Winter is one of the best seasons since it allows you to take a break from the hot summers and their problems. Still, it is the coldest of seasons, which is why people move from the Western sides to other parts of the world to protect themselves from the cold. Winter proves to be one of the worst seasons for people with skin conditions. They suffer pain and inflammation and cannot help the flakiness and itchiness that come with the season. Yet, even people with the best skin texture may suffer during winter when the skin becomes dry, cracked, and itchy. There is not enough scientific evidence to show that CBD oil might treat or heal dry skin, especially in winter, but one may wonder if it can help a person maneuver through. Here are the basics about CBD oil and winter dryness.

Why Do People Opt for CBD Oil for Dry Winter Skin?

The hype around CBD oil has built up, and it’s not surprising that people are using CBD oil for the winter dry skin. The main reason is that steroids, NSAIDs, and the creams people use on dry skin have not given every person the best experience. Some have had a little control over the annoying skin, but not without side effects to bear. Still, some products do not work for people, and they end up distraught for wasting money on medication that never worked. Besides, some creams are designed for specific skin types and may not bear results for some people, which is also a great stressor. As such, people cannot help but look for alternatives, CBD oil being a major pick for many.

Dry Winter Skin is Unbearable

Without overemphasizing how medications for dry winter skins are not working, think about how the skin itself is a problem. Many people experience dry winter skin problems and it is irritating; the slightest contact with a seemingly harmless chemical may irritate it. Besides, it is flaky, dry, and cracked. Yet, a simple scratch on it leaves it flakier and drier, and it starts peeling off and cracking.

Can CBD Oil Help With Winter Dry Skin?

There is not enough evidence to show that CBD oil can heal, treat, or cure skin conditions. Nonetheless, anecdotal evidence shows that people have applied cannabis derivatives topically on dry skin with some benefits. Besides, CBD oil promises to help dry skin, including winter dry skin, in the following ways;

How to Use CBD Oil for Dry Winter Skin

CBD oil seems like the new one-cure-all substance, although it cannot tick the box for every medical challenge. If anything, the only product with cannabis (CBD oil is part of cannabis compounds) that seems to help with a medical condition is Epidiolex, an FDA-approved medication for Dravet Syndrome and Lennox-Gastaut, two rare forms of epilepsy caused by tuberous sclerosis. Nonetheless, people use CBD oil for dry winter skin, hoping to somewhat benefit from its skin-enhancing properties. Here are suggested ways of taking CBD oil for dry winter skin;

Apply CBD Oils, Balms, and Creams Topically

There are no studies on how to take CBD oil in the best way to benefit dry skin with the cannabinoid’s inherent properties. However, topical application sounds more like it, and all you have to do is take CBD creams or balms and apply generously on the affected parts. Most creams and balms have additional ingredients, including camphor, eucalyptus, extra virgin olive oil, lavender, rosemary, and thornbush extracts that add to CBD oil’s benefits. However, there are challenges in topical CBD oil dosage, as how much a person needs depends on how dry the skin is and how quick the relief process takes.

Use CBD Bath Bombs, Soaks, and Salts

Although research does not recommend CBD oil for treating dry skin, opt for CBD oil bath bombs to help your winter dry skin. Bath bombs are simple to use; let them dissolve in water, after which you bathe yourself in the water, allowing enough time for the bomb to work. The same is true of bath salts and soaks; let them dissolve in water and bathe yourself, allowing enough time for the cannabinoids to work.

Ingest CBD Oil

You can also ingest CBD oil tinctures for the dry winter skin. The tinctures can be taken orally, but sublingual administration may yield better results since the region under the tongue and cheeks are mucous membranes with many blood vessels that transport blood, oxygen, and other chemicals between the lungs, heart, and other regions. Putting CBD oil under the tongue allows fast absorption because of the multiple blood vessels, promoting bioavailability.


Dry winter skin is a common problem people have to endure every winter. CBD oil is not a cure-all substance, but anecdotal evidence shows that it might moisturize the dry skin, prevent further inflammation, and fight fungal infection. Still, there is not enough scientific evidence to prove these claims true. Therefore,further studies are needed before recommending CBD oil for winter dry skin.

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