Herman's Eco INC Changing How The World Shops

Herman’s Eco INC Changing How The World Shops

Herman’s Eco INC

Changing How The World Shops

       Herman’s Eco INC is run by me, Eco Fashion Designer Anna Herman. I  started the corporation in 2008. Herman’s was in business for many years before then. There have been 5 stores. Being a Fashion Designer you need many skills . There weren’t any guidelines for how to run a Green Fashion House so new rules were made by the company. Opportunities came from selling online . I’d go do wholesale shows offline and not make my space rent ,then sell 400.00  or so off  ebay and cover up my expenses.  Herman’s Eco is a value driven company . Meaning I like to do business with those who share my environmentally friendly lifestyle, I want my suppliers to be environmentally conscious. To run a business which is independent and not controlled by the powers that be is challenging . You must have courage, knowledge and a great deal of patience. You as a business owner need to trust your instincts.

To begin with I have a degree in  fine arts .  After college, I started selling vintage clothes . Nothing fit quite right and I started designing. I learned to sew on my grandmother’s knee. I am lucky . I’d go to estate sales where women who maybe wanted to be a designer themselves saved the coolest fabric all their lives . They passed away, leaving it for me to pillage. Being a fashion designer is the second most desired profession for a woman . Second to Singer.

I’m from outside Washington DC , McLean Virginia.I had a great view of fashion from all over the world . After a good deal of traveling, I moved to Montana. I have had 5 stores over the years . I  started making Men’s Hemp Yoga pants and selling them online. They sold real well.  By the time I was done with the yoga pants , people didn’t realize what a great designer I always was . So I quit making the pants, stopped buying from China and went back to my roots with the vintage fabric . China pretty much controls the hemp fabric business. I used to take my Mom’s clothes alter them and wear them to clubs . It helped me get in since I was underage. All this time hanging in Georgetown (part of DC), I was  learning about what a terrible  environmental impact the fashion business has .When I had  my stores, friends would come in and tell me what  organic meant, what clothes were dyed with and many other environmentally friendly things.I moved to LA  about 7 years ago . I loved being around all the talented people. It inspired me.  I went out to do shows but I was getting the Hollywood run around . I’ll have my people call your people . What people ? Herman’s Eco  is run by Myself and my husband Carl Herman . At the shows they would ask , Do you have anything to give away? I thought that was strange.  While living in LA  I started making the Men’s Jumpsuits . Then Macklemore a musician  bought some online.I figured if I was just going to sell online  https://annaherman.com  , Carl and I should move back to Montana. Deer Lodge is a small town.I have a huge studio for all my saved hard to find  fabrics and trims. I have industrial sewing machines which also take up a lot of space. The internet exploded with the jumpsuits and rompers I made. I used to wake up in the middle of the night and sew. I sold some things to the movies. A dream come true. Right ? Hollywood actually paid me.   Today  musicians  are my best customers. One in particular is Spencer Sutherland a charming and talented young song writer and singer. Spencer Sutherland helps me to know what’s in style . He is getting ready to go on yet another tour  wearing many of my outfits.

I sell  in Santa Fe New Mexico at Hyperclash . I have a long time trusted business relationship with Paloma Navarrete the owner of Hyperclash We met online while I was making The Green Eco Show https://greenecoshow.com . Herman’s Eco Doesn’t sell  in a lot of stores, partly since they don’t share my values . I am  a direct marketer. I sell on lots of online marketplaces. At Herman’s Eco  I  get to decide who I want to do business with and what I want to design. People try to manipulate me constantly. I only design what I want  and I green screen all my  suppliers. Saying things like, I want plastic free shipping and where was  it made. I also use plastic free shipping. Yes even the tape.  It is a different business model . The success has been an amazing ride  . Talent really does matter, so if you have some, please don’t give up . It’s lonely at the top with plenty of run for those who are truly good at what they do. Recently I won Tailor of the year from Luxlife Magazine.

 I am a human chameleon I have reinvented myself many times. I have designed many different things , organic undies, fancy dresses, men’s suit, pants .The men’s clothes are my specialty even though I am great at women’s clothes too.

  People need to find what they are good at. I have good business skills. I always  know when I am making a profit. My company Herman’s Eco INC.  has no debt . It reduces stress and gives me freedom . I’m hard to manipulate . Customers can make suggestions but I only design what I  want.  I use natural fabrics . If a customer wants something in polyester I turn down the order.I won’t buy new wool or silk since they can’t be ethically sourced. I use them if I get them unused on the secondhand market. Being a vegetarian I am very concerned about animal rights.   Having  a sale is against company policies.I feel it degrades the value you of my fashions. I pay little attention to what others in fashion do . I seemed to get copied a lot.

Things I love to design with are vintage fabrics, Cut velvet, wild printed Terry cloth, Metal zippers,Fringe, Gold Lamee’ ,Hand dyed cotton, organic cotton .My own hand painted graphics are such fun too.  There is a long list of things I am always looking for. I call  some “Granny Specials”. Stolen from Grandma  while she wasn’t looking . Granny wants her tablecloth back  (a joke). I have pet names for most of my designs such as Beach Blanket Bingo,Early Couch, Early Country Club and Dapper Dan.  I have a line of airbrushed Graffiti  clothes where I get to add graphics of things I like, Some whimsy , and the Endangered Species line  . Endangered Species makes a statement about The environment. I am really edgy and I like making people think . I also included different ethnic groups. The marginalized need a voice.  Below the Abracadabra suit. I often say this company is run with a bit of magic.

Being a woman CEO is changeling, however I highly recommend it . There are only 5% of us.I really enjoy “Breaking the Glass Ceiling”  and want Corporate CEO’s to be half women .I  started my own company and forged my own path . Appointing myself to be the big boss . If there isn’t an opportunity then you need to make one.

  If you are interested in starting a business you might want to write a business plan . There are many people who will tell you how to do it, yet they haven’t found the skills or courage to start a company . Perhaps people don’t realize how much hard work it is . In the fashion business many think  it’s all  Ritz and Glitz  but it’s actually talent, skills and hard work . I read a lot of self help . I learned to never be afraid to back out of a deal.

 Herman’s Eco is a very inclusive company .  I don’t pass judgment on  people with alternative lifestyles .I was an outcast myself . Many alternative people are my customers.  I am  a vegetarian . I am greatly influenced by my  environmentalist customers. My customers all  have 1 thing in common, being free spirits . Most of them are artistically inclined.

  I am a human chameleon. I like many different things, work wear, Tuxedos,playsuits,cowboy shirts and western pants to name a few. Over the years I have designed a wide variety of fashions, carpet bags ,men’s shirts,dress shirts,jumpsuits,organic undies and fancy dresses , just to name a few. They often call me a tailor. I did look at what others were doing as calling me a tailor made me curious. It seems  that there aren’t many  who create  original designs  for men’s suits. Usually they brag about studying with the masters and make the same suit which might have been designed 100 years ago .A much more conservative approach than I use. I try different styles and switch them around till I get something I like. They say I am best at men’s clothes  which is the majority of my business, however I am equally as good at women’s clothes.

Hopefully by now you might be thinking of things you love. Don’t let anyone tell you your ideas are silly. Stay away from Nay Sayers.  Believe in yourself. The journey is so much fun.  Along the way I did meet people who never thought I would get this far, but they were wrong.

Eco Fashion Designer

Anna Herman 

Marie Salbuvik

MS, Lund University, Sweden

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