potential that can neutralize free radicals. Free radicals are dangerous chemicals from the environment, pollution, radiation, and sometimes, metabolism. In small proportions, free radicals are not dangerous, but they result in oxidative stress when they accumulate. This condition is related to many health conditions, both chronic and acute, and some skin conditions which cause itching and pain result from it.

ii.                 The oil can help fight infection-causing agents

As seen earlier, painful, itchy skin can be caused by many things, including viral, fungal, and bacterial infections. Thankfully, the antioxidants in CBD oil can help fight viruses, fungi, and bacteria, preventing the development and progression of infections that could cause itchy skin. In addition, the antioxidants boost the body’s defense mechanism and form a strong skin barrier, preventing the entry of disease-causing pathogens.

iii.               The compounds in CBD oil can fight inflammation

Inflammation is a primary cause of painful, itchy skin, whether it occurs internally or externally. Thanks to modern research, CBD oil proved that it can fight cell inflammation. For a long time, people have used antihistamines to reduce inflammation and its effects, but some of them have had more far-reaching side effects than benefits. However, the oil is not harmful and can fight inflammation, helping many manage itchy skins.

iv.               CBD oil compounds can reverse the effect of UV damage and hyperpigmentation

Your skin could also pain because of UV rays damage and hyperpigmentation, which are two problems CBD oil can handle. Hyperpigmentation refers to the excess production of melanin, the skin’s darkening compound. CBD oil has alpha-linolenic and linoleic acids, two compounds that repair UV damage and help the body remove excess melanin. Through these two mechanisms, your itching skin could heal, and the resulting pain subside.

v.                  CBD oil can help with several inflammatory conditions

Acne rosacea, lichen planus, seborrheic dermatitis, eczema, varicose eczema, and atopic dermatitis are a few of the many inflammatory conditions that could trigger skin itching and painful lesions. The good news is that the CBD oil serums, cream, and gels have significantly helped people treat these conditions. In fact, atopic dermatitis, a serious skin condition, can be managed by dietary CBD oil. You can try it today and see the improvements in a matter of days.

vi.               The oil could help you manage acne vulgaris and acne scars

Acne vulgaris is a skin condition caused by the excess production of sebum and body oil. Several lab studies done with rodents and human cells have proved that CBD oil can reduce excess oil secretion, helping reduce the development of acne vulgaris. In addition, through its powerful antimicrobial properties, CBD oil can improve acne scars by promoting cell regeneration & turnover and reducing healing time.

vii.             CBD oil can reduce skin dryness

When the skin dries and crackles, it can start itchy and being painful. Recent studies have shown that CBD oil, because of the moisturizing effects of linolenic acid, gamma, and alpha-linolenic acids, can help remedy skin dryness. In addition, these fatty acids help transport electrolytes across the body and help the cell membrane retain its fluidity, two processes that reverse skin dryness and improve and itchiness and pain.


A painful, itchy skin can be caused by several things, including infections, dryness, and allergic reactions. If left unchecked, it can lead to lesions, hair loss, more serious infections, and inflammatory conditions, such as eczema, atopic dermatitis, and psoriasis. Thankfully, recent studies have shown that CBD oil can heal painful, itchy skin because of its antioxidant, moisturizing, antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, and antibacterial properties. Read through this article to understand how.

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