A spasm occurs due to sudden contraction of muscle, a set of muscles, or a hollow organ like the bladder. It is often caused by muscle overload, imbalance, or medical certain medical conditions such as dystonia. A spasm often manifests itself in the form of a muscle cramp – which is usually harmless and disappears after a few minutes. And while conventional solutions such as stretching the muscle in the affected area have been used to alleviate spasms, experts suggest that CBD oil may be a natural remedy to relieve muscle spasms. That said, here is a deeper insight into how CBD can help treat muscle spasms, including the science behind it.

What is a Muscle Spasm?

A spasm refers to the sudden and involuntary contraction of a muscle, a hollow organ such as the bladder, or a set of muscles.  Various types of involuntary muscle activity could be described as spasms. Muscle spasms are often linked to abnormal nerve stimulation, dystonia, muscle overload, or abnormal activity in the muscle itself.  This condition often manifests in the form of cramps that are accompanied by a sudden burst of pain.

Muscle spasms are harmless and will almost always disappear within minutes. A little exercise or stretching the affected area could alleviate it. But researchers have come up with something better that is potentially an on-spot solution to spasms: CBD Oil. The reason for its effectiveness is because vaped CBD Oil – aside from its helping to regulate certain body functions such as temper, pain, appetite, memory, sleep, and immune response – is absorbed instantly into the bloodstream via the lungs and is, therefore, a better on-spot or immediate solution to muscle spasms. This fast-acting nature of CBD makes it a wonderful alternative to alleviate spasms.

Description of a Muscle Spasm

A spasm can lead to extreme muscle strain that could tear ligaments or tendons if the intensity of the spasm exceeds the tensile strength of the underlying tissue. But often, this happens when the force of the spasm is stronger than the connective tissue.

Types of Muscle Spasms

  • A spasmodic muscle spasm results from a sudden involuntary muscle contraction.
  • On the other hand, a hypertonic muscle spasm results from a chronic condition where muscles in resting mode retain excess tension (which reduces the muscle’s ability to relax). Usually, a dysfunctional nerve signaling and feedback channel result in hypertonic muscle spasm – which is a lot serious and should be treated.
  • A colic muscle spasm is a minor spasm that predominantly occurs in the smooth muscle of an organ and is often episodic and is accompanied by pain and nausea.

Conventional Treatments for Muscle Spasms

Certain home remedies have been recommended as viable options to relieve muscle spasms. Most of those remedies work for many people, but controlled research has established limited proof regarding the efficacy of some of those recommendations. Conventionally, stretching the affected area or taking a brief workout could stop muscle spasms from occurring more regularly. With this domestic remedy, all you have to do is stretch the area with the muscle spasm, be it the back, neck, calves, or thighs, until it disappears.

For a persistent back or thigh spasm, try to pinch the area in a way reminiscent of a massage until the spasm eases away. And it would help if you assume a good resting position, preferably lying down on the floor in a relaxed mode.

How CBD helps Manage Muscle Spasms

Research continues to point out that Cannabidiol oil (CBD) aids in lowering muscle inflation, which is a condition driven by fatigue and muscle soreness. Chiropractic solutions and regular exercise have worked for many people, but CBD possesses anti-inflammatory properties that can help manage conditions that result from inflammation. And muscle spasms happen to be one of those areas that could benefit from such properties. CBD Oil is a pure, natural, and painless remedy for spasms.

The Endocannabinoid System (ECS) and CBD Oil: How to Ease Muscle Spasms

CBD oil has been proven to be a natural and safe substitute for conventional remedies. And through the endocannabinoid system that has receptors embedded in the brain and the central nervous system, CBD cartridges can regulate the activity, working with the receptors in the affected muscles to ease the pain. As such, CBD helps relieve you from the frequency of pain in the area affected by the muscle spasm.

Effectiveness and Benefits of using CBD Oil for Muscle Spasm Treatment

Are you suffering from chronic or acute muscle spasms? I bet you have probably used medications such as Flexeril, Valium, or any other drug that could help relieve you from acute pain. Well, such medications only provide temporary solutions and do not eradicate the actual problem, not to mention that they don’t come without side effects like drowsiness and even addiction.

However, CBD oil provides relief without the risk of addiction that you can develop when using pharmaceutical muscle relaxants. That said, if you are considering CBD oil as an alternative to pharmaceutical solutions, it would be best to understand its effectiveness and benefits. CBD helps manage muscle spasms in the following ways:

  • CBD oil relieves pain resulting from muscle cramps via pain receptors present in the endocannabinoid system.
  • CBD oil alters the response from the central nervous system, thus stopping muscle spasms.
  • CBD has been proven to be an effective muscle relaxant and pain reliever – a property that can help manage muscle spasms. The anti-inflammatory substances present in CBD enhance the production of neurotransmitters that relax muscles, enhance mood and reduce anxiety.

CBD Dosage for Treating Muscle Spasms

Whether you are experiencing chronic muscle spasms or the occasional muscle cramps, all you want is an immediate solution to relieve pain. Vaped CBD oil is preferred because it gets absorbed immediately into the bloodstream via the lungs, ensuring on-the-spot relief of the spasm. However, the vaped CBD only lasts for an hour or less. Therefore, if you opt for a long-term solution, the best form of CBD oil to take should be capsules, drops, or edibles. And like most medical conditions, the dosage to take is driven by various factors, from body weight and tolerance to your metabolism. Nonetheless, it would be best to get started with a lower dosage and upgrade accordingly.

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