Receptor CBD Product Review

Receptor CBD Product Review


Among CBD products that have received the best reviews under their product review page is Receptor CBD. Most people who buy their products end up getting back to their website and give honest feedback on the effectiveness of the products. Despite the company offering a small range of products, it also offers them under different potencies. According to their website, the brand also conducts third party tests on all their products and ensure their hemp is organically grown without any chemicals or pesticides. The issue of standard has been adequately addressed by the company and it is evident from the website product reviews. However, the company does not offer more information about its management and other operations. Consequently, the company offers quality customer service which could be conducted by either email, instant chat or phone number. Comparing the company prices to others, Receptra Natural CBD offers average prices in the CBD field; ranging at $0.09 to $0.11. Besides, we are going to give an insight about the company and its operations which could be helpful to not only CBD users but also other interested parties.

About The Company

If anyone wishes to find information about the company, then Receptra has “About Us” page under their website. According to the information provided by the website, the company was founded in 2015 by Rusty Scott as he was in pursuit of finding a way of relieving the pain he was feeling under falling on ice. Rusty Scott thought of finding help from hemp plant and decided to create a company with a mission of manufacturing effective and high quality products from organically grown hemp. Just like most CBD companies who prefer getting quality hemp from Colorado to manufacture quality products, Receptra is also not an exception. It has also set a motto “the truth is curative” which drives their operations. In addition, the company is committed is manufacturing peak products which are not either hyper or exaggerated.

According to the company, they have employed hardworking people who value the significance of CBD in their lives and people they love, unlike other companies who direct their products to a specific group of people. Currently, most CBD companies have employed health specialists to help them monitor their operations, however, Receptra has not been able to come out clearly on this matter. The only information we were able to obtain on their page about its team was on the founders background.

Considering the competitive CBD current market, the brand is fairly well known and has currently been featured in LA Weekly and Forbes magazine. Although most of the companies products have received five star ratings, some still have no ratings while some have a few ratings. It also has a wide FAQ page that has addresses most questions about shipping processes, tracking capabilities and other relevant information. The brand offers three shipping options; next day, second day and standard option. Also, the brand offers a return policy within 30 days from the purchase day and addresses any other relevant concerns within 4 hours.

Consequently, you could reach Receptra support team by phone from 7:30am to 6:00 pm MST Monday to Friday and 8:00am to 12:00pm on Saturday. The company has also provided adequate information on how to reach them by giving physical address and google maps on their contact page. According to the details posted, their headquarters are in Centennial, Colorado.

To address transparency, accuracy and reputation of their company, we could give 6/10 because of the few details provided about company. For anyone who wishes to verify tests carried by their labs, one must scan the batch number or QR code on the product; it doesn’t post the results on their website for pre-purchase verification.

Manufacturing Process

According to their article “Receptra Pure CBD Oil Hemp Harvest 2019,” the article has articulated their hemp growing practices adequately. Finding such information in a separate blog which is off their website was a major takeaway, in most cases, this information is posted under the companys website for easy accessibility; it makes reaching information more difficult. However, their blog states that the company uses genetically cloned hemp, which is derived from their mother hemp plant to ensure every harvest is of quality. In addition, the it has also ensured the farmers follow requirements of Colorado Department of Agriculture to grow quality hemp in Colorado. Lastly, the plants are grown without use of any pesticides or chemicals to avoid contaminating the hemp plant.

Although the brand doesn’t provide more information about their manufacturing process, we decided to contact their customer care team to obtain more information. According to their customer care attendant, she stated that the brand uses cold ethanol extraction method which helps them retain all the cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoid from the hemp plant. To also ensure they are only left with hemp extract, Receptra uses food grade ethanol to wash their hemp, which is a similar process used in creating vanilla extract, and then evaporate the mixture. As a result, they are able yield Full Spectrum Hemp extract that provides entourage effect which we believe it increases efficiency. Additionally, enhance easy absorption of their products in the human body, all their products undergoes decarboxylation.

Consequently, all their products undergoes third party tests to ensure they are safe on the human body. Receptra has hired an independent lab (DB Labs LLC) which assess the amount of CBD, THC, and terpenes, as well as any other contaminant such as foreign matter, heavy metals and microbes that might be in their products. The other role of the third party lab is to ensure the products being released in the market contains the labelled amount of CBD and THC levels don’t exceed 0.3%. According to our analysis, the company performed fairly when it come to controlling quality measures.

