Beans are common legumes in most homes. There are varieties of them, each with a different taste. Adzuki beans, sometimes called azuki, are continuing to gain popularity in most recipes.

There are different varieties of Adzuki, though red is the most common. Adding adzuki beans to your diet will be a great nutritionaltip. Not only will you enjoy its awesome taste, but you’ll also gain many health benefits. Be it promoting a healthy heart, help you with weight loss, or reducing risks of other diseases. You can easily add to any meal and have a share of its deliciousness.

Are you interested to know more about adzuki beans? Let’s go!

What are adzuki beans?

When you hear about beans, what comes to your mind?Probably black beans, kidney beans, chickpeas, cranberry beans, or whatever type you’re familiar with. If adzuki did not cross your mind as one of the over 400 varieties of beans that exist in the world, this is your chance to know it. Adzuki beans are small legumes with a nutty andinteresting flavor. They’re mostly used in red bean paste. They originate fromEast Asia but are also common in Korean, Chinese, and Japanese recipes.

Does adzuki have any nutritional value?

Don’t let the size deceive you. Although small, adzuki is fully packed with essential nutrients. It containsproteins, fat, carbs, fiber, folate, manganese, phosphorus, copper, magnesium, and zinc. Additionally, it contains selenium, niacin, riboflavin, thiamin, Vitamin B6, and pantothenic acid.

What are the benefits of adzuki beans?

Helps to lose weight

Adzuki beans are plant-based carbohydrates hence a great food for weight loss. It provides 43.82% RV of carbohydrates. Including these nutritious beans in your meals will help you manage weight. It’s a form of a low-carb diet, making it a fat loss option. Plus, it contains a low-calorie count and high amounts of water and fiber, which helps in weight loss. The effect is that you’ll take in few calories yet retain most nutrients. The fiber will keep you full, thus preventing you from consuming more calories from another meal, which helps control body weight.

Prevents heart illnesses

Vitamin B9 is needed for the bodyto function well. Eating adzuki beans optimizes your heart health condition since it provides 69.50% of your folate Recommended Value. Folate deficiency may cause coronary issues, heart illnesses, and strokes. Also, consuming adzuki will help you eliminate harmful substances like homocysteine which damages arteries and cause heart problems.

Reduces symptoms of PMS in women

Adequate consumption of adzuki beans frequently will help you manage effects of PMS such as pain in the muscles, anxiety, sleeping difficulties, low mood, and tenderness. Manganese found in large amounts in adzuki supports better nutrient absorption, providesimmune-system defenses, and is generally great for pre-menstruation symptoms.

Improves brain functioning

Good development of the brain is important. Iron found in adzuki beans helps in the proper functioning of the brain. It helps to distribute oxygen in the blood and brain. The blood only requires 20% of it, and the rest is used by the brain, which makes iron directly linked to neurological health and other cognitive functions.

Offers antioxidant benefits

Adzuki beans contain natural antioxidants, which help to detoxify harmful compounds in the body. It contains a phenolic compound, natural antioxidants, which protects your cellular makeup from getting damaged.

Helps with gastrointestinal problems

Sufficient quantities of fiber in the body help to fight off digestive-related issues like constipation, hemorrhoids, acid flux diseases, and ulcers. These health concernscan be mild or life-threatening. Having adzuki in your dishes will help you acquire enough fiber, which will optimize thefunctioning of your stomach.

Prevents diabetes

Diabetes is one of the greatest concerns in the health field. Research shows that extracts of adzuki beans inhibit intestinal a-glucosidases. It also reduces postprandial blood glucose. These results prove that adzuki beans provide anti-diabetic effects.

Strengthen bones and teeth

The combination of phosphorus, zinc, manganese, and zinc will do magic in your teeth and bone health. These minerals, along with vitamins present in adzuki beans, will protect you from gum issues, tooth decay, and osteoporosis. Start including it in your meals, and you’ll give impressive results.

Improves muscle mass

Proper muscle mass needs sufficient proteins in the body. Consuming adzuki beanssupport the synthesis of muscle protein which helps you have lean mass. The impressive amounts of amino acids that will remain continuous and present in your body if you take adzuki beans regularly will benefit your muscle mass.

Ideas of eating adzuki beans

  • Soups-you can get your meals a yummy thick soup from adzuki seeds
  • Flour-some flours constitute of adzuki beans
  • Vegetables-adzuki beans sprouts can be eaten raw or cooked. Young pods of these beans can also make a great vegetable. You can make the yummiest vegetable curry if you cook it with garlic, coconut milk, and any other spices you prefer.
  • Boiled for tea-you can make a hot tea from adzuki beans by boiling them in water after roasting them. To add flavor and sweetness,add fruits, honey, or sugar.
  • Salad-you can as well add adzuki beansto different salads. You can make a bean salad or add in any green salad. You can alsouse its sprout to add crunchiness to your carrots, onions, and celery in your lunch or dinner.
  • Making paste-boil your adzuki beans, add sugar, and ground till it forms a paste. You can use the paste to sweeten your rice or any other dish you want.

How do you prepare your adzuki beans?

You should prepare your adzuki beans before cooking them. You’ll begin with rinsing the beans in cold water to eliminate any debris, stones, or bad bead beans from the mix. Thoroughly drain them afterward. The next step is to soak your beans-but it’s optional. You’ll soak it by submerging it in water and cover them to stay for eight to twelve hours. Once they’re ready,drain and rinse them several times andpour them in a large pot containing water. Place the pot on heat and let them cook. In about 45 minutes later, your beans will be ready.


Adzuki beans are beneficial to your body. In addition to the mentioned health benefits, you can use them for other medicinal uses. In some cases,adzuki beans are used to cure constipation, kidney illnesses and helps with miscarriages as traditional remedies in China. They can also alleviate fever. If you’ve not yet introduced adzuki beans in your diet, you should. Don’t allow these benefits to pass you.

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