New iPhone App For Heterosexuals Wanting No-Strings Sex

New iPhone App For Heterosexuals Wanting No-Strings Sex

When it comes to sex, there are countless iPhone apps providing users with everything from ‘How To’ guides on achieving mind-blowing orgasms to social apps geared towards finding sexual partners. Grindr, a location-based app for gay men which shows other users’ profiles ranked according to how far away they are, has proven popular. Apps such as these make it easy for people to find casual sex (or simply someone to hang out with), and this simplicity underlies a new ‘no-strings’ app for heterosexuals.

The new app, which has not yet been released, is called Pure. Many dating apps for meeting other singles (and in some cases, other couples or groups) have in-built chat which means that users who are looking for no-frills sex feel frustrated by endless chat with no ‘payoff’. The system behind Pure is that users specify the gender they are interested in and whether they can ‘host’ another or are willing to travel. After uploading portraits of themselves, users are shown potential partners who have expressed interest.

While there are many people who are interested in sex rather than long-term relationships, the safety of apps such as Pure is one matter that should be considered. Some people have met strangers for sex at their homes, without first meeting them in public, and have been victims of attacks. This has been especially prevalent amongst users of gay dating apps who haven’t had the sense to meet potential sex partners in a safe public space to at least size them up first.

It remains to be seen whether the new app, if it gains approval from Apple, will be effective. Similar attempts have not done so well – the Grindr equivalent, Blendr, has been touted as a failure. One blogger described Blendr as being ‘for straight men who wish women were as slutty as they are’.

Even so, there are surely many women who find the idea of risqué hook-ups appealing, as there are all sorts of people who turn to dating apps – not only the lonely and the lovelorn, but people who simply want to explore their sexuality without commitments. The idea behind Pure is that there is a market for an app which strips away social niceties so that randy users can get down to doing the deed without lengthy courtships. The dangers of using apps like this should be kept in mind, nonetheless.

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