Lastly, the brand also offers a considerable line of products including CBD capsules, tinctures, topicals and pet products. Unfortunately, the company does not offer pet edibles or vape at the moment. Despite them having a minimal line of products they offer them decently.

Range Of Products

As mentioned earlier, the brand doesn’t offer a wide line of products to its customers, but all their products are decently manufactured and well taken care off for safety of the consumers. They are as follows;

Receptra Naturals Cbd Tinctures

The company manufactures three different tincture varieties; Serious Relax + Lavender, Serious Rest, and Serious Relief + Turmeric. For effectiveness, all the three are made with full spectrum, ethanol extracted CBD.

Serious Reset+ Chamomile CBD tinctures entails the hemp plant blended with MCT oil, limonene, valerian, linalool, papermint, and lavender. Also, it comes in a 1oz or 2oz bottle containing 25mg/ml of CBD strength. For people who are starting to use this products, they should administer one drop as they keep increasing until they find it effective.

Serious Relax + Lavender CBD tinctures also come in a strength of 25mg/ml of CBD in either a bottle of 1oz or 2oz. Its ingredients include ginger flavorings, lime, passionflower, limeonene, lavender and MCT oil. Besides, it is recommended for starters to use one drop per day as they keep increasing the dosage until its effective. The products is manufactured to suit relaxation.

Serious Relief + Turmeric CBD tinctures also come in 1oz and 2oz just like the above two. Unlike the two, each bottle contains different potencies; 66mg/ml of CBD for formally Receptra Pro CBD oil and 33mg/ml of CBD per formally Receptra Elite CBD oil/Receptra Active CBD Oil. The brand uses the following ingredients to come up with quality products: berry flavorings, MCT oil, avocado oil, extra virgin olive oil, grapeseed oil, sunflower and curcumin. It serves to assist in stress relief and physical recovery of the body.

ReceptorNaturals CBD Capsules

The brand offers two types of capsules and both exists in full spectrum, containing 25mg of CBD per capsule, ethanol extracted and each bottle has 30 capsules. The two option of capsules offered by Receptor Naturals include Serious Rest Gel Capsules and Serious Relax Gel Capsules. The two contain the following ingredients; bovine gelatin, which are not suitable for vegans or vegetarians. For Serious Rest Gel Capsules, they enhance sleep, while Serious Relax gel capsules reduces stress levels.

Receptra Naturals CBD Topicals

The company manufactures three types of CBD topicals; Serious Relax + Arnica Targeted topical Stick containing 20z of 640, Serious Relax + Arnica Body oil in 4oz, and Serious Relief + Arnica targeted topical in either 1.25oz or 2.5oz containing 400mg and 800mg of CBD respectively. However, depending on quality and quantity, the products are offered in different prices ranging from $39.99 to$71.99.

Receptra Naturals Pet Products

Receptra Naturals offers two options for pet products, they both exist in full spectrum CBD, formulated in a base of MCT oil and are available in 1oz container. According to their prescriptions, the product could be offered to different pet sizes and the dosage increases with the size of the pet. The two options include Receptra pet tinctures; 16mg/ml and 25mg/ml which are unflavored.

What We Like About the Company

The fascinating thing about the brand is their choice to settle for a minimal line of products but offer them decently. Although the company does not have edibles, the products it offers has been carefully manufactured and undergone third party tests to ensure thy are safe for consumption. Apart from that, the company has taken advantage of using hand planting and harvesting to ensure they maximize on quality of the hemp they are obtaining from Colorado. Finally, the brand also offers fair considerably fare prices within CBD market. All their ingredients are natural.

What We Don’t Like About the Company

Although the brand has shown tremendous efforts in ensuring they offer quality and a considerable rates, they also have some weaknesses they ought to address. First, the brand does not offer adequate information about the people who are behind the company and people facilitating its operations. Consiquently, Receptra CBD naturals doesn’t offer information on how they extract their raw products under their website ranger on a separate blog which makes it hard to tress such important information; similar case for practices undertaken to grow their hemp.


Unlike most CBD companies, the brand has chosen to minimize their line of products to ensure they manufacture quality. The question of quality among the current competitive CBD market has been come a big issue since most companies are not able to obtain. We would therefore recommend Receptra products to users but to be consumed under the stated dosage to avoid side effects. However, there are things the company need to address to obtain trust of their customers and make them have an easy time while looking for relevant information concerning the brand. It should publish all information under its website rather on separate blogs and also provide adequate information on people running the company.

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