ZadakaCbd Product Report

ZadakaCbd Product Report

Zadaka CBD is one of the unique CBD branches that not only encourages the use of CBD products but also gives back to customers, the community and the entire earth. However, the brand encourages sustainable organic farming, free of chemical pesticides and fertilizer in Oregon. In addition, it has partnered with various nonprofit organizations which plant trees to make the world a better place. Apart from carrying out third party tests on all their products released to the market, the company also ensures tests are run on their incoming hemp as a raw product. As a result, the company has emerged to be one of the best CBD production companies. Although some of their products had slight variation between the labelled amount of CBD and THC, they were still under acceptable 10% variance. Besides, the company offers one of the best rates on their products compared to other manufactures. In our analysis, we are going to discuss every critical aspect ofZadaka CBD.

About The Company

Unlike other companies whose aim is to make profits, Zadaka aims at giving back to society. The company is governed by manufacturing high-quality products that are affordable and transparent to give back to their customers. Apart from ensuring their customers are content with their products, the profits made are redirected to support the community and environment. Also, to attain their vision, the brand has partnered with organizations such as Eden Reforestation who plant trees in deforested areas. However, the company name originated from “tzedakah”, which means “righteousness.” It was unfortunate for our team since we couldn’t get much information about the people running the company.

For anyone who desires to seek any consultation or guidance, the brand offers a message box on their website. However, adequate details on how one could conduct the company directly are not given; no physical address or phone number is provided. This raised our attention, and we had to try looking further; we notably located their phone number and physical address, which was Los Angeles, California, under a small print in the footer.

They have dedicated a significant place in their website to give more detail about CBD and more. Under FAQ, the company offers general information about what you expect from them, any relevant CBD information and FAQ on their brand. Consequently, Zadaka has committed a page to describe all their herbal ingredients. Also, it has set aside another page that describes all scientific operations carried out in the company to ensure consumers get a quality product.

The company also offers a convenient buying experience to all customers. During our purchases, we found adequate about the product we were about to order. However, we could easily navigate within the site as well us shopping our products. To access their products, you have to open the “shop” tab and are categorized depending on the quality and quantity. For our case, we received free shipping since our order exceeded $75, which is the needed amount for free shipment. However, those who would wish to buy products under this price will incur a shipping cost of $5. Upon placing the order, it might take one or two days for verification and then 4 to five days before receiving your order. The products are shipped via First Class USPS.

For those who are not satisfied or find the product not to be effective, they have to contact customer care to address your concern within 14 days of receiving your products. Also, the company issues full compensation upon receiving the products. However, the products returned have to be in their original packing, and only unopened products will be accepted.

Just like other analyses we have conducted, we also confirmed their figures; products quality, potency, and purity levels. To find this information, we had to order Calm CBD Tinctures of 333 mg, which we used for assessment. The company offered only one lab test result and which unfortunately did not have a matching batch number. However, the results indicated zero THC and 389mg of CBD, which was higher by 65mg, 20% variance beyond the accepted conflict of 10%.

Manufacturing Process

To offer sustainable prices, the company assembles its hemp locally; small hemp farms in Southern Oregon. The company ensures that the hemp is organically grown to produce the finest products from it. All their hemp is free from chemical fertilizers as well as pesticides. However, the company prefers to use the supercritical CO2 extraction method to ensure all cannabinoids, waxes, and terpenes found in the plant are pulled out. The company ensures the end products used have the required amount of both CBD and THC levels.

The company has hired an independent lab to carry out their third party lab tests for safety purposes. The company insists that all its products have undergone lab tests for safety measures. However, they have not provided batch numbers on products to match the results and assure the safety of their products. Consequently, most of their products exist in broad-spectrum; contain minus, synergistic cannabinoid and zero THC. The company also insists that all their herbal ingredients such as ashwagandha, chamomile, and holy undergo primary tests before being combined with the hemp extracts to enhance effectiveness. Although the company claims that the ingredients are meant for reducing pain or stress, they have not been approved by FDA on their effectiveness.

