The Butt Plug and Other Adult Toys

The Butt Plug and Other Adult Toys

Many couples enjoy using the butt plug or other adult toys to spice things up.

Pico Bong are the makers of a new and affordable, fun adult toy range.

All the Pico Bong adult toys are battery operated and come in a range of bright colours and cheeky shapes.

Peaches and Screams now stock some of the popular styles in this range as they are easy to use and keep clean.

Butt Plug: The Pico Bong

The names of the Pico Bong range of adult toys are Polynesian and evoke feelings of fun, freedom, relaxation and beach holidays.

These butt plug and other adult toys are made from medical grade plastic and silicone. They are skin friendly, do not absorb body fluids and are safe for vaginal and anal play.

The butt plug and whole Pico Bong range is also waterproof to a depth of 1 metre and can be easily washed in hot soapy water to clean.

Like all quality adult toys, only a silicone compatible silicone lubricant such as LubeXXX or a quality water-based lubricant should be used with these vibrators. No chemical cleaners or sex toy cleaners should be used as the ingredients may damage the materials.

At Peaches and Screams we believe if you can’t wash it with soap and water, do not put it inside your body.

Butt Plug: Tano

Two of the Peaches and Screams favourites in this range are IPO, the finger vibrator and Tano, the vibrating butt plug.

Finger vibrators have been a popular adult toy for decades, particularly amongst women. You simply slip your finger into the loop, turn on your vibrator, and put it anywhere you want!

Finger vibrators are great fun for couples play and you can simulate yourself and your partner during lovemaking, and the vibrator is there when you need it, can easily be turned off when you don’t and won’t get lost.

IPO is a cute and powerful finger vibrator, easy to operate and sensational, with 12 pulsating pleasure modes. IPO is a great clit stimulating adult toy and can also be inserted vaginally or used on your partner.

Tano is a vibrating butt plug. This butt plug is a small size-so it’s great for beginners.

The non-threatening shape of the butt plug is a good one to introduce to a partner, and with a powerful motor, 12 pulsating and vibrating settings and a tapered shape, it can fit snuggly between the cheeks for those who like to wear their butt plug out and about.

Importantly Tano has a flared base making the butt plug safe to use anally, is made from hygienic silicone and ABS plastic so is easy to keep clean, and with plenty of lubricant you can have a lot of fun with this anal adult toy.

The Tano butt plug and all the Pico Bong range come with a 12 month warranty. To view a range of butt plugs and other adult toys, click through to our online shop now.

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