If there is a CBD company that is committed to quality and transparency, then its Avid Hemp. This company characterizes its relationship with its customers by producing quality THC-free products. They think of their customers’ economic situation making them price their products fairly.

The company takes pride in delivering their products promptly and stands behind them with unwavering guarantees that meet their promises. Avid Hemp has a section for their customers to review their products and they are receptive to their ideas. They are eager to share more information about their current and future products with their customers by nurturing a conducive conversation room. The company deals with a wide line of products which you can choose from. This is a review of Avid Hemp and we are going to let you know everything about this company from its process of manufacturing their products to their range of products. So calm down, sit back, and let us talk about CBD.

About Avid Hemp

Avid Hemp is a U.S-based CBD company that takes pride in making only the best CBD products. It has developed a CBD culture that flourishes on providing superior services in the hemp industry. It is stated on their website that before they could open for business, they had already formed steady relationships with hemp-farming associations based in Colorado and Florida. They claim that they know exactly where they are farmed, who tends to them, and under what conditions. The company works with farmers who are committed to sustainable farming and adhere to strict measures of quality control. Avid Hemp follows through their promise to deliver the highest-quality CBD. They also deal with suppliers they fully know and invest their passion in their craft. In addition, the company uses superior grown ingredients from the hemp they use to provide CBD to the ones they use for flavor enhancement. From every single product you will purchase from Avid Hemp, you are guaranteed superior CBD. The company also allows you to partner with them through affiliate programs and wholesale inquiries. Their website which is easy to navigate makes your shopping experience easy. They have a “shop now” section at the bottom of the website’s homepage where you can select their products depending on what you want. Everything you will take from Avid Hemp, guarantees you superiority – superior CBD.

Process of Manufacturing

Avid Hemp is a company that is committed to providing their customers with best quality possible. Speaking of quality, all products from Avid Hemp are taken through a trusted third-party CBD laboratory for approval. To ensure that you get the most out of their CBD, the process begins from the farm. They have farmers who have deep experience in growing hemp in various conditions, and never resorting to pesticides or GMOs. According to Avid Hemp, the hemp has just to be superior. And they use different extraction methods to source their CBD from superior hemp. Some companies handling CBD may have inefficient extraction methods leading to production of low-quality CBD products. That’s not the case with Avid Hemp, they don’t cut corners. Instead, they ensure that every product is given all the time it deserves to make it pure, free of toxins, heavy metals, pesticides, and most importantly, contain the right amount of CBD as indicated on the label. When you purchase CBD products from Avid Hemp, you will rest assured that you are using top-tiered and high-quality products with the best entourage effects.

Line of Products

From their website, you will see that Avid Hemp has taken care of needs of every member in the CBD community. The company has a wide line of products. They deal with products for everyday use, for pets and apparel. Their line of products include CBD oil, CBD gummies, CBD capsules, CBD topicals, and CBD for pets.

CBD oil – are made of superior CBD derived from superior hemp.

CBD gummies – they carefully make gummies that are infused with powerful and curative properties of CBD.

CBD capsules – Avid Hemp will get your day going by giving you a new way of increasing your CBD intake – their capsules that are free of THC.

CBD topicals – keep your skin radiant and healthy by using one of the very many types of CBD topicals from Avid Hemp.

CBD for pets – the company also got you something to help you strengthen your bond with your little furry friend.

From every line of product, you can select your desired and specific product. The company has product bundles with incredibly lowered price.

Range Of Products

We guess this is the section that you were really longing for. A review of a particular product. And we did that just right for you. We went straight to their website and placed our orders, which went smoothly. When we received our products, we didn’t hesitate to try them for you. Our tastes were up for each product and we just loved all of them. These are the products that we ordered:

  • Avid Hemp Original CBD Gummy Bears 1000 mg
  • Avid Hemp CBD Nighttime Capsules 1000 mg
  • Avid Hemp CBD Capsules 1200 mg
  • Avid Hemp CBD Oil 500mg
  • Avid Hemp CBD Pet Oil 1000 mg
  • Avid Hemp CBD Relief Balm 750 mg

Avid Hemp Original CBD Gummy Bears

Avid Hemp Original CBD Gummy Bears

CBD Gummies from Avid Hemp offers you a new way of “hemping” your breath. Before we tried them, we thought that they are just like other gummies from other companies. We must admit that they have a huge hit and they must be loved by all. These hemp-extracted gummies have been tested in a trusted third-party lab and made only in USA. They are purely vegan and can be found in different types of fruits flavors. They come in a container of 1000 mg containing 60 gummies. Each gummy contains 17 mg of CBD. Ingredients used include corn syrup, citric acid, gelatin, hemp extract, melatonin, and natural flavoring. 1000 mg container is sold at $99.99. You can sail through the day with these gummies but don’t exceed 2 gummies.

