Your Guide to Penis Pumps and Penis Enlargement

Your Guide to Penis Pumps and Penis Enlargement

Penis pumps were originally designed to help men with erectile dysfunctions, but are now used for both medical and recreational uses. Using a penis pump can really improve your self-esteem, can help you to achieve rock hard erections on demand, help gain length, can help straighten a curved penis and enlarge the penis for a short period of time.

The pump helps men obtain an erection and to sustain that erection. Penis pumps can also be used to help gain erections after having health issues, such as prostate surgery or circulation problems due to having diabetes.

Penis pumps can help men maintain good penis health, which improves the strength of orgasms and quality of erections. Using a penis pump can help reduce the risk of cavernosal fibrosis (abnormal fibrous tissue in the penis), which can cause penile dysfunction. Some men just enjoy the stimulation that they get from using a pump, as it makes the penis feel sensitive.

A penis enlargement pump is simply a mechanical device that creates a vacuum to draw blood into your penis .The vacuum increases the thickness of the penis by enlarging the corpora cavernosa (a spongy tissue that holds blood to produce an erection). The penis will lengthen as the pump stretches the suspensory ligament in the penis.

A pump consists of a long tube that is attached to a pumping device. The penis gets inserted into the cylinder and the air is then vacuumed out of the cylinder, causing a vacuum. The penis will then feel a suction feeling and the blood will be drawn into the penis, causing it to harden and erect. Think of it as a very low suction vacuum cleaner that is safe to use. The effects will wear off quickly, but will last long enough for sexual intercourse.

There are two types of penis pumps: manual pumps and battery operated pumps. If you use the manual operated device you will have to operate it yourself, by squeezing the bulb to create a vacuum inside of the pump. The manual pump means that you have more control over the device and is recommended for beginners.

It is a good idea to use a penis pump with a clear cylinder when learning, so you can see what is happening to your penis while you use the device and remember to start off slowly. The battery operated penis pump is easy to use as it requires the push of a button and allows you to have free hands.

When using penis pumps make sure to read the directions properly, use lubrication, relax and take your time. There are penis pumps that have a pressure gauge and a quick release trigger safety valve that quickly releases pressure( this is useful in monitoring the pressure exercised on the penis and can help stop injuries when learning).The five basic types of pumps are; The squeeze ball, the plunger, the hand grip, the lever pump and the electric.


There are now pumps available for women to use on their clitoris. Clitoral pumps are used for effect prior or during sexual intercourse. Clitoral pumps are used to help women with vaginal rejuvenation.

The clitoral pumps apply a vacuum to the focused area that immediately enlarges the clit, thus increasing blood flow and sensitivity. Some women use the pussy pumps because they enjoy the look that it gives the pussy, it makes the vulva swollen and plump. While for other women it’s all about the way that it makes the pussy feel sensitive during and after use.

The pussy pump is used to enhance the genital area by tightening the pussy making the man’s penis feel tighter inside her. A few things to remember when using a pussy pump are; Shave the pubic area or bikini line, use lubrication on the edge of the suction cup and make sure that you get a pussy pump that fits right. Have the top of the cup resting on your pubic mound and make sure that the bottom of the cup is covering the vaginal entrance and is resting somewhere on the perineum. Make sure that you get an air tight seal and take things slowly .The pumps with smaller cups are designed to create suction directly around the clitoris.

While the cups that have a wider breadth are designed to surround the labia, as well. Once the air is pumped out of the pump the pussy muscles contract and it is a workout for your vagina. There are pumps that can be used manually or battery operated. There are several different models available and some pumps have a vibrating bullet’s included with them.

There are advanced clitoral pumps that have vibration and suction at the same time. Some of these pumps have specialised attachments that can be used on the nipples.

In conclusion using a pump can be highly arousing mentally and physically, for both men and women. Pumps can be used with your partner or just experimenting by yourself. Sex pumps increase circulation in our sensual areas , which helps lead to arousal and better orgasm potential .Have a pump and leave yourself pumped, wet and ready for action!!

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