Beneath the sheets with a Perth Escort

Beneath the sheets with a Perth Escort

An escort is a type of sex worker who engages in activities outside of just sex, including accompanying their clients to social events. Ever wanted to get to know an escort? Victoria Christiano is a busty blonde working in Perth, Australia. She explained some tricks of the trade and told us what it’s really like as an escort in Australia.

Technology has made the sex industry super accessible and more interactive. How have you used tech to reach more clients and interact with them outside of the face-to-face scenario?

Yes, it certainly has! I find technology to be the only way to advertise these days! There are many websites and avenues to use for advertising including developing your own website and incorporating social media into your advertising strategies. It’s all about knowing the right places to advertise and also making your ads stand out from the rest of the crowd, and technology allows us to do just that 🙂

Twitter plays an important role in building your client base across the world. What are some of the most surprising places you have found clients from?

I love using my Twitter account to build my fan base! Would you believe I have been followed by a couple of famous people!? Some from Las Vegas and other states in America, but the most unusual places I would find people following me from are Africa, Jamaica and the Arab countries.

You get to travel around a lot with your job. What’s the farthest distance you have travelled for a client?

Yes, that is correct. Well I have travelled to Europe before, and so far that’s the farthest I have travelled for clients 🙂

Favourite position in bed?

My favourite position in bed I would have to say is doggy style or the one with your legs up over the male’s shoulders 😘

What is the most common (and annoying) question you often get asked around escorting?

There are many things that frustrate and annoy an escort. I for one personally hate when potential clients do not read my ads or ask me how much extra it would be to go with no condom! (That’s the most insulting thing for me as an escort) ones that try to negotiate your rates and of course I despise time wasters and no shows!!

You’re a professional at sex, what is your biggest piece of advice to people in bed?

Lol yes that is correct, my advice for those who feel they are not really “good at sex” is to see an escort 😊 haha, also explore with sex toys and also watch porn for ideas. It’s also all about feeling comfortable within yourself and you just need to go with the flow.

In your own opinion, are we just seeing the beginning of VR Porn?

Well by the sounds of it I would imagine yes. It’s just the beginning as technology is always developing and improving and there is always something new and better out every year!

Do you own any sextoys? What’s your favourite toy to use on your own and with a partner?

Well I’m an escort so of course I own sex toys …lol but my own personal favourite is the good old rabbit vibrator dildo 🙂 it always does the trick for me 😘

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