General well-being and a healthy life are things very important. That is a short description of what ActivFit is determined to do for you. ActivFit is one of the best cannabinol online stores. They have taken it to another level making THC-free products.

It is clearly stated on their website that the company focuses on one thing – and one thing alone – promoting health and wellbeing. The company thinks of itself as a promoter of new outlook on general health and wellness. It is brand that offers the best products based on CBD and meant for health and fitness. With ActivFit products, you can easily exercise regularly, stay on a healthy nutrition, and satisfy your CBD needs. At the end you will improve your overall well-being. We decided to review this product because it has a stable and flourishing name in the CBD market.

About The Company

ActivFit is a brand and online store that cares for customers, uses top quality materials for their products, and verifies every product for purity. They claim that they know and understand their customers very well. This makes them respond quickly. They take pride in going an extra mile in making sure that you are absolutely thrilled with every single product you will buy. Them knowing you means even your money back. Its specialty is dealing with THC-free CBD products. It is a family of “A Gift From Nature.” They make products for people who follow an active and a healthy lifestyle. On each product, there is a stamp of approval. This means that all products from ActivFit have been entirely tested in the lab and the concentrations of CBD have been confirmed. You can find more information about ActivFit right from their website in the “about” section.

Line of Products

ActivFit offers a wide product line that are geared towards promotion of fitness and health. They majorly deal with two main types of products – topical CBD-based products and ingestible ones. We took a closer look at each category and here is what we got:

Ingestible Products

We found that there are three ingestible CBD products offered by ActivFit. They include protein shot, soft gels, and tincture isolates. You can easily satisfy your daily CBD needs by using any or a combination of these products.

CBD Protein Shots: these are drinks that are designed to give you a concentrated source of protein. CBD protein shots are especially ideal for people who are in need of this crucial nutrient. Plus, ActivFit provides you with the right dosage of protein, while fixing your CBD needs. The brand has two flavors of protein shot -mixed berry and citrus. Each 1 oz bottle contains 100 mg of CBD and 24 g of protein. They are perfectly ratioed to ensure that you get only the right amount of protein and CBD for that is required by your body. With ActivFit CBD Protein Shot you will be able to increase the rate at which your muscle repairs and reduce break down. We also need to let you know that apart from boosting strength, these shots can improve muscle growth and boost your metabolism.

CBD Soft Gels: we know that there are people who get enough protein from their diet or supplements. ActivFit made CBD Soft Gels with them in mind. If protein shots are not fit for you, you can opt for this alternative instead. They offer an easy and convenient way to add CBD to your daily routine. These gels are made with B-myrcene, CBD isolate, gelatin, B-caryophyllene, and glycerin. B-caryophyllene is a type of terpene that is found in CBD extracted from cannabis. You can find it in products based on black pepper, cloves, and hops. We know why ActivFit includes it in these soft gels. Because they have pain-relieving, anti-inflammatory, and antifungal properties. As for the B-myrcene, it is a terpene that is commonly found in cannabis plant. You can also find it in mangoes, lemon, and hops. This compound helps relax muscles, has sedating and anti-inflammatory properties.

CBD Tincture Isolate: CBD tinctures isolates made with ActivFit are also helpful. If you find it hard to take the soft gels, these are the best option for you. The tinctures tend to infuse very fast into your body more than CBD-based oils. We think the main reason for such an increased bioavailability is due to the presence of alcohol. Besides meta myrcene and caryophyllene, the tincture contains MCT oil which is a type of oil derived from coconut oil.

Topical Products

From their website, ActivFit groups lotion, salves and creams as topical CBD-based products you can apply directly to your skin. A good example is CBD Topical Muscle Rub. ActivFit knew better how to help you suppress the pain you can feel after going to the gym. The rubs have a relaxing and icy-hot sensation that is delivered by menthol.

The brand also deals with CBD for pets. From their website, you can shop for CBD for dogs or CBD for cats. Additionally, ActivFit deals with CBD tattoo balm, CBG wax, CBD Pads, disposable pens, cartridges, vape oils, and accessories for vape and smoke.

Manufacturing Process

ActivFit takes pleasure in producing and providing you with the best and excellent high quality CBD products. All the products produced by ActivFit are taken through a rigorous and independent three-party lab testing procedure. This ensures that the products are staged exactly to the standards their esteemed customers deserve. They have placed a QR code on every product to reveal the 3-party lab tester and for purity verification. All their products are safe for everyday consumption and are free of pesticides, yeast, heavy metals, and mold.