Avid Hemp CBD Nighttime Capsules 1000 mg

Avid Hemp CBD Nighttime Capsules 1000 mg

Do you find yourself listening to others snore into their deep sleep? Or are you holding to that blanket but no sleep shuts you off? At Avid Hemp, all your concerns are taken care of. The company vouch to keep things simple. Avid Hemp CBD Nighttime Capsules are practically different from any other CBD capsules on the market. They have been carefully crafted with only 3 ingredients – hemp extract, melatonin, and MCT coconut oil. Before being CBD, CBD is in the real sense CBDA which cannot be absorbed in our bodies efficiently. This Nighttime Capsules from Avid Hemp have been carefully created, converting CBDA to CBD for maximum absorption in the body. They are giving you a truly superior hemp-based CBD product. The product has trace amounts of THC, not exceeding 0.03%. Each bottle contains 60 capsules, and each capsule has a strength of 8.33 mg of melatonin. 1,000 mg bottle is sold at $99.99 and comes in a strength of 1000 mg of CBD and 500 mg of melatonin.

Avid Hemp CBD Capsules

Avid Hemp CBD Capsules

We also tried these capsules. We thought that it could be weak, being that it contains only two ingredients – MCT coconut oil and organically grown hemp. It simplicity provides the purest care. Before creating their own capsules, Avid Hemp experimented with all capsules on the market. In their state-of-the-art machinery, the company decarboxylated CBDA to CBD for efficient absorption in the body. Such engineering ensures that capsules gives you the most outstanding care in the world. One container has 1200 mg of hemp extract and 500 mg of decarboxylated industrial hemp. The bottle contains 60 capsules, a serving that can take you up to 2 months.

Avid Hemp CBD Oil

Avid Hemp CBD Oil

This CBD oil from Avid Hemp has been responsibly handicraft with utmost care. In its purest form, this product made us feel superior again. Avid Hemp made it with pure ingredients so that you can add comfortably to your daily fitness and wellness routine. We ordered a peach flavored tincture. If you are not a fun of peach, you can try other available flavors like mint and unflavored. The bottle comes with a drop topper of 17 mg. Each bottle is of 30 ml and has 30 servings. Ingredients used differ depending on flavors. All the same, all of them share two common ingredients – fractionated coconut oil and whole plant hemp extract. Superior CBD oil form Avid Hemp is available in other strengths including 300 mg, 1500 mg, and 3000 mg.

Avid Hemp CBD Pet Oil

Avid Hemp CBD Pet Oil

We wanted something that could make our canine companion jump out of joy. And that is what we got – Full Spectrum Pet Oil from Avid Hemp. It has been meticulously created to give your dog care of the century. It is made with MCT coconut oil and full spectrum hemp extract. To make the bond even stronger, bacon has been used to flavor this oil. Each bottle is 30 ml and contains 34 mg of CBD for each serving. Additionally, the product contains less than 0.3% THC and tested in a third-party lab. Show you pet more love with this pet oil from Avid Hemp. It is designed to be given to all species of pets.

Avid Hemp CBD Relief Balm

Avid Hemp CBD Relief Balm

Pain can dissociate you from the real world. It can severely affect your life and make you think that the world is coming to its end. Well, we are talking about joint pain or pain brought about by strenuous physical and daily activities. Avid Hemp has beautifully created this product to help get along with your activities. It contains only 5 ingredients. This include beeswax, menthol, coconut oil, lavender oil, and whole plant hemp extract. All you need to do is apply it liberally on problem areas and wait for the CBD to provide its relief. The balm is not greasy, meaning that it will glide smoothly and gently onto your skin. It comes in small and lightweight bottles that you can stash in your bag and carry wherever you go and use it whenever need be. Each bottle contains 750 mg of hemp extract and 0.03% of THC.

What We Like About The Company

Avid Hemp craft their products meticulously to provide utmost care. We love all the products we tested. If any product contain an allergen, the company captures that information on the brands label.

What We Don’t Like About The Company

This is a big company and they should start offering discounts on their products. They also price their products much higher.

Overall Verdict

We want you to have the best out of CBD. Avid Hemp has proven to meet this criterion. It makes the best CBD products that offers you superior and curative properties of CBD. If you are so inclined, go try some.

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