Range Of Products

Zadaka offers a range of products such as topicals and CBD oils. To market their products, the company offers some of their products alongside hats and t-shirts. However, the brand doesn’t offer vape products, edibles, capsules or pet products at the moment.

ZadakaCbd Topicals

Zadaka CBD Topicals could either be purchased in a container of 15ml with 150mg of CBD or a 50ml container with 500mg of broad-spectrum. However, the prices differ depending on the quality of the products and quantity, respectively. The broad-spectrum is extracted using C02 according to the company’s website. Also, Zadake topicals are available in four different varieties; Ice, Ice Baby, Balm, and Smooth Operator.

Zadaka CBD Oils

As we reviewed this product, we noted they exist in five varieties; Relief, MCT, Olive, CBD Oil, and Strawberry. In addition, the products come in two types of potencies; 333mg of CBD per 10ml and 1000mg of CBD per 30 ml. However, the oils are extracted using CO2 and are broad-spectrum. Depending on the type and quantity of the products, they are offered at different prices, from $17.99 to $49.99.

Cbd Drops-Mct

MCT CBD drops are packed in a small, opaque bottle with a white dropper lid; they occur in coconut derived from pure MCT-based oil. In addition, the oil has no flavor and is odourless. The company has enabled the tip of the bottle to easily allow drops out, aided by a line that allows the consumer 0.5ml measurements. The company has published the lab report on the shop, but the product has no batch number. According to tests, the product has 391mg of CBD per bottle. The levels have exceeded the labelled one by 58mg, which is 17%. However, the acceptable variance is 10%. The good thing about the product, we couldn’t detect any amount of contaminants or THC.

Zadaka Calm Cbd Oil

The company has branded the product differently compared to others. It presents its products in small, lavender, and opaque bottle with a white lid dropper. Zadaka Calm CBD is manufactured using MCT oil combined with lavender, ashwagandha, lemon balm, chamomile, and passionflower extracts. For safety purposes, all the ingredients undergo various tests to determine whether they contain any contaminants, heavy metals, or pesticides. According to our product review, the product has 398mg, which exceeds the indicated by 65mg, a variance of 20%. However, the product passed with flying colours when we conducted tests on THC and contaminants.

What We Like About The Company

Across the continents, very few companies commit themselves to giving back to society;instead focus on making profits to the expense, even threatening the existence of humanity. Zadaka has stood out to be among exceptional companies that not only focus on giving back to society but also ensuring the well-being of the entire environment. The company supports nonprofit organizations that are committed to planting trees in deforested areas. However, the brand has also offered adequate information by allocating various pages of different operations to manufacture their products. They have gone to an extend of explaining scientific activities, which are quite impressive. Lastly, the company offers unique CBD oil blends and packaging. These are but a few reasons that have made the products gain fame across CBD markets.

What We Don’t Like About The Company

Even thoughZadaka has often stood out across the CBD market, there are a few things it needs to reconsider to gain not only expand its market but help more people. First, the company should expand its range of products to ensure various customers’ demands are attained. Besides, the company offers limited information on the co-founders and people running the company. For such a well-established company, it should come out clearly to people who are running it. Interested parties and customers might find the information helpful as they continue interacting with it. Lastly, it is alarming when the labelled amount of CBD exceeds the required variance of 10%. This might have a negative impact on their customers. It is therefore advisable that the brand should adjust its accuracy for consumers’ safety. Increasing the confidence of their customers will be highly determined by the above factors that the brand has shown weakness in.


All said than done, the company has proved to care for their consumers and the environment. It has upheld transparency levels to their level best and has taken it to another level, unlike other brands. The idea of creating more pages to explain what they are doing is strongly recommended to other CBD industries for people to understand how the company operates in connection to their safety. However, they need to adjust to some weaknesses to enhance trust on their customers’ side. Updating information on who is running the company, increasing their range of products and reducing CBD variance will make them better. Lastly, we would recommend their products, although customers should go take a lower prescription than stated.

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