What Are Good Careers to Start as You Near Mid-Life

What Are Good Careers to Start as You Near Mid-Life?


Consultant work can be a great choice if you have a lot to give in finance and healthcare. As a consultant, companies and organizations will heavily depend on you for quick solutions whenever they feel stuck. Averagely, you can male $ 112,405 per month.

Administrative Assistant

Here comes a mid-life career with low stress. What about the salary? We will look into that in a minute. Basically, an administrative assistant is involved in the management and distribution of information to the team. You only need superb organizational skills to secure this job. What is even better? You can work from home. With all these benefits, the average salary of $ 43,042 can be a great deal.

Event Planner

Event planning involves coordinating various events, including conferences, weddings, parties, business meetings, and conventions. Coordinating means setting dates and selecting accommodating venues for the aforementioned events and hiring caterers, speakers, and entertainment. Trust me, with your exceptional organizational and people skills, event planning can pay you an average of $ 50,387 monthly.

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