Anecdotal and scientific evidence holds that isolated CBD oil helps in anxiety relief. Peer into this article to know everything about how isolated CBD oil and anxiety relief relate.

Anxiety is part of human life, and typically, it should not be harmful. In fact, history explains that anxiety is a result of evolution, specifically designed to protect man from his predators through the ‘flight or fight response. However, life has many challenges and puts a lot of burden on man’s shoulder, resulting in harmful anxiety. Ultimately, too much anxiety results in stress and depression, which can be fatal when one commits suicide or develops other related but worse complications. Thankfully, research advanced in modern medicine and isolated CBD oil promises to help relieve anxiety. Learn how this is possible by peering into this well-researched write-up.

Understanding isolated CBD oil

Isolated CBD oil, also called CBD isolate oil, refers to milder cannabidiol (CBD) with no THC. Cannabidiol is one of the many active ingredients in the Cannabis sativa plant and has proved to have many health benefits. THC, the short form for Tetrahydrocarbon, is another active compound in the cannabis plant and is more psychoactive than CBD. While THC makes people high, CBD has low chances of influencing one’s psychoactive characteristics and making him high. CBD was illegal for long and was recently legalized by the federal government for medical use. The legal form has less than 0.3% THC. Contrastingly, CBD isolate oil lacks any traces of the psychoactive THC.

Isolated CBD oil is manufactured for those who would like to thrive from CBD products but would not like to take THC, even in negligible amounts. Thus, unlike full-spectrum CBD, the isolated oil goes through many steps to clear off THC and other psychoactive compounds. Once the primary ingredients have been sipped off the cannabis plant, the remaining CBD isolate is crystal and is further processed to oil for users.

An overview of health benefits of isolated CBD

The human body has a unique system called the endocannabinoid system (ECS), consisting of receptors and glands running throughout the body and affecting the nervous and the immune system. When one takes CB products, the ECS does not directly interact with the CBD but is somehow activated, which is why CBD generally affects many processes, including appetite, sleep, mood, concentration, and digestion. Although isolated CBD lacks the psychoactive THC, it still has the same potential as the full-spectrum CBD, which are somewhat mild.

Through anecdotal and scientific evidence, isolated CBD has shown that it may have many health benefits. For instance, the isolated oil is rich in antioxidants that fight bacteria, microbes, and free radicals, which result in oxidative stress and cause chronic illnesses. Secondly, isolated CBD may help fight inflammation, preventing the progression of inflammatory diseases and cell damage. Studies also show that CBD isolates, just like full-spectrum CBD, could relieve nausea, arthritic pain, stress, anxiety, and boost immune function. Besides, taking the isolated oil could help one manage convulsions because of the compound’s anticonvulsant properties.

What is anxiety?

According to Mayo Clinic, anxiety describes a condition in which a person faces persistent fear and worries of everyday life and its happenings. Anxiety surfaces in different forms and disorders, but all of its victims have moments when the fear hypes up and reaches a climax, leading to panic attacks. It can be caused by different factors, including traumatic childhood experiences, accidents, harassment at school, heartbreak, and financial challenges.

What are the signs and symptoms of anxiety?

As mentioned in the preceding paragraphs, anxiety can be caused by a wide array of factors. Similarly, it has different signs and symptoms, mostly behavioral. It hits differently from one person to another, but its common signs include;

  • The tendency to avoid anything that can trigger anxiety
  • Gastrointestinal issues
  • Insomnia and sleep issues
  • Hyperventilation, where one breathes fast and heavily
  • Suddenly increasing heartrates
  • A constant struggle to control worries
  • Lightheadedness
  • Nausea
  • Trembling and or sweating
  • Constantly feeling nervous even about trivial issues
  • Tension and restlessness
  • Fear of the unknown and constantly sensing danger, panic, or anger

Isolated CBD oil might help with anxiety

In the late 1970s and early 1980s, researchers set out to investigate whether CBD products (including CBD isolate) could help control anxiety because of the purported anxiolytic properties of this compound. For a start, the studies used a simulated public speaking test and proved that CBD could help improve the social anxiety triggered by the test. Consequently, people take isolated CBD oil to contain and improve the anxiety and worries triggered by different situations. For example, THC is known to induce anxiety, and its many users ingest isolated CBD after THC to counter the anxiety that follows. In fact, studies have shown that isolated CBD ingestion can help an anxious person manage the anxiolytic symptoms more than any other forms of the isolate.

When one experiences anxiety for a long time, it often translates to anxiety disorders, which are more difficult to manage and are more cause-related. Thankfully, contemporary studies have shown that isolated CBD could help manage some of these disorders, including;

  • Obsessive-compulsive disorder
  • Social anxiety disorder
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder
  • Panic disorder
  • Generalized anxiety disorder

Like full-spectrum CBD, the isolated CBD oil impacts the endocannabinoid system, which naturally controls anxiety. Such a positive interaction leads to lowering of anxiety symptoms. In addition, imaging studies have shown that the oil influences the stress-related chemicals and glands in the brown, improving panic attacks.

How to use isolated CBD oil to manage anxiety

There are different forms of isolated CBD oil, including the dietary form. However, for best results when managing anxiety, the oil should be taken sublingually. This entails using the dropper to place the oil below the tongue and holding on for about one minute for it to be absorbed. This allows fast absorption of the oil into the system.


Isolated CBD oil is a form of CBD cleared off all psychoactive compounds, including THC. It is usually taken by those who want to feel CBD’s health benefits without getting THC into their system. The isolated oil can help manage many conditions, including anxiety, relieving the user. Find out how it does this by reading the article.

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