What Are The Best Remote Control Vibrators?

What Are The Best Remote Control Vibrators?

Remote control vibrators are the perfect sex toy for couples to have fun with! Coming in the form of love eggs, vibrators, pleasure panties with removable bullets, butt plugs and more, remote control sex toys can deliver expected (or perhaps unexpected) vibrations whenever your partner activates the remote. Known for being incredibly quiet, these vibrators are easy to use because they come with their own separate controller which eliminates any wires that some users can find cumbersome.

The range on remote control sex toys varies depending upon the model with some examples able to function from up to 12.2m (40 feet) away from the controller. How daring you decide to be with your remote controlled sex toy is up to you. Do you use it at home in the bedroom, or perhaps venture out and experience buzzes when you’re in the supermarket and your partner activates the controls from the car park?! You can now even experience thrills from mobile phone activated remote control vibrators!

Although known as predominantly being a sex toy for couples, these vibrators are also perfect for solo pleasures. Simply insert your favourite vibrator or love egg into your erogenous zone (or wear a pair of pleasure panties) and place the controller into your handbag. Then just activate it when you’re ready for some pleasing vibrations

Our best remote control sex toys are as follows:

Vibe Therapy Reign Remote Control Egg, priced at £39.99
Wireless Remote Control Vibrating Buttplug, priced at £28.97
Astrea II Remote Control Vibrating Thong, priced at £74.95
Screaming O Mastering Ring and Vibe Set, priced at £34.99

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