Moro Italy Boutique story

Moro Italy Boutique story

Business Name and what it does:

Moro Italy Boutique is an online destination for high-quality leather women’s shoes and handbags from the finest Italian artisans.

We are also expanding our collection with men’s sneakers and bags.

Most of our products are made in Le Marche, an Italian region renowned for exceptional leather craftsmanship traditions. We work directly with family-run workshops that make fashion items for big designer names.

Our entire online store was created not only with a certain style and concept in mind but also to complement a way of life. The shoes and accessories we manufacture are made to last. We constantly research and connect with artists and the best under-the-radar designers to continue offering rare shoe motifs and structures and inspire our future signature collection.

Our women’s shoe collection ranges from classic stilettos, t-strap pumps, ankle strap heels, oxford shoes, and more! We aim to offer quality and understand that women enjoy variety. This alone is why we bring different styles. Moro Italy wants to ensure our customers receive one-of-a-kind designs they will be proud to walk in. Beyond women’s shoes, we strive to keep extending our boutique with other leather fashion accessories.

Everything in our collections is made from genuine Italian leather and handcrafted in the Italian Shoe Valley (Le Marche), where our partners use the same techniques and materials their fathers and grandfathers utilized. They work on every pair using a manual manufacturing process, ensuring authenticity and 100% handmade, resulting in the impeccable quality of all the items they produce. These highly skilled artisans put their personal touch and secrets on each pair making each pair unique and special.

As mentioned above, Moro Italy is specialized in Italian genuine leather women’s shoes and handbags, and we offer free US shipping on all orders. For all the products in our Scottsdale warehouse, shipping times are 1-3 business days; for other items that ship directly from Italy (from the artisanal workshop!), it takes approximately 12-15 business days. Our goal is to represent something different in the North American market by offering a premium luxury Italian product cutting out the intermediaries and retail markups costs.

Founder’s/Owner’s Story And What Motivated Them To Start The Business:

Sal is the founder and owner of, and his belief and passion for tradition, high quality, and craftsmanship are the reasons that made him motivated to start the business in early 2018. 

Sal’s connections in the high-end Italian leather goods industry of the Le Marche region (as mentioned above, finest Italian craftsmanship when we talk about shoes and handbags) facilitated the beginning of Moro Italy Boutique, not only a net-a-porter store but also a brand in designs and a lifestyle.

After finding the right partnerships and artisanal shops in Italy, Sal began the production for Moro Italy Boutique, adding more to the collections available on the website. In the business, Sal and his partners, aside from the background operations, manage most of the business activities, from customer service tasks to social media marketing.

Moro Italy is based in Scottsdale, so they cater perfectly to the US market, offering fast customer service and free shipping on many items.

The Challenges The Business/Market Is Facing:

The challenge is to learn from constant progress by researching how to become a lifestyle brand representing Made in Italy in the US. The company constantly collects data to understand the trends and connect the value of quality and tradition with customer success and feedback.

The Italian design and craftsmanship are highly valued and well known worldwide, but we keep researching and making adjustments along the way when necessary. These factors keep the business enthusiastic and motivated to find a new room for growth.

Our goal is to consider the aesthetics of high-end shoes without sacrificing the comfort that often in the current market leaves a lot to be desired, especially considering the high price tags attached to them. That’s why Moro Italy is dedicated to delivering first-class shoes and accessories that look beautiful and stylish, offering incredible comfort without breaking the bank. 

Another challenge Moro Italy faces is the market; nowadays, it is important to become more visible than have value quality and tradition. Moro Italy Boutique shoes and handbags are not the cheapest. Cheap shoes can be found shoes for under $100 at department stores, but as you hear often, “you get what you pay for.” Moro Italy shoes, aside from sales and promotions, cost around 135-215$; at this price range, they are a massive value for the quality of materials and construction compared to what a buyer might pay for similar or famous luxury brands, considering that Moro Italy offers free shipping for all orders within the US.

The goal is to make luxury fashion products more affordable and accessible, so business is done on slim margins and keep working into our resources to keep the prices attractive. We also have an affiliate program perfect for existing customers, marketers, or fashion enthusiasts that provides them with a unique link and a 10% rewards plan.

While most retailers in the market are spending their resources on markups, expenses, intermediaries, or go-betweens, we are conducting business directly and exclusively with Italian artisanal workshops and the production costs. Furthermore, our brand is constantly engaging with a community of buyers; by promoting the mentioned affiliate program #joinmoro, we keep thinking of everything and trying different routes and strategies to meet our goals that give more strength to our mission.

The Opportunities The Business/Market Is Facing:

The opportunity to be based in the US and work directly with trusted Italian artisans allows us to enrich our brand and concept with pieces that are made with the finest materials available and truly inspired by artistic minds and still be able to list them at a competitive price. This is what sets us apart from the rest and gives us the chance to expand our clientele.

Feedbacks from our customers are very important to us, and one of our points of strength is that our pumps featuring high seductive stiletto heels are made to fit the feet while remaining extremely comfortable. We make different heel lengths, depending on the mood and the occasion, from glamour to casual looks. We value all types of information and are very focused on delivering standout shoes and handbags that are beautiful and functional by combining unique patterns and materials.

Having a direct relationship with the artisans we work with allows us to connect traditional old-school craftsmanship with technology and modern designs. As a result, this combination equals high standards and a range of styles that stay current and timeless. As mentioned before, we don’t add retail markups; we don’t have intermediaries so that we can offer authentic Italian leather shoes and handbags at unbeatable prices in this market. Moro Italy Boutique’s belief and mission is to offer first-class access to first-class Italian premium fashion products.

Advice To Others About Business:

From our experience, the advice is to run the business with passion and consistency and own initiatives even when feeling alone. It doesn’t seem easy to achieve the goals or even the next steps. In our journey, the most challenging part has been the start-up. Beginning with the concepts stage, the project shaped itself step by step once we began working. The Moro Italy vision is refined, and it has a concept and soul, so “planning as you go” is also a key factor. Acknowledging that the learning process never ends is another important aspect that brings a desire to learn more skills and improve overall success. 



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