Word Brokers, LLC - A Full-Service SEO Content Provider

Word Brokers, LLC – A Full-Service SEO Content Provider

Word Brokers, LLC is a full-service content provider owned and operated by a fully nomadic crew. You can often find them doing SEO research with their toes in the sand, slinging killer copy from cafes across the globe, or making final edits from airports, bus stations, and beyond.

With both clients and employees scattered worldwide, the organization is a must. Writers, editors, and translators should work in unison to meet specific deadlines. The often jet-lagged owners make it look easy thanks to time-management software, alarm clocks, and clear communication.

Meet The Word Brokers

Tired of living the rat race, the founders of Word Brokers, LLC decided it was time for a change. The two owners are passionate about ditching the traditional 9-5 business structure and are fully committed to helping others do the same.

A Dynamic Duo

Paul Bold and Natasha Moore are the founders and co-owners of Word Brokers, LLC. After years of living in the states working long hours every day, they realized it just wasn’t the life they wanted. So, they decided to be their solution.

Paul and Natasha sold everything that wouldn’t fit into their trusty backpacks and bought their first plane ticket. They spent 6-months relaxing on a warm sunny Jamaican beach living like locals. But, with a limited budget and no real plans, it was time to start Word Brokers, LLC.

Becoming a Fully-Nomadic Company

For a long time, Word Brokers, LLC was a two-person company. Paul and Natasha spent years building their large client base and doing everything from research to writing to editing. Eventually, the company grew thanks to word of mouth and became too difficult to run independently.

They’ve since hired numerous employees and contract workers – all entirely nomadic. Word Brokers, LLC has writers, editors, and translators spread across the globe at any given time. While a writer sleeps in Thailand, another is busy at work editing in Colombia.

Paul and Natasha don’t care where you work from. If you can commit to a deadline and meet the Word Brokers writing best practices, you can work from anywhere in the world.

Bringing Passion Projects to Life

Because Paul and Natasha are no longer doing all the work, they can enjoy working on some of their passion projects. With Word Brokers, LLC running smoothly, Paul and Natasha can spend more time doing the things they love – and writing about them!

That’s where Nomadic-AF comes in. On the site, you can check out their transition from working the regular grind to becoming Nomadic AF. You can also find helpful travel-related resources and a plethora of info on how you can ditch the rat race.

Word Brokers, LLC: Behind the Scenes

There are a lot of content creators out there. It’s a tough market that isn’t necessarily easy to break into – which in 2013, Paul and Natasha were quick to find out. It took years and years to cultivate their business from the ground up.

Businesses, especially small businesses, don’t often want to shell out a lot of cash for quality writers. But you need to spend money to make money. There’s so much behind the scenes that clients don’t get to see.

Those product descriptions, blogs, and landing pages don’t just write themselves. We asked Word Brokers to give us a run-down of what goes into a piece of their content. It turns out a lot!

A 1,000-word blog post, for example, can take anywhere from 4-6 hours to create, depending on the type of content and research required. And that’s before edits.

Several weeks ago, Natasha recalled spending a whopping 25 hours on a single 7,000-word article. She says that’s not typical but also not unheard of either. We hope she got paid well for that one!

So, there is hope for the industry after all. When you’re good with words, convincing business to invest in themselves is easy.

Content is King

More and more businesses realize they need an online presence. The market may be slightly saturated, but there will always be a need for the kinds of services Word Brokers, LLC provides.

They’re always up-to-date on the latest SEO practices and are extremely knowledgeable on how to make a business more profitable using the power of words. 

Even with its extensive client list, Word Brokers, LLC continues to market itself within various niches. Nearly every day, Paul is in the process of onboarding new clients while Natasha focuses her efforts on scheduling projects.

That’s probably why the Word Brokers portfolio is so extensive. They’ve done everything from writing short jewelry descriptions to writing long-form buyer’s guides for health supplements. And it doesn’t look like they plan to stop anytime soon!

Advice from the Wordsmiths Themselves

We wanted to know more about becoming a digital nomad in the content creation space. We asked Paul and Natasha to give us a few tips on the trade. If you’re interested in starting an online business or becoming nomadic, keep reading.

Cultivating A Nomadic Life

Paul and Natasha have been living out of backpacks for going on 9-years. While traveling the world, they’ve lived in shared hostels, large luxury homes, and even a treehouse. While they’ve got loads of amazing adventures under their belts, we want to know the specific dos and don’ts when cultivating a digital nomad life.

  • DO – Prepare First: Learn everything you can about the destination you have in mind. Join Facebook ex-pat groups. Ask questions, and be prepared. 
  • DO – Save, Save, Save: While living abroad is often cheaper, you’ll want to have at least a little fund for emergencies, etc. Trust us, it’s nice to have a cushion in place when times get tough.
  • DO – Sell, Sell, Sell: A common mistake many people make when moving abroad is keeping their stuff. Sure, some things are hard to get, but in most cases, you’ll regret the hassle of shipping and storing a ton of probably unnecessary items.
  • DO – Roll with the Punches: Every day isn’t going to be amazing. You will contend with bugs, heat, storms, and power outages. You’ll have a much more enjoyable time if you can roll with the punches.
  • DO – Try House / Pet sitting: A great way to save money and travel to new places is to house or pet sit. There are numerous platforms to help connect homeowners and sitters across the globe.
  • Don’t – Put Expectations Too High: The digital nomad life can be incredibly rewarding. But some days can be stressful and others just plain boring. You can only go-go-go for so long before needing a relaxing day on the couch.
  • Don’t – Buy Right Away: You may immediately find yourself falling in love with a city or country. It happens all the time, and it’s called wanderlust. But, spend some time getting the lay of the land before putting down serious roots.

Paul and Natasha are a wealth of information about living the nomadic life. They save thousands of dollars on rent by house and pet sitting each year. They’re currently watching three lovely dogs in Mexico.

Starting an Online Business

Word Brokers, LLC has taken off in the last few years. Once the business started gaining more and more traction, Paul and Natasha were able to spend more time on client acquisition. And now, they’re bringing on new employees all the time.

We had to know more about their recent success. Thankfully, they’re not shy about how they can work smarter, not harder.

  • DO – Be Proactive: Always be on the lookout for your next opportunity. Rarely will a job land in your lap. Send out cold emails, talk to people in coffee shops, and scan online job boards to find new opportunities.
  • DO – Try New Things: Many online job opportunities are available these days. You need to find the one that’s right for you. Stepping out of your comfort zone may help. Plus, a diverse portfolio is always a good thing to have.
  • DO – Freelance Work First: See what’s working for others before immediately jumping into the water and starting your own online business. You can also use services like Fiverr, Upwork, and indeed to peddle your freelance work and get initial clients.
  • DO – Invest in Yourself: Take a class or online course on something that interests you. Be the authority on that subject and then sell yourself. Avoid “coaches” and stick with something that’s from a reputable source.
  • Don’t – Be Afraid of Failure: It happens, but it’s not the end of the world. Pick yourself up, dust off, and try the next thing.
  • Don’t – Overdo It on Gadgets: You don’t need much equipment to work online or run an online business. Save your hard-earned cash for more important things until you get up and running. Word Brokers, LLC can be run from anywhere worldwide with regular laptops and smartphones.

Word Brokers, LLC offers a wide range of services in every niche. If you’re looking to take your business to the next level, they’re here to help you do it.

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