The calyx is one of the most prominent CBD companies that is committed to ensuring artificial health solutions are replaced with natural ones. Over time, it has advocated for transparency and honesty on its operations and other CBD trademarks, which are its competitors. The brand takes ample time to offer adequate information about its operations, its products, and CBD products’ role in general. Before it opened its doors for operations, the brand conducted proper research on the hemp plant and its benefits on human health. Consequently, it gathered a team of professional doctors from researching the hemp plant and other useful natural ingredients that might be blended in to enhance effectiveness. To enhance true magic, they use provide full-spectrum oil for their customers. Most of the products they manufacture are designed to improve sleep, shape, chill, sex, social, relief and endurance. Like most of the analysis we have conducted, we will focus on important information about the company’s operations, products, and any other relevant information that might be of benefit to its customers or people of interest.

About the Company

Its website describes its name origin as a blend of Calyx ( California product made from a female flower) and Fx( the impact that their product has on their customers). However, the company was founded by Dennis D’Alessio, who had seen an opportunity in the medical potential that hemp extracts contained. Another thing that pushed him so hard to see the potential that the hemp plant contained, it’s out of his desperation to find a solution for his younger brother Bill, who was suffering from Epilepsy.

At that time, Dennis could not afford the legal treatment available to ease Bill’s symptoms; they were expensive, and effects continued to severe and continued to reduce his life span. After some time, Bill was placed on dialysis since his kidney had stopped functioning. After some time, Dennis lost his brother at the age of 32 as a result of a grand-mal seizure.

Since then, Dennis got committed to offering a natural solution that people could afford and readily available using hemp extracts having CBG, CBN, and CBD; they exist in both broad and full-spectrum. Calyx also states that it has conducted scientific research for over 1300 naturally existing elements, hemp, and other plants that have been being used for thousands of years to offer a natural solution to human life.

He uses his own medical experience and other leading worlds PhDs, experts, and researchers to develop life-promoting products. According to the current study, Calyfx has developed a considerable line of products that promote the natural health of humans, especially from hemp, which is prominent across the world. Some of the naturally existing products include tinctures, vape, sprays, topicals, and water. Besides, all its products are made within the USA and are 100% naturally existing; manufactured with the highest existing standards. Before their products are released to the market, they undergo third-party lab tests to ensure they contain the accurate amount of CBD, THC and are void of heavy metals, lead or any other contaminant that might affect the effectiveness of the products.

To attain customer satisfaction, the brand offers a supportive customer support desk. For anyone who would wish to seek clarification or carry consultations, the brand has offered a working email address at the footer of its website. It also has a separate “Contact us” page that offers a chat box where you are to enter your personal details and the message; your name, email, subject and the message. The company doesn’t provide a phone number to reach them out via call. However, under this page, it states its mission which is not only to bring high-quality CBD products in the CBD market but also educate the world on the benefits of using hemp extracts, and its ultimate goal is giving trusted products and manufacturing quality products.

To evaluate the effectiveness of their support team, we decided to contact them on the current order we had made. Indeed, they are knowledgeable and professional in the way they handle their customers. We kept track of each order, and the response we received was satisfactory and addressed our needs adequately.

Furthermore, the company is committed to educating most CBD customers on various CBD ingredients. On its website, the company carries extensive information on the difference between CBD, CBG. It clearly stipulates what CBG is and its entailments and ultimately gives the difference between the two and how effective they can be.

Manufacturing Process

Although the company doesn’t offer much information on the manufacturing process, we were able to obtain some useful information when we conducted their support team. To ensure their products are of good health, Calyfx complies with FDA (U.S) and MHRA (U.K) manufacturing regulations, which are the best. With their focus on complying with the two regulations, they have been able to evade negative health experiences from their customers. In addition, the brand offers a refund policy for those who don’t find the products they purchased effectively. All you need is to file your claim on [email protected].

As mentioned earlier, the company does not offer more info on its manufacturing activities. As a result, we couldn’t find exact information on their hemp and which state of US it’s obtained from. However, the company clarifies its extraction method. Just like most CBD trademarks, Calyfx uses CO2 to obtain its hemp extracts used to manufacture its products. The CO2 method is considered adequate and environmentally friendly.

