If you are looking for a company that thinks pets deserve equal products as human beings, then CBD Dog Health is the best place for you. Unlike most CBD companies offering pet products among other human products, CBD Dog Health only specializes in pets health to ensure pets’ health and wellness is well attended to. In addition, they are manufactured using organically grown hemp plants, among other useful ingredients which have been verified as effective and have been in use for over two decades. To help it achieve this, it has employed a team of veterinary experts responsible for bringing into play other elements. Although MCT oil is widely used among human products, they have also prioritized it as one of its primary ingredients to ensure all the pet products are digested easily by the pet’s body. Before the products are released to the market, they are tested to ensure they are safe for consumption and contain the correct amount of CBD to avoid overdosing on pets. Keep reading our review to learn fascinating things about the company, its manufacturing process, products, and prices.

About the Company

Although we have various companies offering pet products to their advantage since it’s among the trending CBD products, most of them have not been given as much stress as those given to human products. Angela Ardolino, the co-founder of CBD Dog Health, established the brand due to the lack of a quality solution for her pet. Due to her dog suffering from a health condition, she decided to look for a natural solution to make her pet better. Since CBD products had gained fame over time and most companies were offering CBD products, she saw it as an opportunity to help it. However, she could not find the best solution that she would have opted for her dog since most of the products were not vegan, non-GMO, and had not been certified by USDA, FDA, or any other body interested in animal health. She took this advantage and saw the need to offer what others couldn’t offer. With her love for dogs and pets in general, she established CBD Dog Health to offer organic CBD products of premium quality.

Unlike most CBD companies, CBD Dog Health has given each detail about its trademark, its co-founders bio, and other key contributors names, images, and bios. The company uses a vertical manufacturing process to ensure quality is well attended to from the seed levels till the products are shipped to the required destination. In addition, its website is well-organized with detailed descriptions about its practices from the seed level till the products are successfully delivered to their customer’s doorstep. To access its product catalog, click on “shop” and start shopping for products you think are suitable for the health and wellness of your pet. Its systems are swift and easy to use, making customers buying experience fascinating.

Since most people might not understand the best products for their pets, they offer adequate product descriptions to help customers understand better what product suits their pet’s needs. Some of the significant information offered includes the product’s purpose, the recommended dosage according to sizes, ingredients, COA results, how to administer it, and the prices. Each of these descriptions has been given detailed information that would be helpful even to people who had no clue about the products.

If you are content with the product of your choice, click on “Add to Cart” and continue shopping around. After you are satisfied with the products you have gone for, confirm your shopping cart list and remove any product you think might not be helpful to you. Omitting products is quite easy since we did not experience any technicalities or suspicious activities as we removed the products we did not agree on. After confirming the products, you can make payments via bank or credit card.

Upon ordering, our pet products were delivered on the third day, discreetly packed. According to the companies policies, ensure you check your products upon arrival to ensure they are in good condition. To customers whose goods have been damaged during shipping, they request for exchange within 48 hours of receiving the products. Besides, CBD Dog Health also allows full refunds within 30 days to customers who don’t find the products effective. However, they have offered adequate contact details. You can reach its support team via email ([email protected]), phone number (252 588 -5630), or physical address (163 Carts Lake Lane Lutz, FL 33548). Notably, they have a FAQ page addressing multiple concerns.

The company has a review page to allow customers to give feedback depending on their interaction with the products and the company. As we went through them, most people appreciated the company’s tremendous efforts to ensure that pets’ health and wellness were taken care of. However, we noted social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram(over 7,000  followers),and Twitter, which bring together its customers and share their experiences. Most importantly, they have blogs that educate their customers on CBD concerning pets.

