Cambridge Shocks Students with Graphic Sex Questions

Cambridge Shocks Students with Graphic Sex Questions

As one of Britain’s most hallowed institutions, Cambridge has maintained an impressive reputation, which may be why law students sitting recent mid-year exams were particularly shocked by a question on a hypothetical initiation ceremony for a university society, in which a man is forced to perform oral sex on another male student. The question also described one man being sexually assaulted with a bottle and another having his pubic hair shaved.

Some might think that some students, those who took to Twitter to express their disapproval, were being a little precious. After all, qualified lawyers working within the field of criminal law have to face all kinds of bizarre (not to mention gruesome) sexual scenarios in their everyday professional lives.

An image of a section of the exam published by The Independentcontains sentences such as this: ‘Sandra blindfolds Billy and tells him that Tracey will suck his penis. Jonny does so’. This particular extract does read more like the scenario for a gay porn film featuring women tricking ‘unknowing’ men into performing sex acts on each other than it reads as an exam question!

Some students were less shocked than others by the raciness of the exam – one third-year from Clare College told The Independent that the question, if a little more explicit than those set in previous years, was necessary given the subject. The argument made by another student is that sexual offences are an important part of criminal law and thus the question isn’ prurient but is merely relevant to the subject.

Perhaps the aspect of coercion, its unlawful, boundary-pushing aspect, is what gets people who watch movies about tricking people into performing sex acts excited. In a similar way to bondage, where one person is reduced to a state of complete submission, such scenarios might also give viewers a kick because of the sexual power play they represent. Presumably the actors in a porn flick imitating a raunchy and drunken initiation ceremony would be following a script though, and would thus be willing participants. Either way, it is a little amusing when Cambridge exam questions closely resemble clichéd porn scenarios.

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