CBD oil is the talk of the town, with most users talking of its benefits. In fact, anecdotal evidence has many people claiming that it has helped them with some illnesses, fight stress, boost immunity, lose weight, reduce anxiety, or manage depression. However, there is not enough scientific evidence to show that these claims are true, but still, people keep using the cannabinoid. Besides, CBD oil is easily available in licensed dispensaries and food stores in towns where anyone can walk in and pick their favorite products. As such, you might want to witness its claimed benefits for yourself. While the choice is entirely personal, consulting a doctor beforehand is beneficial. If you choose CBD oil as a first-timer, here are the options to go for.

CBD Oil Tinctures

Tinctures are among the commonest CBD oil products to try out. These are the liquid forms of the oil taken as a drop(s) to benefit from the cannabinoid. The slight difference between CBD oil and tincture is that CBD oil tinctures have alcohol as the base carrier. CBD oil and tinctures come with eye-droppers that a person uses to measure out the dosage. The dosage range is wide and can be anything between 5 and 1000 mg per serving. However, as a first-timer, start off with lower dosages before opting for higher ones to know how the body responds to the cannabinoid.

CBD Edibles

These are ingestible CBD products that one eats or chews. They include lozenges, mints, and gummies. CBD gummies come in various flavors, mostly fruity and vegetable juicy ones. They have CBD oil infused on them and have varying dosages. A typical gummy is about 10- 100 mg potent, and a serving may be one or two of these. Lozenges are edible CBD products that one puts below the tongue and takes them sublingually to maximize bioavailability and absorption. You can have vegan or non-vegan CBD gummies based on your preferences.

CBD Capsules

They are also ingestible, only that you need not eat or chew them. On the contrary, you need water, and you will be good to swallow the CBD capsules. Capsules have 10-50 mg CBD potency, and a normal serving is one or two of these. They are ideal for masking the earthy aftertaste of CBD oil tinctures, and so are CBD edibles.

CBD Topicals

You can apply CBD oil topically, and this method allows you to benefit from the cannabinoid without tasting it. There are many CBD oil topicals, including serums, salves, patches, balms, creams, massage oils, lotions, shampoos, bath bombs, and face masks. These often contain additional ingredients, including camphor, lavender, olive oil, rosemary, ginkgo, and thornbush extracts that add on to the role of CBD oil in the body. Their application is easy since all you have to do is apply the cream (or the product) on the painful part and massage or rub gently based on the instructions on the labels. When it comes to bath bombs, salts, and soaks, all you need to do is add the product to bathing water and allow it to dissolve, then bath yourself to allow the CBD oil to infiltrate into the skin. When choosing CBD products, look for micellization, nanotechnology, and encapsulation technologies as part of the extraction methods since these boost the topicals’ bioavailability, helping them get beyond the outer layer. CBD topicals come in varying concentrations, with 250- 2000 mg CBD being the typical concentration range. It is somewhat difficult to tell how much CBD oil a typical serving is since it depends on how much a person applies, further influenced by how much the body needs for the CBD oil to realize any benefit.

CBD Oil Vapes

CBD vapes are also available, and these denote CBD-infused liquids that are atomized for one to enjoy the CBD. There are different CBD equipment one can enjoy, including vape tanks, cartridges, and pens. They come in single-use or reusable options, where the former comes with pre-filled filler elements that are used once, and the vaping equipment is discarded. However, reusable options have replaceable atomizers, especially for vape tanks, and you can add the e-liquid from time to time. However, the heating coil decomposes and oxidizes as you use it and eventually wears out, so you have to throw it away or sip in metallic particles. Vapes are less effective than CBD oil tinctures and capsules but are more bioavailable and take a shorter time to manifest effects.

CBD Oil Sprays

There are two types of CBD oil sprays; oral and body options. The oral sprays are an ideal way of benefitting from CBD oil, especially if you want smaller dosages. One spray gives the body 1-3 mg CBD, and a serving may be 1- 3 sprays. Body sprays are applied topically and often used to relieve pain in an affected area, although there is not enough scientific evidence to prove that CBD oil indeed treats pain.

CBD Concentrates

CBD oil concentrates are concentrated CBD products that allow a person to benefit from a large dose once. They are ideal for people who have been prescribed higher amounts of CBD oil or have busy schedules and find it challenging to commit to taking CBD oil regularly, yet they still want to explore CBD benefits anyway. They come as shatters, wax, distillates (CBD oil), isolates (CBD or other cannabinoids), powders, and more. Powders are diluted in water, and so are isolates, while distillates are administered sublingually like tinctures.


CBD oil is picking hype as it is praised to help with many things. This blog shares the various CBD oil options you could go for as a first-timer. Try concentrates, tinctures, edibles, capsules, topicals, and vapes. Regardless of the type you choose, consult a doctor beforehand to know the right dosages for you.

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