Manufacturing Process

Although CBD Dog Health has not stated whether they grow hemp, they are legalized manufacturers of hemp-based products whose protocols and manufacturing facility abides by the FDA. Its products are 100% organic contain high levels of hemp plant compared to other ingredients. For rapid effectiveness, the company uses MCT oil, a maximum bioavailability carrier. In addition, natural flavors and sweeteners have also been used to bring out an irresistible test in each product. Since the company cares about the environment, they avoid using harmful chemicals that might contaminate its products and the environment.

CBD Dog Health uses CO2 to obtain useful ingredients of the hemp plant, which other naturally occurring elements are blended to it for maximum effectiveness and as a quality measure. After crafting various batches, the company conducts vigorous third-party lab testing to ensure quality and safety have been attained. All its products contain a detainable amount of THC, which is below the 0.3% limit set by the FDA. In addition, accurate potency variance is given to ensure pets do not overdose. Lastly, the lab affirms that all products are void of contaminants such as heavy metals, chemical fertilizers, pesticides, or other solvents. After that, the results are posted online for customer verification, and each label containsa QR code to help customers tress the lab report.

Range of Products

CBD Dog Health has an extensive line of products manufactured from CO2 hemp plant (organic) extracts, among other useful elements. All the products have been manufactured in the full-spectrum formulation. Besides, they have a wide variety of flavors and potency that helps them meet a wide range of pets. CBD Dog Health offers products for dogs, cats, horses, and other pets. Notably, all products are vegan and non-GMO.

CBD Dog Health Tinctures

CBD Dog Health tinctures are manufactured from organic hemp plant extracts. To maximize quality and effectiveness, it obtains useful terpenes and cannabinoids using the CO2 method of extraction. According to the company, this product can be administered orally or sublingually. However, you can add to the pet’s water or foods. It is designed to minimize pets’ anxiety and reduce stress after travel, visits, or separation. Notably, each serving comes in a 30ml bottle in different potency levels accompanied by a well-marked dropper to help pet owners give them the recommended dose of 1 ml. In addition, the dog’s size and age might result inan alteration of the dosage. The products are safe for consumption, and their independent third-party lab has affirmed this by testing purity and potency levels.

CBD Dog Health Topicals

Topical products are aimed at addressing skin issues or far of your pet. Some ingredients blended in their organic hemp plant extracts include coconut oil, peppermint, and eucalyptus. Unlike other products, they are meant for topical use only. The products also address allergies among various pets such as dogs and horses.

CBD Dog Health Chews

Like human chews, chews for pets are easily administered since they can be added to foods or administered directly. They are designed for oral use only and manufactured in full-spectrum formulation using CO2 hemp plant extracts, among other useful ingredients. The chews are designed to reduce stress among pets and improve their general health and wellness.

What we like about the company

All our team members agreed that out of all the companies we have been reviewing up to now, none is committed the way CBD Dog Health is. The company’s website is exclusive, with detailed explanations not only about their practices but numerous team members, their contribution to the company, and their bios. Besides, the product description was fascinating since nothing was left out, even the most obvious details. The company’s systems are robust and accommodating even to new users. In addition, their products are of high quality and have been rigorously tested to ensure they are safe for consumption and contain the stated amount of CBD and THC, despite being a pet company. All lab results are accurate, and in cases where variance occurs, none goes beyond 5%, yet the limit is 10%.

What we don’t like about the company

Unlike other companies which have identified their shortcoming easily, the company has nearly everything attended to duly. However, the company needs to offer more information concerning where they obtain their hemp from and the farming practices engaged in ensuring sustainable farming practices to support its growth. In addition, the company ought to offer more pet products to offer a wide choice of variety.

Overall Verdict

If you are worried about the health and wellness of your friend (pet), CBD Dog Health offers you various unique quality products to ensure its health is well-taken care of. In addition, the quality products are offered in full-spectrum and are not only vegan but also non-GMO. We highly recommend its products because they are tested for purity and potency before being released to the market. However, due to increased levels of competition, that company needs to give more reasons why people should buy from them, such as giving free shipping despite the amount used to make purchases.

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