For the sake of adults suffering from wellness and health issues, the brand saw the need to establish a solution for them. As the brand entirely focuses on adults health and wellness, they don’t forget to maintain an eco-friendly environment during their manufacturing and processing practices. Right from their farming practices, the brand uses sustainable organic farming that will not interfere with the fertility of the soil in the future. Additionally, they also avoid using harmful chemical fertilizers and pesticides that might pollute not only the hemp plant but also the environment. Due to their stress on quality organic hemp, they have also released quality products to their customers. An independent third-party lab assesses purity and potency levels. Consequently, the brand has been able to maintain a good reputation by both attending to the needs of its customers and offering quality products at the same time. To keep getting more information about the brand, keep reading our insight since it covers essentialknowledge about Betoken CBD trademark.

About the company

Although the brand owner had established her first CBD company in 2018, she decided to come up with Betoken CBD in 2022; being one of the most recently launched trademarks. Betoken CBD was established by a mother of two called Liz, a law practitioner for three years. After her retirement, Liz decided to invest and establish her first company (CBD) in 2018. Due to high cases of health stressors that kept on emerging, Liz saw the need of providing the adults with a solution by giving them CBD products that would help them face the daily stressors. Most products manufactured by Betoken aim at relieving pains and aches, reducing stress levels, and addressing poor sleeping patterns by enhancing sleep.

Consequently, for customers who might have uncertainties about certain information concerning CBD and Betoken trademark, the brand offers them a FAQ page as well as blogs. On both the blogs and FAQ page, you can get access to critical information concerning CBD and its role in improving the general health of adults. The two covers how CBD come to play, ingredients that could be blended with hemp plant to yield effectiveness, how its manufactured and its contribution as a natural solution to the human body.

Customers who don’t find their needs not to have been addressed under the two should not worry. The brand has provided multiple ways of reaching their support team to address their concerns. Some of the contact details they offer include their physical location ( 93 Washington Ave, Unit 4 Portland, Main 04101), email ([email protected]) and phone number (866-783-5750). In addition, their support time is very supportive and knowledgeable about their trademark and CBD as a whole. Besides, they address their customers and issues professionally, giving an excellent reputation to the trademark. Betoken also have active social media platforms such as Twitter and Instagram to allow customers to share experiences and bring up common concerns they might be facing. Notably, their social media platforms are active, and the brand uses them to update blogs from time to time.

Despite the brand organizing the products according to the purpose they serve rather than the type, everything else seems to be swift during the buying experience. We could easily add products we needed and also be able to remove them easily on our shopping cart. After we were satisfied with what we had added to our cart, we cross-checked them and confirmed the order. However, it is quite unfortunate that the brand failsto provide free shipping services; the shipping cost is calculated using delivery location. However, it was quite fascinating to have received our products on the second day of order confirmation. On the other side, we were not impressed with how they pack their products since it diminishes discretion. Lastly, Betoken delivers its products using UPS moving company and doesn’t offer either return, exchange or refund policy at any point.

Compared to other brands product prices, Betoken offers reasonable prices for their items; they offer $0.10 for most of their products. However, they offer discounts allowing customers who do monthly subscriptions to get a discount of about 10%. On the other hand, we found their cream prices to be a bit higher than any cream products offered by other companies. Consequently, we were impressed by the company’s ability to provide a unique page of checking their pricing report and regulation.

Manufacturing process

Betaken CBD uses hemp grown from their farm in Massachusetts, where only organic farming practices are practised. Throughout their farming practices, they don’t use artificial chemical fertilizers or pesticides to boost the growth of their hemp plant. Since CBD comes to play due to offering a natural solution to the human body, Betokens is one of the brands that maintain eco-friendly practices from farming to packaging. Notably, all their shipping containers and packaging are obtained from recycled materials and recyclable; this means they are less plastic hence minimizing environmental threats.

To maintain the quality of their hemp, their manufacturing facility is only two hours’ drive away from the Massachusetts farm. Their manufacturing facility has been audited by GMP which the brand also adhere to manufacturing protocols given by them. After the hemp has been harvested, itsimmediately transported to their manufacturing facility for further processing. However, we couldn’t find the method of extraction used until we contacted Betoken customer support desk,which clarified that all its products are made from CO2 extracts, which is eco-friendly. Additionally, most of its products are offered in broad and full-spectrum CBD.

