Erectile dysfunction ED is a concern for over 30% of adult males worldwide. There are various views concerning the causes, the stigma, numerous remedies on the market, and their efficiency. Among the many treatment strategies, the controversial cannabidiol, CBD, is constantly gaining popularity regarding the treatment of erectile dysfunction. But there is a growing body of evidence to suggest that CBD oil can be beneficial in preventing erectile dysfunction.

 CBD is a compound found in hemp/marijuana but has no ‘high’ effect on users. It has been proven to possess numerous therapeutic properties that could help alleviate symptoms of various health conditions, among them ED. This article will discuss the relationship between Erectile Dysfunction and CBD Oil.

What Is Erectile Dysfunction (ED)?

As discussed above, there are different views on the topic of Erectile Dysfunction ED. Before we discuss the effects of cannabidiol on the ED, it is necessary to understand what the ED entails. Erectile dysfunction is a sexual dysfunction common in males. This inhibits males from getting or keeping an erection before or during sexual intercourse.

Men’s prowess in bed commonly reduces with age. However, it does signify that it’s a natural occurrence. In other cases, this condition can happen to any male at any age, including the youth. ED is one of the key factors that reduce men’s confidence in terms of sex. The appearance of ED mostly signifies a health condition. The most common conditions include heart conditions, high blood pressure, and diabetes. With the stigma surrounding this topic, many men shy from the discussion. However, it is necessary to consult your doctor when this condition occurs.

What Is CBD?

This is an unfamiliar compound of cannabis or hemp plant. Also known as cannabidiol or cannabinoid. CBD is one of the two main components of cannabis. The other important component is delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Cannabis can be classified into two categories, depending on the levels of THC present. Cannabis with higher levers is known as Marijuana, while the one with lower levels of HTC is known as Hemp.

How Does CBD Work?

Though there have been numerous experiments, scientists are yet to conclude how CBD works. But tremendous success has been achieved, and currently, CBD is being used on different health disorders. The body system known as the endocannabinoid system (ECS) is the one interacting with CBD. This system is a key player in pain, appetite, metabolism, memory, movement, and immune system function.

Forms of CBD oil

There are various ways one can take CBD into the body. The substance can be taken as pills/capsules, chewing gums, liquid oils, gummies, creams, or inhaled as vapor.

Does CBD help with ED?

Several types of research have been conducted concerning this. There are mixed reactions and results. While some believe cannabis has a tolling effect on the sexual function of users, other researchers exclude CBD as rather a positive component. Some ECS receptors are involved with male fertility, making cannabidiol compounds impactful to sexual function.

 How Can CBD Prevent Erectile Dysfunction?

Aside from the other known benefits of CBD, the sexual life of users can improve. There are measurable successes in the reversal of erectile dysfunction. One of the advantages of using CBD is energy-boosting. When the substance is applied, the sexual energy has been shown to increase significantly. Research has found that a toxin known as dioxin, common in aging men, reduces sexual function.

With CBD, one can reduce or successfully eliminate the toxin from the body, hence reversing the ED. Moreover, the sexual sensation is enhanced when CBD is used. Being a multipurpose medicine, CBD will affect several body functions, giving the user a general improvement in body health. General wellbeing is responsible for an improved sexual life. The psychological state of mind is one of the key factors when it comes to sexual functions. Anxiety and stress will greatly reduce the sexual urge. With CBD, these two conditions are suppressed through a series of chemical reactions. In other words, with CBD, one is less nervous, hence making them psychoactive.

Various people experience pain when having sex; cannabis might be the solution you’ve been looking for. CBD has shown great potential to reduce pain. To women, CBD oils are a great way of lubricating when experiencing dry sex, improving blood flow and painless penetration. These oils do more than lubricate. They stimulate natural lubrication, making the experience better and smoother. For women in menopause, CBDoils have been used to reduce inflammation by improving serotonin levels. CBD might seem like a savior for men only, but ladies benefit in a great way too.

Usage of The CBD To Curb ED

As discussed, many people suffer in silence instead of seeking professional assistance and consulting the doctor on available remedies for Erectile dysfunction. With professional advice, you will understand the dosage, side effects, and the methods of using the remedies. In the case of CBDs, there are numerous ways to use this component.

  • CBD lube-like other lubricants, CBD-based lubes are available for use and will help penetration while improving the sexual life. However, the substance is not latex-friendly, hence might lead to condom bursting. Aside from relaxation, the lube has no irritable smell, improves excitement and pleasure.
  • Solid use- there are other ways to have CBD taken into your body. Some are taken as pills/capsules, gums, biscuits, and cookies. All these should be taken to a moderate level for effectiveness. Excess dosage will bring the ‘high” situation hence not healthy.
  • Inhaled vapor- this gaseous form is also used in the intake of cannabis. 

Potential Risks of Taking CBD

No matter how urgent or vital the medicine might be in treating the ED or any other health condition, it is always important to understand the potential sideeffects of the compound. Furthermore, it is always important to familiarize yourself with the local and federal laws concerning cannabis-related products. Some unregulated products are illegal, while others are legal to use. Moreover, the issue of addiction and drug abuse might be unhealthy. Therefore,  one should avoid cannabis with high levels of HTC.

The Bottom Line

In conclusion, we have established that CBD is a potential remedy for erectile dysfunction. However, no matter the hype and popularity, it is important to regulate the usage and prevent getting “high” during intercourse. The point is to get a healthy sexual life, not ruining the life with substance abuse.

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