Let Your Fingers Do The Walking With This Futuristic Vibe

Let Your Fingers Do The Walking With This Futuristic Vibe

Jimmy Jane’s new Hello Touch vibrator is a finger vibe with a difference. It’s strong, sturdy and stays in place. It doesn’t look like a finger vibe usually might with cheeky rabbit designs or even a bullet mounted in place on top of a jelly ring. Oh no. This vibe is all sleek and sophisticated – and it looks more like an Apple iPod than a vibrator which is great if you’re going for that subtle “surreptitious sex toy” look.

The Hello Touch has two finger vibes that sit on the pads of your preferred fingers. They stay in place with two plastic fixtures, and attach to the control pad with two white wires. It’s all very robotic-esque. The controller straps around your wrist and lets you control the intensity and variety of the motions. Basically, it transforms your fingers into a sex toy – and you can use them anyway, anyhow.

The vibrating pads are completely washable after use – which is great, because you can just dip your hand into soapy water. The little vibrators are said to deliver some powerful sensations which is great for the recipient who can just sit back and experience the gentle massaging or intense vibrations of their partner’s fingers roaming around their sensual spots. It can also be used for solo vibration play if you can distract yourself long enough from the constant vibrations at the end of your fingertips.

JimmyJane’s vibrators are well-known for being more than a little odd. They don’t quite look like vibrators, and they’ve got a-sexual names like “form 2” and “form 3”. They’re very futuristic, and they have very hefty price tags attached to them as well. The Hello Touch is the latest sex toy in their range, released just this week, and this unusual finger-vibe will set you back a hefty $65.00, or around £40.00.

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