Black pepper (Piper nigrum L) vine and its products have medicinal values. Few countries have used it as a spice in their meals, yet it has helped offer resistance in their bodies against certain diseases. Piperine is a component of pepper that carries linked health benefits. Interestingly, many individuals have not encountered this spice yet despite its appreciable medicinal importance.

Black pepper has been associated with reduced risk of developing certain cancers, controlled blood sugar, obesity, and overweight, among other key health benefits. For this reason, this blog will expound on the importance of using this fruit as a spice and highlight its health benefits.

Controls Blood Sugar

Black pepper extracts regulate blood sugar in the body with a chemical called piperine. When Overweight people take a supplement having piperine and other substances for eight weeks, there is considerable improvement in insulin sensitivity. Researches reveal that piperinehelp improves blood sugar metabolism. The chemical is a major bioactive component in black pepper.

Boosts Nutrient Absorption

Several studies have concluded that black pepper improves nutrient absorption. It also depicts prebiotic-like behavior. Regulation of intestinal microbiota and enablement of gastrointestinal health is also experienced from the components of this spice. The quantity of nutrients absorbed into your bloodstream is elevated when this spice is added to your meal. Additionally, piperine improves the stimulation of hydrochloric acid in the stomach that facilitates better digestion of every food consumed.

Decreases Cholesterol Levels

Food has the potential to reduce amounts of cholesterol in the body. Increased blood cholesterol is related to a high vulnerability of heart disease, which causes death.  Black pepper elevates the absorption of the active component of turmeric.  It also decreases blood lipids in vivo and prevents cholesterol uptake in vitro. Additionally, piperine internalizes the cholesterol transporter proteins with high fat.

Rich in Antioxidants

Piperine is a plant compound contained in black pepper. Free radicals are unstable compounds that can damage human cells. Other free radicals are created naturally, like when you digest food. Sometimes, excess free radicals can be made by exposing them to sun rays. These radicals can cause serious health problems. These compounds can cause heart disease and certain cancers. Researches show that piperine contains active antioxidant properties. Studies concluded that high contents of antioxidants might stop or hold the damaging effect of these free radicals in body cells.

Contains Antibacterial Properties

Research depicts that these fruits have antibacterial potential, a property applied tohealing cough, chest congestion, and cold. Several studies revealed that these antibacterial properties were effective against gram-positive bacteria. It was then concluded that this spice qualifies to be used against both infectious and pathogenic diseases.

Piperine is contained in black pepper and displayed many pharmacological properties. Also, another study found that piperlongumine and piperine, which are components of this spice, can help overcome multidrug-resistant pathogens. Finally, components would be important as bioactive compounds for upcoming antibacterial drugs.

Anti-Inflammatory Benefits

Piperine is known to reduce inflammation. Specific piperine supplements decrease the chronic inflammation that humans with metabolic syndrome go through. Piperine’s anti-inflammatory properties contribute to guarding renal tissues related to ischemia-reperfusion. This potent spice has a bioavailability of many nutrients by prohibiting metabolizing enzymes from functioning. Also, it contains a compound known as curcumin which lowers inflammation. The tissue damage that occurs when the body has inadequate oxygen is called ischemia-reperfusion.

Has Cancer-Fighting Properties

Several studies suggested that piperine in black pepper has the potential of fighting cancer. A detailed review of spices and cancer treatment showed that piperine contained in black pepper suppressed cancer cell multiplication in colon, breast, and prostate cancer. Furthermore, this compound had significance when used as a therapeutic agent in dealing with osteosarcoma, a bone cancer disease. The spice contains flavonoids, vitamin C, carotenes, and other antioxidants that eliminate dangerous free radicals and lower the risk of cancer infection. The best way to use pepper is to eat it when freshly ground.

Improves Brain Function

Several studies have shown that the piperine compound in black pepper boosts brain functioning, especially for symptoms related to Alzheimer`s disease. Studies unveil that piperine assisted in boosting memory with a brain condition. Again, it was able to lower the formation of amyloid plaques. These are destructive protein fragments that develop mostly in the brain’s areas associated with memory and cognitive function. In conclusion, Alzheimer`s is linked with piperine hence making it possible to prevent the disease.

 Boosts Skin

The best exfoliators are crushed peppers that nature can give us. Advisably, it is effective when you add honey or fresh cream to this spice. Moreover, the improvement of blood circulation is enhanced, which allows a supply of more oxygen. Unwanted skin wrinkles are dealt with when this spice is also added to food. Black pepper is significant in curing vitiligo, where your skin loses pigmentation and produces white patches.

Promotes Weight Loss

Black pepper is an effective spice that extracts nutrients from food. Its surface layer possesses phytonutrients that boost the breakdown of fat cells and elevate metabolism. Sometimes, eating fresh pepper causes you to sweat. This helps your body to excrete toxins and excess water. It would help if you did not consume this spice excessively. A pinch is enough with one meal. Additionally, this spice quickens digestion by stimulating the stomach, producing hydrochloric acid that helps in protein digestion.


Black pepper has been used globally and has proven to be beneficial in the body. It is important to plan your diet. Among many spices used to prepare food, the quality of the nutrient in them should determine your choice. Possibly, we can overcomesome health challenges that are encountered every day. The spice is affordable; hence you can decide to plan and use it in your meals. Many people are freed from health abnormalities by consuming this fruit since its components have medicinal value and are highly nutritious.

MS, Lund University, Sweden

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