Aqua CBD is one of the best CBD handlers in the market today. It is a company that has dedicated its time and energy in offering the CBD community delectable vape juices. They pride themselves in leading the market with their THC-free vape juices that cannot be compared to any.

It is clearly indicated on their website that they are a company that builds its entire interest in satisfying the vaping needs of their customers and prospects. Each product has a stamp of approval, meaning that you can rest easy knowing that you have purchased the best CBD and hemp-based products for yourself. The company has a deep experience in handling hemp from the farms to crafting the final products. You will thus be buying CBD products you can trust. This is a review of Aqua CBD and we are going to let you know the interesting fact about this company, its line of products, and range of products that we had put to test for you.

About Aqua CBD

Aqua CBD is a new addition in our catalog. The company is not new in the market, however. It has lasted for fairly longer time enough for it to have all that it takes to offer you the best hemp-based products. It thus means that there must be a great team of professionals holding this company at the top. We couldn’t find enough information from their website, especially about its staff and when it was founded. All we managed to gather was the company’s ability to assort its premium CBD vape oils. This is achieved by unwavering service provided by its exceedingly popular enthusiasts from around the world. According to Aqua CBD, every vaper is entitled to a perfect vaping experience. The company uses GMP and ISO-certified labs to produce high-quality hemp-based THC-free vape juices in the market. Operating in such a state-of-the-art lab means that the company can be trusted when it comes to its vape juices. Their website also strives to provide honest and transparent information to their customers.

What Sets Aside Aqua CBD

Aqua CBD takes pride in improving shopping experience of their customers. They have made it very easy to navigate their website. It is only a microsecond before a product that you have clicked opens up. They have a search bar where you can enter the name of the product you want or you can shop by category. Their vape juices are completely vegan, free of THC, and they use hemp grown only in the U.S. Aqua CBD employs a broad-spectrum method to extract CBD. Besides shipping their products globally, the company has a discount for people with disabilities and military veterans. They also have a return policy that guarantees your money back within 30 days.

Manufacturing Process

Aqua CBD’s specialty is producing only the best vape juices at a price that their esteemed customers can afford. For years that it has spent on the CBD market, Aqua CBD has crafted some of the best vape juices ever produced. The company uses high-quality ingredients, which are only sourced from the rich soils of the United States. They give careful attention when crafting the juices to provide you with an unforgettable vaping experience. Their meticulous manufacturing process involves sending finished products to a third-party ISO laboratory for approval. They derive CBD from hemp using a broad-spectrum extraction method. This ensures that THC is eliminated while preserving all the natural components of hemp. Unlike other companies, Aqua CBD tests all their products for potency, heavy metals, pesticides, mold, and bacteria. In the end, you will be vaping vape juices of high-quality and safe.

Reward and Referral Program by Aqua CBD

We love a company that takes care of their customer’s pockets. Aqua CBD knows well how to make you shop more from them, not just because you love their products, but because of the rewards you will get in return. When you purchase a product from their website, you are guaranteed of points and dollars depending on how much you will have spent. Every dollar spent earns you one point which you can accumulate for future uses on the website. The company also has a referral program. By referring a friend to subscribe to Aqua CBD, they will earn 30 percent discount. Once they will have made their first purchase, you will earn $30 in your account.

Line of Products

Aqua CBD does not handle a wide line of products. Instead, they major on Vape Juices. By concentrating on such narrow product line, they strive to give you only the best experience of vaping. Vape juices deliver CBD faster into your body in the right amount. They are also made with a wide range of flavors. If one flavor doesn’t work for you, you can choose another.