Consequently, although they don’t provide the batch number for customers to ascertain which products have been tested for purity, they have an independent third-party lab tasked to examine its products. Among the responsibilities given to the lab is to ensure all its products THC levels doesn’t exceed 0.3% (which is the optimum level). Besides, they also ensure all the products are void of contaminants such as heavy metals, pesticides, orother pollutants that might interfere with purity levels. Lastly, they are tasked to confirm that the amount of CBD in the product matches the labels. After obtaining the lab results, they are posted on their website.

It was difficult for us to verify their lab results since no QR codes or batch numbers were provided on their labels. However, we assessed their lab results using the report given on Go Away, I’m Fizzy bath bombs. According to our analysis, the product was entirely void of any trace of THC, which was quite fascinating. On the other hand, the CBD levels were higher by 3.4 mg (28.4), which is different from the given one; 25 mg of CBD per bath bomb. According to our calculation, the variance was slightly higher than the acceptable 10% since we obtained a variance of 14%. For microbes tests, the product performed excellently, although other contaminants were not tested for.

Range of products

The company is among the most recently established brands,it still has to work on its line of products to offer its customers more than what they have. Currently, they are only manufacturing three products which they are using to win over customers. Although the brand has a small line of products, they manufacture each of these products with a lot of care to obtain effectiveness and quality levels. Each product is manufactured uniquely to meet its effectiveness and, at the same time, natural quality standards.

Betoken Topicals

Betoken Topicals

The brand offers its topicals in two varieties; Not This Month Cream and Pain, Pain Go Away. Consequently, the brand uses other significant herbs together with CBD to address PMS symptoms or relieve muscle pains and aches simultaneously. Additionally, the brand recommends that the cream be applied only on the skin only; leaving out exposed parts. Lastly, we noted that the cream is availed in 2oz portions, and the brand still uses its farmer name on its stickers (Good Jane); they are sold at $42.95.

Betoken CBD Capsules

Betoken CBD Capsules

Since CBD capsules have been gaining fame as time goes by, the brand saw the need to join hands with other brands to address the big market of CBD capsules. Betoken trademark has two soft gels on its market; Nighty Night and Hello Mellow capsules. Both the capsules are designed to minimize stress and increase sleeping patterns for those who are facing sleeping challenges. Lastly, each container has 30 capsules made of broad-spectrum and are being sold at $49.95.

Betoken Bath Bombs

Betoken Bath Bombs

Unlike the capsules and the topicals, the brand only offers one kind of bath bomb; Go Away, I’m Fizzy. The brand uses other naturally occurring ingredients such as Epsom salt, MCT oil, and other valuable elements to enhance its effectiveness. Lastly, it is crafted with 25 mg of full-spectrum CBD and goes at $14.95.

What we like about the company

Despite the brand being a recently established trademark, it has thrived in a few areas. One, its manufacturing facility has been approved by GMP, and all its processing activities follows GMP guidelines which are of high standards. Additionally, we were also fascinated by its ability to engage in eco-friendly practices such as using recyclable shipping and packaging containers; this is a big plus on their side that many CBD companies have failed in. Lastly, they rely on organically grown hemp, which is a two-hour drive away from their USA-based farm and has reasonable pricing compared to other brands.

What we don’t like about the company

The brand seems to have a lot of concerns that ought to be addressed to make its trademark become better and at the same time competitive. First, it needs to work on its policies and allow a return, exchange and refund policy that will help its customers feel secure at all times. Consequently, they should work on the accuracy of their lab results and give batch numbers for customers to affirm them. Lastly, the brand needs to work on its line of products to get more customers.


According to the analysis we have done on Betoken CBD, it still has a lot to address to become better. Being a recently established brand, we recommend conducting market analysis on the gaps that CBD market has and using them to build its strength. Also, being one of the most recent brands, we will keep a close eye to see how it performs in the competitive CBD market as time goes by. Lastly, we would recommend its products to anyone willing to join CBD and CBD users since they prioritize customer safety during manufacturing.

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