Worth Every Mile Story

Worth Every Mile Story

Business Name and What It Does

Behind Worth Every Mile, a couple craves activities and traveling. We love being optimistic, getting to know the world, and trying new experiences. We are always waiting expectantly for the next expedition or activity because it is something fulfilling and exciting that brings us closer and helps us to get away from the everyday routine. Through Worth Every Mile, we want to spread the same feelings and message and help you resolve any questions or concerns you might have which can make you hesitate while choosing a destination. You will find travel and activities guides from Greece and abroad, guides to activities we have tried, and various tips & tricks on our website. There is also the option to book your trips and activities. There are some services, such as blogging for clients such as hotels and restaurants. Photography and videography, and our shop offer some image and video editing tools. We are trying to improve ourselves and hope to develop our services and our eshop more in the future.

Founder’s/Owner’s Story and What Motivated Them to Start the Business

We are Stratos Plakotaris and Alice Deligianni. We were born in Greece and lived in Athens. We have been married for 3 years, and a few months ago, Worth Every Mile Junior, our little Jason, came to life. Since we were young, we were both concerned about traveling as much as possible, experiencing different cultures, learning new things, and being creative. This common element brought us closer together from the beginning of our relationship. We are chasing every available opportunity, whether to arrange our next outdoor activity, extreme sport, or our next trip.

Our studies and jobs later in our careers were unrelated to travel and blogging. Stratos has a bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering and works in the maintenance of buildings, and I (Alice) have a bachelor’s degree in Economics. I worked as a bank officer before the baby was born.

Travel blogging was new for both of us and came into our lives after conversations about how we could spread the word about the experiences we lived and mentioned above with the rest of the world. Another piece of motivation was providing information that we wanted to give to people looking for something similar. Many times before our trips, we read a lot of guides that were incomplete or untrue. We wanted to change this by writing extensive articles to cover all the reader’s questions with honesty above all else.

There was corresponding prompting from friends and family who saw that blogging, traveling, and all this stuff was something we are passionate about and love. We posted photos on social media about the places we visited and shared our passion for them. So we thought we’d do it a little more purposefully and formally with a blog. It’s great to expand your horizons through travel, and it’s better to inspire others to do the same. That’s how Worth Every Mile was created 2 years ago.

Since then, we feel more fulfilled because we are doing what we love and how we want to do it. We are experiencing new cultures, getting in touch with locals (many of whom we still keep in touch with), tasting local foods, markets, and recipes, and doing things that are sometimes hard to find in our place.

The Challenges the Business/Market Is Facing

The travel industry has been on the decline for the past 2 years. Covid is not the favorite friend of travelers. Repeated quarantines, routine, and price increases on many items and services have not been allies in our project. Trips and activities decreased, and so did our partnerships, as there was no corresponding traffic and interest in the industry.

When the intermediate conditions allowed it (reduction of restrictions and opening of borders), we tried to take advantage of it and make some trips and collaborations, with the ultimate goal of having a permanent flow of new material. We tried throughout this period to steadily post new material and continue our work as much as possible, combined with the arrival of our new family member. We remain optimistic, and over time we hope that everything will change easily and with a carefree attitude to do what we love without inhibiting factors.

Besides the limitations of the covid mentioned above, travel blogging faces much competition. There are countless similar projects on the internet that you need to study, see how to stand out, be more friendly with your audience, and take the business a step further. Establishing a niche is important for many reasons to become a successful travel blogger. However, if you choose a niche and stick to it, you will have less competition and more opportunities to stand out.

Having a niche also makes it clear what your content is about and who its intended target audience is. It will be challenging to attract a loyal audience if your blog content doesn’t have a unifying theme because not everyone will be interested in all the topics you cover.

The Opportunities the Business/Market Is Facing

You can get involved in many sectors and earn an extra income from them. There is the affiliate marketing sector. It starts with the right partnerships. The stronger the brand you partner with, the more chances you have to get the corresponding conversions you want. The brand should be relevant to the content you post and the reader reads, not just putting up various annoying links and banners. The main goal is to gain your reader’s trust because, unfortunately, many scam sites are out there.

You can display ads on your travel blog by signing up with ad networks like Google Adsense. Some ad networks require blogs or websites to hit a certain number of visitors before being allowed to sign up.

Furthermore, you can create partnerships with hotels, restaurants, and e-shops. It is possible to offer various services to them, such as creating articles for them and contests like giveaways to increase followers and audience on social media, photography, videography, etc. The more you get involved in something and make new contacts, the more the road opens up for new opportunities and things you didn’t have in mind in the first place.

We have the pros of expanding our reach from local to national and international. We can set our website in different languages to accommodate people from different locations (for now, it’s only available in Greek and English). Therefore, online businesses allow us to capture many customers globally.

You got by your side the advantage of flexibility. Unlike traditional businesses, where someone has to be in the store at all times, online businesses allow you to run your company from anywhere, anytime. Thus, online businesses give you that work-life balance.

Advice to Others About Businesses

What we firmly believe is what we would suggest to people. Love what you are going to create. You should want something to succeed in whatever field it is referred to. Keep in mind that most bloggers will need at least a year or more of work before they can start making money blogging. The key is to be patient and keep working towards your goals. Every beginning is difficult, the risk is high, and the times we live in do not offer the most favorable conditions. Everything begins with your brand. Your brand is the overall vibe of your business. A good blog name is only a minor factor in building a successful travel blog; it’s still vital to make a positive first impression.

The blog name is also an opportunity to pitch your blog to new readers. It’s a great way to arouse interest and set expectations for your content. The same would apply to your off-site presence on social media, email, newsletter and even packaging if you got an e-shop with T-shirts, for example.

The information and concepts on the internet are a lot, so you must consider how to stand out, reach your audience properly, choose your niche wisely, have a company identity, and much more. There are several advantages to online businesses that can help you get started faster and with less investment risk. Some advantages, for example, are that you can run 24/7, it is fairly inexpensive to start, and major potential and growth. Travel bloggers explore the world, share their experiences, and attract a readership while making money off their content. It’s no wonder that many people are interested in becoming successful travel bloggers.

However, if you believe, fight for it, and dedicate yourself to your project, it will pay you back, and that’s where the biggest reward, both moral and financial, starts.

Nutritionist, Cornell University, MS

I believe that nutrition science is a wonderful helper both for the preventive improvement of health and adjunctive therapy in treatment. My goal is to help people improve their health and well-being without torturing themselves with unnecessary dietary restrictions. I am a supporter of a healthy lifestyle – I play sports, cycle, and swim in the lake all year round. With my work, I have been featured in Vice, Country Living, Harrods magazine, Daily Telegraph, Grazia, Women's Health, and other media outlets.

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