Serrapeptase enzyme has been used in the treatment of various health conditions globally for a long time now. It is a vital enzyme that helps to reduce inflammation and pain after surgery and other health conditions.

The enzyme is mostly administered as dietary supplements with many health benefits. It was initially used in Japan and Europe to solve and hinder the occurrence of inflammatory. However, its benefits were widely acceptable, making it spread to other parts of the world. This enzyme is derived from silkworms and modified to break down proteins into small components known as amino acids.

Serrapeptase is commonly used to reduce inflammation, including sinusitis, sore throat, inflammatory bowel syndrome, and other infections.  However, it has several side effects and dangers that it poses to the users. Patients who use this enzyme should take the necessary precautions as it has some underlying side effects, especially on prolonged use. As such, before buying and using this supplementary enzyme, you should know a few things about it, including:

Uses of Serrapeptase Enzyme.

Serrapeptase is a vital enzyme that helps in the following when consumed;

It Reduces Pain

The enzyme is commonly used to cure major pains, especially those that are associated with surgery. It works so well than other pain relievers such as ibuprofen. It reduces pain for a longer time in patients with chronic pains, hence being suitable for minor and major surgeries.

Reduces inflammation

Inflammation is one of the common reactions of the body to injuries which is characterized by swelling of the affected area. This enzyme has, therefore, been used to reduce inflammation in the area after surgery.

Used in Treating Serious Respiratory Diseases.

Most respiratory diseases cause excess mucus that may block the airways leading to difficulties in breathing. This mucus accumulates in the lungs, bronchioles, and other parts of the respiratory system. Therefore, the Serrapeptase enzyme has been used to clear the mucus that accumulates in these organs and enhance breathing. Some diseases that attack the respiratory system, such as asthma, may be difficult to cure, but this medication has shown some chances of improving the condition. It is also used in the treatment of bronchitis by reducing the blockage by mucus.

Used in Dissolving Blood Clots

Blood clots are dangerous, and they may happen in different parts of the body. One common type of blood clots that happens in the arteries of the heart is known as arteriosclerosis. This type of blood clotting is very dangerous and requires immediate attention. As such, the Serrapeptase enzyme is believed to work on such clots by dissolving the clot and breaking down the damaged tissues in the body.

Preventing Infections.

Bacterial infections are one of the most common infections that attack the human body. Bacteria might come together and form a protective barrier against medication which is known as a biofilm. This gives the bacteria room to multiply fast as they resist normal medication. Serrapeptase prevents the formation of biofilms hence, allowing the antibiotics to act on the bacteria. For instance, doctors use a combination of antibiotics and Serrapeptase enzyme to improve the efficiency of antibiotics and reduce the chances of bacteria resisting the treatment.

Used in Arthritis Treatment

Arthritis is a common disease caused by inflammation and mostly attacks aged people. Since Serrapeptase enzymes are very effective in treating and reducing inflammatory diseases, they also reduce the inflammation effect in patients who have arthritis. Serrapeptase enzyme is also used to treat other inflammatory diseases such as inflammatory bowel disease and fibrocystic breast disease. It can also be used to cure other minor conditions such as hoarseness, sore throat, back pains, carpal tunnel syndrome, and coughing.

Side Effects and Precautions of Serrapeptase Enzyme.

With all the above-listed benefits of Serrapeptase enzymes, here are the side effects you should know about.

Not Suitable for PregnantAnd Breastfeeding Mothers

There is not enough research on the effect of the Serrapeptase enzyme on breastfeeding or pregnant mothers and their children. However, to be on the safe side, these two groups should avoid using this medication.

May Cause Prolonged Bleeding.

The use of Serrapeptase may interfere with blood clotting. Patients with clotting disorders are discouraged from using this medication as it might cause continuous loss of blood. Patients planning to undergo any surgery should also stop using this medication two weeks prior to the surgery to avoid losing so much blood.

Age and Duration of Use.

Though there is not enough research on the safety of this enzyme to children, it is wise to avoid giving it to young people. Adults taking the medication should also use it for a shorter period, not exceeding a month. This is because excessive use of the enzyme is believed to cause stomach pains, poor appetite, coughing, nausea, joints and muscle aches, and skin reaction.

Not Compatible With Blood Thinners

Serrapeptase enzyme should not be used with other blood thinners such as aspirin. It should not be used with other diet supplements such as turmeric, garlic, ginger, and Omega -3.This is because, when used along with blood thinner, the enzyme increases the risk of over-bleeding.

Serrapeptase Enzyme Dosage

These supplements should be taken orally. Since the acid in the mouth and other parts of the alimentary canal may destroy this enzyme, it should be coated to survive in the alimentary canal until it reaches the small intestines where it should be released. The enzyme should be taken on an empty stomach for its effectiveness since food in the stomach can interfere with its reaction. You can take it 40 minutes before taking a meal or two hours after taking a meal.


Serrapeptase enzymes have been used for a long period to cure diseases and prevent certain conditions. However, much research is needed to show its effectiveness and safety on pregnant and lactating mothers. Besides, there are not enough suggestions to show what can supplement this enzyme and make it more effective. Therefore, users should seek advice from health care providers to avoid the risk that might come with this enzyme. Patients with slow blood clotting should also consider other medications that will enhance blood clotting alongside Serrapeptase.  

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