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Havanzer is an ROI-driven growth marketing agency that guarantees more sales, revenue boost, and higher profit margins, or, you don’t pay them. 

They’re like the extension of your marketing team, loaded with 60+ elite growth marketers with a mindset for growing sales, and revenue, and a combined 200 years of experience. 

They specialize in creating customized client acquisition, conversion, and retention systems tailored to your specific business type. Their objective is to generate more sales, boost revenue, and increase profit within a span of 72 hours.

While many agencies prioritize superficial metrics like page views, email open rates, likes, retweets, and the number of followers, Havanzer focuses on the metrics that truly impact a business: sales and revenue. They also strive to improve profit margins.

Critical Metrics Alignment 

Havanzer places significant emphasis on key metrics that can make a substantial and sustainable difference in your business. For instance, when most agencies handle your email marketing program, they may highlight achievements such as high open rates, impressive email template design, low bounce rates, low unsubscribe rates, and possibly high click-through rates. Although these achievements are commendable, do they directly contribute to your company’s bottom line? If they don’t, they are merely vanity metrics. By asking more challenging questions, you can propel your business towards bigger and more sustainable growth. For example, you might inquire about your email revenue in the previous month or over the past 12 months. This question aims to determine the percentage of your revenue generated from email marketing efforts. In many companies, this percentage is zero or less than 1, while in others, it falls below 5%. This presents a significant problem, indicating that a substantial amount of money is being lost. For instance, if you earned $5 million in the last 12 months and email revenue accounted for 5%, it would mean that email marketing brought in around $200k. However, this is problematic because your email revenue should be at least 40%, meaning you are losing 35%. Consequently, you left $1.4 million on the table last year. Despite earning $200,000 from your email marketing efforts, you lost $1.4 million due to incorrect practices. This illustrates how a high open rate and click-through rate can be misleading. Although these metrics are essential, Havanzer prioritizes more significant factors such as email revenue per subscriber, subscriber value, email subscriber LTV (Lifetime Value), and other proprietary metrics developed in-house.

ROI-Growth Blueprint 

When faced with uncertainty or unfamiliar territory, most people seek a map, perhaps a Google map, to guide them. Merely wandering around and hoping to stumble upon a solution would only complicate matters. Similarly, Havanzer provides a ROI-driven growth plan specifically tailored to your business type. This blueprint outlines the precise locations and methods through which they will generate new and repeat sales in a predictable, consistent, and reliable manner.

3: Customer-Centric Strategy For Havanzer, being customer-centric extends beyond empty rhetoric. They assist you in gaining a deeper understanding of your customers, enabling you to anticipate their desires, needs, and communication preferences. By creating meaningful experiences and fostering long-lasting relationships, they support your customer development, acquisition, and retention efforts.

The Extension of Your Team 

Have you ever considered having a marketing team that can help you overcome marketing challenges and elevate your business to the next level without incurring exorbitant costs? Havanzer serves as your external marketing team, boasting over 65 years of combined experience and offering services that are 45% cheaper than hiring a full-time employee. If you were to hire an email marketer, it would cost your business $100k per year or even more. Additionally, you would need graphic designers, conversion optimization scientists, copywriters, and data analysts to interpret the data. This would amount to over $300k per year, along with the burdensome tasks of recruitment, interviewing, hiring, and onboarding, which can take 3-5 months or longer. Moreover, what if the talent turns out to be a poor fit? After investing time and money, you would need to restart the entire process after two months. This is where Havanzer comes in. They work diligently on your company, similar to a full-time employee, holding weekly meetings, all without requiring additional hires. They can either function as an external team or collaborate with your existing team to drive your business goals. Despite your company’s stage or size, they can seamlessly integrate, whether you already have a team in place or not. With a combined 65+ years of experience, their team works as hard as a full-time employee and delivers exceptional results. The best part? There are zero risks. They guarantee to pay for themselves within the first 30 days, or you won’t have to pay them anything. Additionally, they can commence work within 72 hours, as opposed to the 5 months typically required for onboarding.

About the Founder

Johnson Emmanuel Johnson Emmanuel, the founder of Havanzer, is widely recognized as an authority on engineering consistent, predictable, and profitable customer acquisition and retention campaigns. His agency has been responsible for numerous highly successful marketing campaigns, generating over $500M in revenue for clients, including some of the fastest-growing companies and renowned entrepreneurs. He is the go-to marketing expert for other industry professionals seeking assistance with developing predictable, profitable, and scalable customer acquisition campaigns. More than 20,000 entrepreneurs across 40 different industries and 20 countries, including prominent figures in the digital business space, have purchased his best-selling book, “Deep Pocket Clients.” Johnson Emmanuel is also the founder of Scalers Engine, a business acceleration company that collaborates directly with founders, CEOs, entrepreneurs, and owners to propel their companies to the next level. Although he has built incredibly successful businesses, his initial attempt at hiring a marketing agency ended in failure, wasting $9,000. This setback prompted him to take charge of his own marketing campaigns, leading to the birth of Havanzer. As the brand grew, many individuals expressed interest in working with them but found the fees unaffordable. Consequently, Johnson Emmanuel launched Scalers Engine, a business accelerator program that has reported over $20 million in combined sales from its clients.

Challenges in the Business/Market 

The primary challenge lies in finding a marketing agency that can genuinely elevate a business to the next level without exorbitant costs. For instance, many SEO agencies require a minimum commitment of six months and a monthly retainer payment, with the hope of delivering results. If they fail to achieve the desired outcome, they often attribute it to external factors such as blaming Google. Imagine purchasing a car from a dealership and waiting six months uncertain about whether or not your car will be delivered. This situation is nonsensical. Another challenge involves investing significant time and money into ad channels or marketing strategies that may or may not yield results, essentially playing a guessing game. This is precisely where Havanzer excels.

Opportunities in the Business/Market 

Havanzer firmly believes that if they cannot produce results, they do not deserve to be paid. Their focus is solely on revenue growth. Ultimately, this is what matters most. They concentrate on tangible numbers that propel businesses to new heights, disregarding superficial metrics.

Business Advice from Johnson Emmanuel 

In Johnson’s own words, “Do not overlook the importance of marketing. Even if your product or service surpasses that of your competitors, superior marketing will ensure their victory. Additionally, marketing is not merely an expense; it is an investment. It only becomes an expense when you, or the individuals you hire, fail to transform it into an investment.”

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