12-15 Texts to Send After an Argument

12-15 Texts to Send After an Argument

I Have A Few Things to Say After Last Night. Firstly, I Want You to Know That I Love You Even Though We Argued. Second, I Want to Apologies for Letting the Argument Get Out of Hand, I Really Hate Arguing with You and Lastly That I’m Happy to Discuss It Again Tonight but In a Much Calmer Manner.

This is a great text to send as you’re offering your partner reassurance that you still love them. You’re apologizing for your part that you played in the argument and you’re offering up a chance to talk about the problem again but it a more controlled way. This shows that you acknowledge that there is a problem and you’re keen to find a solution.

I Want to Apologize for The Part I Played in The Argument We Had Last Night. I Don’t Feel This Is Something That Can Be Resolved Via Text So Please Can We Talk Again Tonight?

This is a good text to send as it shows that you’re remorseful and you’re willing and open to try and resolve the issue.

I Still Don’t Quite Understand How Things Got So Out of Control Last Night. I’m Sorry for The Part I Played in It. Please Can We Meet Up Later to Talk Again but In a Much Calmer Manner?

This text shows that you’re shocked about how out of control the argument got and you’d like to try and talk again but without the falling out.

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