The Fusion of Art & Beauty

The Fusion of Art & Beauty

Artonit Cosmetics is a unique color cosmetic line fusing Art and Beauty

Art is our point of difference. Even more, when is only ONE heart and soul behind the brand. Founder Sergio Escalona once had the brilliant idea of combining his passions, Art & Beauty, to give fruition to Artonit Cosmetics.

When you use Artonit, you’re not simply using Makeup; you’re also carrying a piece of art.

Every color and formula has been meticulously formulated and crafted with only the highest quality components. We have all ingredients and manufacturing origin on our website and physical products as we understand the importance for the buyer to know what they are getting and if it suits what they need and want.

A full range of cruelty-free color cosmetics since 2012, Artonit has from foundations to face powders, eyeshadows, highlighters, lipstick, lip-gloss, and even art.

Check out our Artistic Compacts for a comprehensive understanding of the brand:

These Artistic Compacts are a stylish approach to carrying your Makeup—a portable piece of art with four eyeshadows and a blush or highlights. 

These unique pieces’ artisanal dedication and craftsmanship provide superb convenience, functionality, and timeless grace and style.

Our best-selling item is our cream gloss, a great formulation that will hydrate your lips; they are infused with antioxidants to protect your lips against environmental damage. The best moisturizing lip gloss is pigment-saturated to be used on its own or top of the lipstick. Our Customers love it, and these are a few examples of what they have to say about it!:

The first day I wore the gloss to work, people kept commenting how refreshed I looked, like I just got back from a vacation, all glowy. I hadn’t been anywhere — the only difference was the lip gloss! It has staying power. Importantly, when I had a customer service question, the company was super responsive. You will love this gloss!

Kim P.

LOVE IT! It is amazing! Great color, great shine, great texture, great packaging. It’s perfection. I’m going to order some for my daughter’s stocking stuffers … and more for me too :)!

Laura K.

This was the perfect color for me and really has staying power as well! I loved it so much I immediately order another one so I wouldn’t be without it!

Stephanie L.

Love the look of this color, love the feel and how smooth it is… LOVE IT !!

Alicia N.

Best lip gloss I’ve ever had. Works with any lip color or by itself. I won’t be without it!

Tisha F.

See our shades here:

Artonit Cosmetics Founder Sergio Escalona was Born in San Juan, Puerto Rico, starting to demonstrate his artistic abilities at a very young age. At age 11, he studied with the world-renowned painter, Rechany, thus excelling in his creativity and imagination. A few years later, his musical talent proved an outstanding achievement after being in a professional musical group. This feat exposed him to international success within the atmosphere of musical art by traveling to different parts of the world. He then obtained his Bachelor’s Degree in Visual Arts.

 Sergio discovered the world of Makeup, always seeking to use his artistic abilities. He used color and technique creatively but on a different “canvas.” His incredible talent and professionalism brought him to the states, which led him to share his ideals and philosophies with many of the most prestigious cosmetic brands today.

 In 1998, he showed great talent in makeup artistry, which brought him to Europe, where he toured throughout Spain and Italy for several years as a lead makeup artist. During this time, this strengthened his passion for the visual arts, absorbing the rich culture that today can be seen reflected through his art.

His love for the arts and his vision of beauty gave him the most extraordinary idea. To create a concept, combining his two passions, Art and Beauty. In 2010, Sergio began to start product development, thus creating ArtOnit Makeup as a brand in 2012. His vision was now a reality- a makeup brand that is not only of high standards and quality but where the actual product is a piece of art that any woman can hold, call their own and express their love of art in their daily life.

Some Makeup brands face many challenges today, such as the complexity of multi-channels in this online environment, the competition with constant emerging brands, and the opportunity given by retailers to some brands not by their potential and quality but by social media recognition. The cost of manufacturing products by thousands is also a tough kick, especially for smaller brands like ours and with limited budgets. But nothing is more satisfying than producing amazing creations of a high standard and unique packaging.

The rapid change in customer behavior and new habits has shown how sales have changed from personal to e-commerce, forcing the brand to innovate, adding new online technology such as virtual apps to offer customers a chance to try Makeup digitally. Covid 19 also has played a significant role in these challenges. People are still hesitant to try Makeup on. However, Makeup is a product that customers like to try before buying; there is nothing like experiencing the effects yourself.

Fortunately, The makeup business is booming these days, and that’s a great thing! There is a piece of cake for everyone who decides to bake it! Many people who love beauty or Makeup Artists are getting into entrepreneurship. There are so many facets of the makeup industry that can be developed into a profitable business, from makeup artistry in the bridal field to retail, special effects, and endless opportunities. There have never been so many opportunities in the makeup field. The good side of these challenges has benefited independent brands like ours, allowing us to grow online in a market controlled by big makeup corporations not long ago. The opportunities and the reach capability are immense for new brands these days. From social media to blogger collaboration, this has shown the power of marketing and profitability at your fingertips.

It is a great time to innovate in new formulas, product quality, and performance for the makeup sector.

When creating your beauty product, we advise you to research trends, what people are looking for, and what is your market demographic.

 Most importantly, try to make just a few fantastic and unique products with vital differential points instead of hundreds of SKUs. That is what we would have changed knowing to know what we know.

 If you are considering starting a large-scale beauty business, we recommend starting from your city and state and spreading out. An essential factor in developing your business is the reason you are doing it. It should be because it is your dream and your passion and not because it is a way to make money. That is the real secret of success; Doing what you love.  

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