Range of Products

Our review will be incomplete if won’t pick a few products and test for you. This means that we had to order for them. We are happy that the order didn’t face any difficulty and the products were shipped and delivered withing 72 hours. On their homepage, there is a filter for price and depending on what you want to buy, the price filter ranges from $0 to $30. The products we ordered were four and were all tested. They include

  • ActivFit CBD Topical Muscle Rub 500mg
  • ActivFit CBD Tincture 600 mg
  • ActivFit CBD Soft Gels 500 mg
  • ActivFit CBD Drink Citrus Protein Shot 100 mg

ActivFit CBD Topical Muscle Rub 500mg

It can be humiliating to have an intermittently sore muscle or joint. We were moved by such experience to test the CBD muscle rubs first. This product is advertised as a post-workout recovery rub. We were after putting those claims to test. The therapeutic effects helped our muscles recover very fast. We think that it can also be used perfectly in the spa as part of massage. You can carry it in your gym bag and use it just after finishing your workouts. It delivers an icy-hot sensation due to the presence of cooling menthol. Capsicum and camphor oil adds a warming sensation. We also tested the pH of this product and found that it ranges between 4.2 and 5.2, which is actually good for your skin.

ActivFit CBD Topical Muscle Rub 500mg

We followed exactly the directions for use stated on the container. For us, we applied it liberally on the skin after workout. But you can apply it before or during the exercise. Don’t forget to wash your hands after application. This CBD muscle rub is made with numerous ingredients. They include revensara oil, organic aloe leaf juice, sweet basil leaf oil, german chamomile flower oil, meadowfoam seed oil, white camphor bark oil, roman chamomile flower oil, cinnamon leaf oil, eucalyptus leaf oil, glycerin, CBD isolate, among other leaf and flower oils and extracts. ActivFit CBD Topical Muscle Rub comes in a strength of 500 mg.

ActivFit CBD Tincture 600 mg

ActivFit CBD Tincture 600 mg

This is another product that we had to test for you. Setting our eyes on it, got us imagining of what the tincture could do in our body. The first thing you will notice with this product is its earthy and fruity flavor produced by its ingredient – beta myrcene. It has an increased bioavailability compared to many CBD oils. We spent $25.99 on one bottle we ordered. This product had a strength of 600 mg of CBD. You can pay with Visa, Master Card, Amex, or Discover. We were thrilled with their bottle droppers which drops only required amount of CBD. One bottle has a 30 serving with 20 mg of CBD per serving. Active ingredients include MCT oil which is an organic fractionated coconut oil, beta myrcene, CBD isolate, and caryophyllene. These compounds will help relieve inflammation and reduce pain. If you have fungal infection, B-caryophyllene will help treat it. Additionally, this compound boosts the anti-inflammatory effects of CBD and improve the cell protection mechanism of THC.

ActivFit CBD Soft Gels 500 mg

ActivFit CBD Soft Gels 500 mg

This is an ingestible CBD product produced by ActivFit. We were first attracted by its black container which has child protection lid. The soft gels come in the strength of 500 mg. Each container is sold at $21.99. There are 10 gel capsules per container having 50 mg of CBD. Plus, each capsule contains 400 mg of omega fatty acids. The gels are so sweet that you can chew them all day. As a matter of fact, they are free of THC, so yes you can use them all day. Our product contained the following active ingredients: CBD isolate, purified water, beta myrcene, beta caryophyllene, glycerin, and gelatin.

ActivFit CBD Drink Citrus Protein Shot 100 mg

ActivFit CBD Drink Citrus Protein Shot 100 mg

This is the last product that we tried. We bought it at $9.99 only! We chose citrus flavor because we love it. Each bottle contains 24 g of protein and 100 mg of CBD. It is advertised as good for muscle repair and limiting muscle breakdown, something that we confirmed. We must admit that our muscles have never been in such peace. We experienced improved strength and our metabolism was also stimulated. Ingredients include purified water, protein blend, and CBD isolate.

What We Like About ActivFit

The company cares about the welfare of active and healthy people. Their products are easy to use and are free of unnecessary ingredients.


Despite being one of the best online CBD brand and online store, ActivFit have less discounts. They also don’t test their products for sensitivity.

Overall Verdict

If you are looking for CBD tinctures or soft gels, then ActivFit is your definitive stop. We also love how they make protein shots containing the right amounts of CBD and protein. Everybody has their share based on their taste and preference – from the ActivFit website.

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