Range of Products

Aqua CBD makes one of the best CBD vape juices on the market today. For the purpose of this review, we had to order some products and try them for you. It is wise talking out of experience, and we never wanted to copy paste their words in this review. Vaping one flavor after another got us understand why the company has earned itself such a big name and honor. Aqua CBD ships their vape juices to all states of United States. We received our ordered products a few hours after placing the orders. The following are the products we will review:

  • Aqua CBD Vape Juice Drops – 600 mg
  • Aqua CBD Vape Juice Swell – 600 mg
  • Aqua CBD Vape Juice Rush – 600 mg
  • Aqua CBD Vape Juice Pure – 600 mg
  • Aqua CBD Vape Juice Momentum – 600 mg

Aqua CBD Vape Juice Swell – 600 mg

We are the kind of people who fall in love with different profile of flavors in every CBD product we lay our eyes on. This moved us to try Drops Vape Juice from the craftsmen at Aqua CBD. This is a delectable CBD product made with varied sweet flavors, including orange, grapes, strawberry, lemon, and green apple. It is infused with pure CBD isolate free of psychoactive substance – THC. Just put the desired amount of Drop into your vape device and take every puff to heart’s satisfaction. You can comfortably use this product in any vape device you have. Each unicorn bottle comes in a serving of thirty and strength of 600 mg of CBD in 30 ml. It has a sleek dropper of which you can use to apply the drops.

Aqua CBD Vape Juice Swell – 600 mg

This is the second vape juice from Aqua we tried. It is advertised as “elevating” and believe us on this, we were absolutely elevated, not in a psychoactive sense but by the watermelon flavor in this vape juice. This product left our tongues swelling with its sweet and sour flavor profile. The overwhelming taste of watermelon is infused with natural components of hemp. This product is designed to be used in any vaporizer to deliver the right amount of CBD throughout the day. The bottle we ordered measured 30 ml and had a serving of thirty. Swell will always elevate your mood.

Aqua CBD Vape Juice Rush – 600 mg

Are your days slowing down weighing you down with responsibilities? Then it is high time you checked Aqua’s Rush vape juice. The product will help you catch up with time and be ahead of it. The “rush” is not an overpowering one. It is flavored with blue raspberry and other berries giving it a tangy flavor profile. To make the vape more curative, CBD isolate is used to top up the cherry. The “rush” in this product will definitely get out to go buy another for your stock so you don’t be in an awkward position of lacking it. This product from Aqua is leading others in this line and it is designed to be used in any vape device. It guarantees you a good time of vaping berry free of THC. It comes in a 30 ml unicorn bottle containing 600 mg of CBD and thirty servings.

Aqua CBD Vape Juice Pure – 600 mg

This Aqua’s vape juice honors its name. It is pure in all corners. This e-liquid is made of a variety of flavors including watermelon, strawberry, and apple. The result? An enjoyable and delectable fruit cocktail that you can vape all day and all night. You will be calmed by its blend and made to feel alright on the spot. It seems that Aqua got a new way of topping their CBD game with this product. Simply apply the juice to your vape device with the drop topper and then puff to your heart’s desire. It is designed to be used in any universal vape. Just be sure not to overload it. However, it is recommended you don’t combine this e-liquid with other blends of e-liquids. If you feel the need to have it, don’t hesitate, go for it. Lastly, it is free of THC and other psychoactive compounds.

Aqua CBD Vape Juice Momentum – 600 mg

This is the last product from Aqua we tried for you. If you are looking for a new way of lighting up your day with the help of CBD, then need to check out Momentum vape juice from Aqua. Made with CBD experts from Aqua, this product has a great taste profile of mangoes. This is the kind of taste you get with those ripe and sweet tropical mangoes. The CBD in Momentum is carefully sourced and if you doubt us, you can check lab reports. It is compatible with any e-liquid pen device.

What We Like About Aqua CBD

The community of CBD is made up of different preferences. We love vaping and Aqua CBD got us rest assured that we are filling our pods with the best vape juices. The company also have a brief website, that is easy to navigate. Their site also loads fast giving making our shopping experience great. Saving even a single coin is something we all long for. The company offers discounts that helped us save a great deal of money.

What We Don’t Love About Aqua CBD

The company does not have contact address that they can be reached with. This makes it hard to raise complains. They allow you to review their products, but they don’t respond to your reviews. It feels like you are addressing yourself. We hope to see the company make some changes on this.

Our Overall Verdict

There are many ways of taking CBD. Aqua CBD got you the perfect way of doing this – creating the best vape juices on the market. We recommend you try their products which are responsibly made to contain different flavors.

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