Bondage spanking paddles are an exciting innovation in bondage. A calculated spanking and tickling infusion into bondage play makes for added excitement and bittersweet stimulation. Buy and use wooden and leather spanking paddles from Peaches and Screams. Choose from the enticing and eye-catching selection and embark on a sensation-loaded journey of pain and ticklish pleasure. Set the stage for heavy arousal and kick into life sleepy sensory nerves. Peaches and Screams have spankers and paddles to give your bottom tingling steamy sensations. They are particularly stimulating when used in combination with pinwheels, anal beads, kegel balls or butt plugs. These are high sensation toys and an impressive party starter when used together. This is a carefully thought out category of sex toys that is guaranteed to push your sensory nerves into a tailspin of decadent pleasure inter-mingled with pain. Sex spankers can also be used together with nipple and clitoral clamps to great effect. Ticklers are designed to transmit glorious goose bumps and when you add the zing of a spanker intense orgasms can occur. It is a delightful range of pain and pleasure givers and worthy of a place in your reservoir of bondage toys. Choose from the various paddles made from wood, glass, satin and leather and the many feather ticklers and build a formidable collection of bondage pleasers. Introduce tickling and paddle play into your life and improve the quality of your stimulation. With increased use of pain inflicting toys players gain more confidence in experimenting. These toys add a new twist to the politics of arousal and sexual satiation. Bondage helps build and cement trust between couples and also creates a stronger bond between them. Always set rules of engagement, respect each other’s hard limits and keep your bondage play safe. Spanking should have a tolerable and pleasurable sting and should not be brutal. Players should discontinue play if the submissive experiences any discomfort or anxiety. For a healthy sex life keep your paddles and ticklers clean and store them in a clean secure place.

Peaches & Screams have a delightful collection of bondage spanking paddles to pay homage to your twitchy palm. Go full on, on a shopping spree and amass enough ticklers and paddles for lengthy and amorously exciting play. Take out the sting in the spanking with a touch of naughty feather ticklers and settle in for a beautiful session of unlocking pliant sensory nerves. Treat your submissive to a mind-blowing experience of creative stimulation and spanking. Give romance and exploration of your darkest fantasies a sensual chance. Bring back heavy seduction into your bedroom with ticklish spanking. Spice things up buy and use BDSM toys from Peaches & Screams. Enjoy the sensually enriching satisfaction of thoughtful sexual exploration and expression. Use for unbridled anal and vaginal stimulation. Spank and tickle your submissive into a bundle of quivering and explosive pleasure. Take your lover through uncharted erotic frontiers of imaginative sexual exploration and gratification. Add to your bondage play textured and multi-layered sensations of pain and pleasure. Shock into life pliant nerve senses and let throbbing sensations flow wave after wave through your submissive’s body. Buy paddles and ticklers and light a fire under your delivery of bondage. Affirm your undisputed bondage authority. Punish or reward in equal measure with well-choreographed bondage play. Announce with panache your bondage proficiency with your ability to tease and strike awake lazy sexual sensory nerves. Saddle up and gallop confidently into the stunning world of erotic dominance. Make a firm commitment to your status as a master and connoisseur of top-notch bondage. Buy a collection of innovative toys and gently guide your submissive through the hard limits zone. Buy and use wooden and leather spanking paddles together with other bondage toys for more intense sensations. Select your bdsm spankers for both functionality and aesthetics. Make stinging pain a regular and essential part of your bondage play. Aim, spank and tickle arousal into your lover.

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