Minieducators - the brand of the bunnies - Liz Verona

Minieducators – the brand of the bunnies – Liz Verona

We are Liz Verona and our characters are called the Minieducators and that is why in social media you will find us like @lizverona.minieducators

My name is Liz Verona and I am de founder of Liz Verona and the minieducators better known like the brand of the bunnies. It may sound funny, but since 2008 I wanted to create this concept because I got a degree in marketing and I had some ideas, but I did not feel ready. In 2010 I moved to USA from Mexico, and that represented a challenge to me because I had to learn English, getting a master degree and other things, so I never thought it was the right time until COVID- 19 hit. It forced me to stop, and to rethink what I wanted.  As a Latina, I was raised in a family with strong values and a clear message about what a child’s childhood should be like. My mom gave us discipline, limits and values. Also, my mom was very aware of the dangers a child is exposed to, so she protected us from them as much as she could. All those things had a positive impact on my life and working with children I realized that all this had been lost. My first master’s degree is in Couple Marriage and Family and one of my specialties is in trauma, crisis and grief, which gave me the opportunity to see the consequences of sexual abuse and the impact it has on the life of a person and/or family. There are no words to describe the pain I have seen, so I began to think that I did not want to hear stories and do nothing about it, so I decided to be a proactive part in the prevention of child sexual abuse. I realized that the project I had could have a positive impact. That gave me a purpose and the direction that I needed to building a brand that promotes education as a resource to help children to develop strong values. A brand that promotes the value of innocence as a way to raise healthy and happy children, and without a doubt, a brand that encourages the children imagination and dreams about endless possibilities. Because of that, the first thing that I did was publishing my first book, Sophia Speaks up, which is a simple book to explain children what is safe and unsafe touching or how to protect themselves, and also this book teaches them that they need to talk about it with classmates and adults.

Also, “with each purchase you get a pass-along card with 5 tips to help protect children from sexual abuse and 10 % of proceeds are donated to child sexual abuse prevention through Protect Idaho Kids.” If you want to learn more, visit our website and  Our impact

The challenges we have faced are many and range from putting my ideas in a way that others can understand, look for a low price, to the classic challenges that other companies have about how to generate more sales. I want to say that this company sells products, but it promotes values as I mentioned before and that is why in our media we are educating, which requires double the work because when we are trying to make sales, we also try to incorporate our values in the messages that we give. Because of that we just released a weekly video in English and Spanish with some different messages, like unsafe touching, paternity, boundaries and others.  We think they can help parents in their parenting job. You can find this in our YouTube channel Liz Verona Counseling. Every Tuesday a new video.  In addition, the number of social networks has grown and the amount of content is also growing every day, so that requires more work. I like to review all things before they are made public because I know that a small mistake can takes us to a different direction than where I would like to go. That is why we try to generate good pictures and visual material. Always, keeping a coherent message of our principles and values. Probably, like many other companies in the country we work hard to get the attention from people. Also, we need that people choose our brand over the others to continue growing. We think that to achieve it we need to differentiate our brand from others existing in the market. In addition, we need that people get engage with our cause. It may sound so simple, but the reality is that it requires a good amount of work. Giving a constant, clear and coherent message. 

We are a company that manufactures most of the products it sells by hand, which increases costs, so we must look for quality materials with a low cost, which is not easy. I can say that now we also have excellent providers , who seek to make quality products. In other words we try to maximize the resources we have. As the founder, I am aware that this is a key component of any company, but specially of a new one. 

The opportunities facing the business are different and we are trying to see them and to take advantage of them. We are also aware that we need to build many of them. Also, we need to connect the opportunities with the resources we have, which is a big challenge. I thank the people who have joined this adventure because in general they have contributed knowledge and experience to daily work, and when I don’t know what to do they give me ideas of what to do. They also match their experience with current goals. I believe that each challenge brings out the best in each other and this is no exception. I definitely appreciate the talent and ideas of others. At this point I think I appreciate everyone’s trust. Internal and external customers are valuable.

I do not feel like I should advise others on business, but what I have learned from this business is to follow your gut, constantly learn and believe in what you do. I learned that instinct is a big part of this job so I would say follow instinct wisely and that means you will feel like some things may be good but you need to look at the numbers and see if there is a real business opportunity or if this is just an idea. Personally, I believe that learning is a constant in life and learning about business is no exception to that rule, which means trying to learn as much as you can about anything. In business, you may need to use things you never thought of. Even if you don’t know everything, having an idea of ​​what you need is helpful. Also, working with people who know what they are doing will help your business and you will learn from them. I think I’m at that stage where I learn from everything and everyone and that’s something I recommend to anyone at any stage of life. Finally, believing in what you do is key in anything you do. I don’t see anybody doing something to get nothing, so I think most of us work because we expect to get good results and that’s part of the game.

Summing up, this is our business and we are working hard to improve every day. We are thankful for the opportunities we have received and also we are open to try new ideas and new products. I am pretty sure that we have many things ahead. I am pretty sure, we can do many things for children and families.  

Nutritionist, Cornell University, MS

I believe that nutrition science is a wonderful helper both for the preventive improvement of health and adjunctive therapy in treatment. My goal is to help people improve their health and well-being without torturing themselves with unnecessary dietary restrictions. I am a supporter of a healthy lifestyle – I play sports, cycle, and swim in the lake all year round. With my work, I have been featured in Vice, Country Living, Harrods magazine, Daily Telegraph, Grazia, Women's Health, and other media outlets.

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