TOWIE's Kirk Has Slept With 1,000 Women

TOWIE’s Kirk Has Slept With 1,000 Women

Isn’t it strange how men who’ve slept with many women are deemed players, while a woman who has slept in many beds is called a slut? You’d think these things change as societal attitudes progress, but that’s just one thing that’s sticking.

Although, when you’re a star on the (ahem) adults-only TV series The Only Way is Essex, it seems that being a player or a slut might be something to brag about.

TOWIE star Kirk Norcoss has written a book. Yes, we were surprised too. Essex Boy: My Story is currently being serialised in The Sun – and he’s just admitted that he’s slept with 1,000 (un)lucky ladies, despite being only 24.

“If I had to guess how many girls I’ve slept with, I’d say 800 to a thousand” he wrote in his book. “I’ve clocked up the numbers, it has never really stopped, apart from the odd serious relationship along the way.” Did we mention that he’s only 24?

According to the eyebrow-raising accounts, Kirk lost his virginity at age 14. He then went on to explore all forms of sex, and hasn’t stopped since. “It sounds like a lot of women,” he added, aware that 1,000 women might be topping the charts a bit, “but I love sex so I don’t regret it.”

Despite the obvious health concerns one ought to consider and the apparently unfussy nature of his intimate behaviour, Ol’ Kirk is proud of his player status, and loved the media attention that came his way after publication. “Haters gonna hate!” he tweeted. “#HiHaters!”

Kirk mentioned that he’d had intimate relations with fellow TOWIE stars, two of his Big Brother housemates, and he’d even dabbled in the boudoirs of famous celebrities like Girls Aloud singer Sarah Harding and actress Sheridan Smith.

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