Why is maintaining healthy blood circulation so important?

We need to ensure our blood circulation stays healthy for a better overall wellbeing. A proper functioning and healthy circulation system facilitates smooth flow of blood, oxygen and supply of nutrients in the body, this promotes optimum functioning of all organ. A healthy blood circulation enhances brain sharpness, heart and skin health, speed up wound healing.

Can you diet play a role in this and if so, how?

In my opinion, the type of diet you follow can have either positive or negative effects on your blood circulation. Consuming healthy diets rich in beneficial nutrients like vitamins, antioxidants, minerals, and nitrates can optimize proper blood circulation. However, consuming foods high in sugars, saturated fats, and sodium can cause build –up of plaque or narrowing of blood vessels due to increased cholesterol levels inhibiting smooth blood flow.

Worst foods that can negatively impact blood circulation.

I strongly advise you limit your intake of the foods below as they can slow down and negatively affect your blood circulation;

Sweetened foods and drinks

Eating foods or drinks high in added sugars can trigger weakening, hardening improper functioning of blood vessels. These foods heighten your risk of increased bad cholesterol levels, diabetes, heart diseases contributing to improper blood circulations.


High intake of sodium makes you susceptible to hypertension, stroke, heart attacks and other cardio-diseases lowering efficient blood circulation.

Trans or saturated fats

Eating foods high in these fats can spike up the level of bad cholesterol which lead to accumulation and deposition of fats on the blood vessels interfering with smooth blood circulation.

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