Arthritis is a condition that affects the proper functioning of bones. Bones may get disfigured which can be bad for daily life. Alongside bone, dismemberment is excruciating pain. CBD products also known as cannabinoid is an extract of the famous marijuana plant.

Research has proven that the use of CBD in treating underlying body conditions has been effective over the years. The relationship between body receptors and CBD oil is outstanding since CB1, and CB2 receptors accommodate CBD and reels through the body to calm painful situations.

Arthritis: A Medical Understanding

Well, before we dig deeper into the subject of CBD and arthritis, we should fathom the roots of the disease to have enough information to support our facts. First off, arthritis has no age limit since it can attack anybody of any age. However, older people have been affected since their bodies are fragile to combat attacks. Traditionally, little has been known about the disease apart from signs and symptoms.

A great example is rheumatoid arthritis that is traced back to dinosaurs. In the existence of dinosaurs, human arthritis could hardly be traced, and a huge percent of the condition belonged to animals. However, fossil records show that dinosaurs suffered more forms of arthritis.

Early Arthritis

History is built on references, and it is one way to verify that things that happened in the past could affect our present and future. As for arthritis, reference dates back to 4500 BC. In the research done by Bruce Rothschild, skeletons belonging to native Americans carried traces of rheumatoid arthritis and are transmitted to the same ethnic group those people belonged to. However, arthritis had no trace of tuberculosis, but much later, it was established that the hypervigilant immune system protects against tuberculosis.  However, it is at the risk of improving the spread of autoimmune diseases.

The Coining

The term arthritis is extensive. In weird affirmation senses that once your bones get it, there is no sense of getting off. British rheumatologist Dr. Alfred Baring Garrod coined the name in relation to an extensive report doctored by DR Augustin Jacob Landre’ in 1800. Dr. Jacob recognized the presence of rheumatoid arthritis in people.

People in the 16th century had a scary analogy of the condition by making paintings describing the disease. If any of us could have a time machine, it will not be a so cool adventure. Peter Paul Rubens depicted the disease effectively via his paintings that established everything doctors use in research.

Some of the most known patients back then were artists like Lucille Ball (comedian), Auguste Renoir (artist), James Coburn ( actor), and Camryn Manheim ( actress). All of them overcame the disease and lived to tell the tale.

However, the known source of RA remains blurry, especially with the genetic, environmental, and stochastic factors. The etiology of the disease is blur since modern-day medical advances have greatly alleviated the symptoms. CBD only reduces the pain and may interfere positively with the nerves to mend the nerve destruction made by the disease in the patient.

However, proof of existence comes from ancient texts made by experienced and qualified individuals who battled the disease either as doctors or patients. The rigorous research lacks extensive scientific muscles to originate the major source of the disease. Well, save the worries for another day because there may be hope that scientists will relate CBD products to effective treatment options. It is great news, especially with the legality of CBD products in the states and research backup offered by the government.

Varying School of Thoughts?

Over time, historic development has proven to give contrasting analyses on the subject. A widely bought school of thought is that RA pathogenesis results from modern-day characteristics like genetics and environment. Only little has to do with the historical development thesis.

Another relaxing school of thought is that the disease came from ancestral ages that modified over time due to changes in environmental structures. The present lifestyle can verify this argument we have bought, i.e., the use of phones and other instruments that interfere with our DNA.

Another convincing version is the “travelers theory.” People contracted rheumatoid arthritis through trade goods and physical interactions based on the American movement to the European land in search of business and interactions.

The origins are categorized into three: namely, Recent origin, Ancient origin, and the new world to old world views. Either way, treatment options have been invented over time and relaxing agents too. One thing undisputable is the pain relating to RA.

The present government has endorsed research on marijuana products, and CBD stands out as the most natural and effective pain relief model. Well, it can be a treatment option if research further verifies.

Present Day Clinical Origin

It all started when DR Jacob Augustin examined symptoms of RA and treated an old patient for it. The relations went into deep research and later found out that most patients were old females mostly complaining of joint pains.

RA has been associated with poverty since doctors in the past age could only treat affluent patients. The disease has been widely confused with gout. Doctors separated the two by observing samples of excessive uric acid in the blood of gout patients instead of other forms of arthritis.

Most RA patients will be on medication for the rest of their existence. However, it can be made easier by the use of CBD oil that catalyzes the healing process. Physicians should enhance the use of CBD to their patients since it offers mental therapy and pain relief too. A center of hope should be created to grow awareness of the effective use of CBD among patients with rheumatoid arthritis. CBD products are one of the good things that happened to the world since it helps break down the various uses of marijuana products. Therefore, embrace the use of CBD products for a change in your life.

Barbara Santini

Barbara is a freelance writer and a sex and relationships adviser at Dimepiece LA and Peaches and Screams. Barbara is involved in various educational initiatives aimed at making sex advice more accessible to everyone and breaking stigmas around sex across various cultural communities. In her spare time, Barbara enjoys trawling through vintage markets in Brick Lane, exploring new places, painting and reading.

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