While it may seem impossible to get rid of your love handles, this blog is happy to announce there is hope. Herein, you will discover what to do if you tired of love handles.

Love handles are disturbing fats accumulated on the sides of the belly and can be eliminated through a special diet like keto or intermittent fasting. Exercises that target the belly area will also help you get your dream waistline.

If you hear the term love handles for the first time, you’ll think of something nice and may even wish to have such a cute thing. However, it’s not as awesome as it sounds. It isn’t very pleasant, and anyone would do anything to avoid having them. Love handles are extra fats that accumulate at the waist, making your upper body and lower body look separated. You can use the term muffin top to relate more. Sadly, love handles can affect both skinny individuals andplump people. If you’ve been in a panic because of muffin tops and you’re looking for ways to get rid of them, you can easily achieve that by using the right training, changing your lifestyle, and paying attention to your diet. So, how do you get rid of love handles?

Which lifestylehelps to get rid of love handles?

Sleep to eliminate them

Bed lovers will excite me up for this point. If you’re looking for ways of eradicating that extra fat on your waist, increasing your sleep hours should be one of your goals. According to research, individuals who sleep 5hrs or less tend to weigh more than those who get enough sleep. Love handles appear after calories accumulate in your body. The abdomen being the most comfortable place for fats, that’s where it remains. Resolve to sleep for about 7 hours to stay healthy.

Stay active during the day

With the busy working schedules of today, most individuals sit on work desks for hours without moving around. Sitting for hours is neither safe for your overall health or waistline. Poor movement behavior can increase your waist inches by about 0.13. Resolve to stand after every half an hour and walking few steps before getting back to your work area. To make it easier, you can set a timer to remind you when it’s timeto unglue from your office chair.

Avoid stress

Stress is not linked to mental issues only. Italso affects your physical health. Being stressed increases your belly fat which automatically makes your waistline huge. The high cortisol levels, which are released when there is so much stress, cause weight gain. Reduce the stress levels, and you’ll eliminate your belly fat.

Check your food intake and do exercises

Many lifestyle changes can help you get lean and lose belly, but tracking your food intake is the main key. Try to consume fewer calories than you need, and you’ll be impressed with the results.  Exercising will also help you achieve your slim waist goals by shedding off more calories than you have consumed, making you lose weight fast. Diets that will help you eliminate love handles

Cancel out refined sugars

Refined sugars are rich sources of calories that you must ditch if you’re serious about getting a slim waistline. Sugars are fully loaded with glucose and fructose, which lead to many health problems, and weight gain around the tummy and sides. If you have a problem controlling your sugar cravings, try going for natural sugars like fruits. Sugars are addictive, so it may be difficult to kick them from your routine. If stopping all at ago may appear impossible, start reducing your normal intake, and slowly you’ll succeed in eliminating it from your diet.

Keep off from trans-fats

While some fats are important for a balanced diet, trans-fats are not beneficial to your health. Some trans-fats are naturally made available by animal products, but most of them are artificial. These bad fats increasebad cholesterol levels, known for heart diseases, inflammation, and weight gain. Most products contain transfat. Tobe safe, always read the nutrition tags and avoid those with inappropriate ingredients. You’ll also need to be selective with your everyday foods like fried foods, bakery products, and margarine, among others. Try your best to avoid these foods if you’re determined to lose love handles.

Limit your dairy

Dairy products provide calcium to the body. However, excess of it will destroy your weight loss progress. Dairy contains a high amount of lactose, and too much sugar forms unnecessary fats. Target to substitute your dairy drinks with better options like black coffee.

Invest in organic

Investing in organic foods is pricier, but the benefits are much better than the price. Organic products have plenty of antioxidants which will be great protection from the accumulation of annoying fats in the waistline. Focusing on fresh-grown foods will help you achieve your waistline goals.

Increase your protein

Get rid of your belly fat by maximizing proteins in your meals.Proteins contain peptide YY, a fullness hormone that’ll help you have healthy eating habits. In addition to that, it boosts metabolism abilities and ensures proper maintenance of muscle mass.

Add fiber-rich foods

Both soluble and insoluble fiber isimportant. Even so, focusing on soluble fiber is an effective way of reducing love handles. They operate by slowing down the release of digested food, making you feel full for long hours.

Best exercises to lose belly fat include;

  • Plank
  • Mountain climber
  • Russian twists
  • Bicycle crunches
  • Walking or jogging
  • Kettlebell swing

What’s the fastest way to lose love handles?

Getting rid of side fats will take time. If you’re expecting it to happen overnight, you’re so wrong. There is no quick secret. The only way is to reduce your calories intake. Aim to have a balanced diet and participate ineffective exercises that’ll help you burn more calories than what you take.

How long will it take to lose love handles?

The time you’ll need to eliminate love handles depends on the amount of fat you have to lose, the lifestyle changes you’ll need to make, and your commitment to making changes. Ditching bad habits take time. So expect good results after about 3 months or more.However, it can take a shorter time if you’re more serious with yourwaistline goal.


Love handles are difficult to eliminate. Both women and men are prone to have extra fat in their belly area. Remember, weight gain in the sides was not an overnight thing.So it won’t disappear that easily either. Put effort into changing your lifestyle, staying committed, and working out. You can also try tips like intermittent fasting and the keto diet.

Charlotte Cremers

MS, University of Tartu Sleep specialist Using the acquired academic and professional experience, I advise patients with various complaints about mental health - depressed mood, nervousness, lack of energy and interest, sleep disorders, panic attacks, obsessive thoughts and anxieties, difficulty concentrating, and stress. In my free time, I love to paint and go on long walks on the beach. One of my latest obsessions is sudoku – a wonderful activity to calm an unease mind.