Sensual Tea: How A Cuppa Can Pick You Uppa

Sensual Tea: How A Cuppa Can Pick You Uppa

Tea has been used for centuries to cure ailments and alleviate melancholia – but the ancients discovered that this favoured English drink is more than just a soothing balm: some varieties of tea are a sensual aphrodisiac that can stir even the laziest loins into action!

Some cultures used to drink tea during sex to channel a relaxed and calm aspect of Tantra, and others use to sip it after supper to make them more virile for bed-time pleasures. When tea started moving out of Asia and into the Western World in the 1600s, Dr. Simon Paoli tasted it and declared it banned because of its intoxicating aroma, taste and experience.

The scent of specially-brewed tea can send your senses into a state of pleasure, and the soothing warm drink can lull your erogenous zones into a state of excitement. We’re not talking about your traditional English Breakfast variety here – we’re talking about Damiana tea, Passionflower tea, or Apricot Chai tea to name but a few.

These three teas are blended from fruit and herbs to stir up erotic essences, and are designed to be sipped hot to relax the mind, ease the body, and stir up pleasurable and erotic sensations that lend themselves to a night full of passion. Each fruit and herb has a legacy of aphrodisiac properties including stirring feelings of desire and passion, heightening senses, and calming the body and the mind.

Apricots in particular are still used today in Japan and Australia to bring out the youthfulness and fertility of women. In a tea, they can be potent when mixed the perfect combination of vanilla, ginger and cloves.

So the next time you settle down to tea and biscuits after dinner, consider replacing your English Tea brew with an erotically-charged blend and enjoy Eastern erotica coupled with our Western tea-drinking traditions!

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