Yipisale.com is an online international shopping portal for Ayurveda herbs handmade tea blends and spices

Yipisale.com is an online international shopping portal for Ayurveda herbs, handmade tea blends, and spices

Business Name and what it does

Yipisale.com is an online international shopping portal for Ayurveda herbs, handmade tea blends, and spices. We offer powdered and raw herbs, and caffeine-free herbal teas since our tea flavors are based on Indian Kashmiri Kahwa. You can check our products, our website is:


Founder /Owner’s story and what motivated them to start the business

Founder /Owner’s story

“No one and NO ONE can define you. Success is earned by the hardships that you push through, the determination, the sheer will to keep going when no one wants to, to pursue and be part of something glorious.” These lines are what made me who I am today, helped me push to serve a higher purpose, and what got me through my hard times. Hard times will come and go but what truly matters is if you can rise from your downfall.

Greetings! My name is Priti Gupta, and I am the founder of Yipisale, where we provide 120+ Ayurveda Herbs, Herbal Tea, and Spices with quality, purity, assurance, and hassle-free returns so that people can buy with confidence, faith, and trust. Our philosophy is “Nature is the cure of all aliments”

YipiSale started in the year 2013 with the idea of helping people cure their ailments and try to make their life better than yesterday. We believe in nature’s cure because it is the mother of every being in existence that is why we deal in pure herbs and decaffeinated tea which not only provide good health, but also increase stamina, and immunity and keep away from diseases. 

Our products come in eco-friendly and recyclable bags, zip and airlock, and reusable packets. We believe in purity and quality which is why we packed our products on an order basis. 

Yipisale.com is an online international shopping portal for Ayurveda herbs, handmade tea blends, and spices. You can check our products, our website is: 


What motivated me to start the business

In 2004 I started my career with ICICI Bank as a credit control officer. In Feb 2006 I quit the job because something in my heart empowered me to be an entrepreneur. I completed the Export management diploma in Oct 2006 and started working with an export house. It was a full-time job. In 2008 I took 2 years off from my export house job for my child, I don’t want to leave my child in Creche at the time, and because of this, In the year 2010, I started searching for other career options and I stumbled upon interior designing, I completed the diploma for Interior Designing in 2011 and started working as a freelancer. After 2 years, I realized that this was not it. 

It was hard to work in a profession that wasn’t my passion. Being an international exporter was my passion, and Interior designing, not so much. One day my husband, Prashant told me to follow who you are, and be what I want to be, even if it gives me nothing. That got me thinking and I started my career for the third time with ‘Yipisale’ as an exporter and an entrepreneur. Prashant helped me throughout my journey, I can say he is my life coach.  

 I believe in the ancient Ayurveda medical system and natural cures, so I started Yipisale as an Ayurveda store. At Yipisale our main moto is to provide the best quality products at reasonable prices with a seamless shopping experience. We are currently providing our services in U.A.E, France, Germany, United Kingdom, Australia, United States, Canada, Belgium, Denmark, Luxembourg, Netherlands, and Spain, and planning to expand. 

The challenges the business is facing

Working with international markets is not an easy job, there are different rules, regulations, demands, and market trends. The facilities, market needs, and opportunities are not the same as today, we faced many challenges during this journey, I remembered that in 2013 the B2C market was not as big as in present, there were only two or three shipping companies, limited payment gateway options for the B2C market. Another challenge was, difficult to clear the Ayurveda shipments from the customs, and the Ayurveda was not a popular category in the international market. 

It was very hard for me and my team to market and establish our products in the international market. In 2013 when we started, people were not aware of the Ayurveda herbs as they are today. I remembered that time, Indian rugs, carpets, and handicraft items were the hot categories. 

It takes a lot of effort to establish the product if it’s new or not in demand in the market, the same happened with us. But with patience, a fixed target, and willpower, nothing is impossible in this world. 

The opportunities the business is facing

Today people are moving to natural treatment and the demand for Ayurveda products has increased in recent years and is expected to continue growing in the future. This gives motivation and pattern that people are interested in accepting the nature cure, which is economical and environment friendly. After COVID there is a visible change seen in people habit’s, they prefer Ayurvedic or natural cures for ailments and Yoga for inner well-being. Obviously, this is the natural way to live a healthy and peaceful life.  

Due to the increase in demand, we are planning to come up with some other exciting Ayurveda products range for inner well-being, which we will release soon.

My Advice to others about business

Never Stop Dreaming – My advice to everyone, especially women that never stop dreaming and live on to turn that dream into reality. I know it’s not easy, but this method works, the stronger you believe, the sooner it will happen. I applied it to my life, and it worked like a charm, that is why I can say that dreams can be real if they are seen with open eyes.

Believe in Yourself – You have the power to change the world, you just have to believe it with a true heart. You don’t have to wait for the motivation to start what you always wanted to do; the right moment is now. Go get it. 

Keep Your Target in Front of Your Eyes– I always abide by this rule and it does wonders. Write down your goals and remind yourself to complete them till they are. 

Take Problems as a Puzzle – Always think that problems are a way of understanding things differently and they sure are a good way to exercise your brain.

Be optimistic and patient – “This opportunity may have passed but the next will be mine and mine only”, always remind this phrase, when the hardships of your life confront you, remember this and fight your way through them.

Never stop learning – I think this is the best practice for success, try to learn new things and apply the ones that you think are the best, we all know that small efforts make a big change.

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