Range of products

Calyx offers a considerable line of products to try and meet several demands of its customers. All these products either exist in a full or broad-spectrum to enhance effectiveness depending on the customers’ needs. Under each product, the company offers the amount of the product and any other relevant information such as third-party results and ingredients.

CalyFx CBD vape

CalyFx CBD vape

According to its website, this product has made its trademark famous by offering vape pens that are disposable. One can choose to either buy a 0.5g cartridge, 1g cartridge or pod; a battery goes $11.50. Besides, the brand also provides all component starter kits at $57.30. The vape juice is designed to enhance different effects such as relaxation, endurance, sleep, sex and more. Consequently, the company offers prices for pods, cartomizers 0.5g, and cartomizers 1g; $39, $32.30, and $65, respectively. However, the company doesn’t offer red flag information that would help its users to take precautions while using the product.

Calyfx CBD tinctures

Calyfx CBD tinctures

Unlike several products that Calyfx offers in different strengths, its tinctures only exist in one; 1000mg. Also, just like their vape, it contains different effects entailing diverse terpenes. Although the company offers a detailed description of every option, it doesn’t state the kind of terpenes involved. Offering such crucial information helps people whose bodies are sensitive or have allergies. Comparing the price of this product which is $85, is a bit expensive compared to similar products offered by other brands within the CBD market.

CalyFx CBD water

CalyFx CBD water

Since water cannot be avoided in every human life, the brand saw an opportunity to enhance CBD users to enjoy CBD in their water. However, it was odd to find that CBD water from Calyfx is blended with different terpenes. The involvement of different terpenes in the water might presumably alter the natural test of water that people are interested in when thirsty. In relation, there are various flavours of Calyfx CBD water; lemon and mango. Lastly, every bottle has 25mg of CBD at $4.60, which is considered fair.

Calyx CBD topical

Calyx CBD topical

Just like most products offered by the company, it offers various topicals such as CBD lube. Also, the brand offers other options such as dropper bottles of oils which are manufactured to suit skin purposes; After-sun (used after being in the sun), relief (general use), and post-workout (used after gym). However, the trademark offers a vague description of each bottle, which makes it hard to rely on (insufficient information). Lastly, its price range is $10.20 – $34.

Calyfx CBD for pets

Calyfx CBD for pets

Just like most CBD trademarks, the Calyfx also offers a solution to promote the well-being of pets, which is exciting to pet owners. According to the product description, the product has been certified by veterinary doctors and considered effective. To make encourage the pets to consume the product, its offered in multiple flavours; beef gourmet, chicken rosemary, banana, and turkey flavour. Per 20z package, it entails 26mg of CBD, ranging from $9 – $15.20 depending on the flavour and other factors.

What we like about the Company

The fascinating thing about the company, its how it’s committed to offering the best products for its consumers. It has gathered a qualified team of medics and researchers across the world to ensure all the ingredients they use are safe and effective. The team has conducted research on over 1300 natural ingredients, which have been considered effective for thousands of years. Each of their product is manufactured uniquely, suiting its purpose and trying to meet various demands of their customers. Lastly, the brand offers extensive information that would help customers understand it. Some of the information offered is the founder of the company and a team of directors running its operations, their photos and bios. Consequently, it commits various different pages with separate relevant information, including CBD educational tutorials to help people not only understand more about their trademark but general CND information.

What we don’t like about the company

Although Calyfx maintains a good reputation within the CBD market, there are a few issues that ought to be addressed to make it better. The brand has failed to provide adequate manufacturing process information that would help people increase quality-confidence in their products. Also, the brand provides vague information which might mislead its users. Besides, it has failed to provide red-flag information on its products. As a team, we believe that addressing such issues would make it sell better within CBD competitive market.


Although we would recommend most Calyfx products to most CBD consumers, we would advise that they reconsider their dose. Since the brand offers vague information on some of its products, we would recommend under-dose to avoid addiction. However, the company is trying to be committed to the best quality products compared to any other CBD existing company, which is a good thing. We, however, have confidence in the company, but only if it addresses the few weaknesses, we have addressed above. Fixing the issues would give it a better position and give it more customers. 

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