Do you find it difficult to reach orgasm? If yes, pussy pumps are the solution. They increase sexual stimulation by increasing the blood flow to the vagina, which expands the tissues. This makes you experience a powerful orgasm and enhance sexual intercourse between you and your partner.

A clitoral pump is a female sex toy designed to increase vaginal pleasure. It looks like a facial mask but is placed over the clitoris or vagina. Pussy pumps exert air in the vagina, creating a vacuum that causes tissue swelling. This will increase blood flow around the area, making it very sensitive. The increased sensitivity on the labia and clitoris gives you a unique sensation and a puffy appearance. You can use pussy pump with your partner as a form of foreplay.

How Pussy Pumps Are Used

Pussy pumps come in various shapes, styles, and sizes, allowing you to choose what matches your preference and level of experience. They are easy to use when the instructions are followed carefully. Beginners should start with pussy pumps with a big seal, ideal for all vaginal sizes. Always start by lubricating the outer edge of your pussy pump using a water-based lube. Lubing up the edge helps in creating a tight air seal. Shave or trim the pubic hair to a minimum since the edge seals on the skin to work perfectly. Also, make sure you close the quick-release valve to allow the air to get out and not enter.

Decide on the positioning of the pump and press it on your preferred area, ensuring a firm seal is achieved. Regardless of the type of pump you are using, the area you choose should cover the clitoris, the entire vulva, or both.

Press the bulb with one hand on the pump chamber until the suction begins. As the vacuum starts filling with pressure, you will experience a sparking sensation immediately. At this stage, hold the pump in place only through its suction. If the pump is not sealed on the skin, hold it in place as you keep pumping. Continue pressing as you release the bulb of the pump until the labia start to swell. Once the pump is sealed against your skin, pumping will become slightly harder. When this happens, allow air in by pressing the valve in the quick release. Remove the pussy pump gently and feel the mind-blowing sensation from engorged tissue. Pussy pumping should be exciting, and not even slight pain should be felt. In case you feel any form of discomfort, stop immediately. Also, avoid over-pumping to prevent injuries.

Types Of Pussy Pumps

Clitoral pumps come in various designs and sizes to enhance the flow of blood in the clitoral, vulva vaginal opening. There are clit pumps that have interchangeable chambers, making it possible to fit various parts of your genitals. This type of pussy pump is quite costly.

Simple pumps have chambers, squeezable bulbs, and a hose. Usually, most of them are made of plastic or materials similar to plastic. Expensive ones are usually made of acrylic medical-grade material.

Also, some pussy pumps have squeezable handles and pressure gauges. Many people attest that the handles make it easy to operate. There are some with a separate vibe for completing the pleasure package. Others have ticklers inside the chamber for teasing as they engorge.

If you find it clumsy or difficult to use a hand pump, try electric clit pumps with many whistles and bells. With this, the pumping is done automatically. The amount of pressure in the chamber is adjusted with the different setting modes. Some also vibrate, giving you full pleasure as you enjoy the increased sensitivity of your engorged vulva or clit. Automatically vibrating and electronic pumps are usually recharged using a USB charger.

Some clitoral pumps are also effective in stimulating oral sex.

Safety Tips Of Clitoral Pumps

Modern clit pumps are safe. The quick-release enables you to stop the use whenever there is a need to do so. Moreover, they are made from medical grade and high-quality material. When purchasing pussy pumps, ensure the chambers are phthalate-free to prevent you from getting cancer. The lube you use should be water-based and free from parabens.

If you feel any pain, the pump may be sucking the sensitive skin below or above the targeted area because it is placed wrongly. Allow the place to calm down, and try again. Carefully pumps once in a while until you feel the vacuum is strong, then quick release to feel the pleasure. If the pain persists, disconnect the pump immediately. Also, before using the pump, consult your doctor to know if your vulva has health issues.

The Bottom Line

Clitoral pumps are the best for increasing your sensual pleasure during solo play or with a partner. They exert air in the vagina, creating a vacuum hence tissue swelling. This increases blood flow around the area, making it extra sensitive. It offers an ultra-sensitivity, giving the labia and clitoris a unique sensation and a puffy appearance. They come in various designs so everyone can get what matches the experience they want. Ensure you use water-based lube, free from paraben. In case you experience some pain, stop using the pump immediately. Learn the basics of using clit pumps and take your sex life to the next level.

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