Are you a member, or would you wish to join CBDpure trademark and you would wish to get more information about the brand? Then don’t worry; we will cover factual information regarding CBD and its operations. Although the brand has not been in the play for a long time, it has managed to get a considerable proportion of CBD consumers buying from them. Since it opened its doors for operation in 2016, it has been focusing on its mission of providing the highest-quality products that have ever existed within the CBD market at considerable rates. In addition, the brand highly manufactures most of its products as full-spectrum, relying on hemp grown in Washington and Colorado. The company supports and works closely with the farmers to bring up non-GMO hemp, yielding effectiveness. Although the brand offers quality products, it has a limited line of products compared to other brands doing well in the market. To continue learning more about CBDpure, keep reading our insight.

About the company

CBDPure was officially launched in 2016 with a mission of providing high-quality CBD products to all its consumers. With their mission at the back of its mind, they have deployed multiple measures to ensure they meet the higheststandard of quality and services they render to their customers. Due to the excellent products they have generated to the market, its name has grown widely, and now it poses a market threat to the long-existing companies.

To meet transparency levels, the brand offers many details about its operations and its products under its official website. At the lower end of its website, it has subdivided various information into several parts; store info, need help, information, and products. Depending on the information you wish to get, just choose the appropriate subtitle. However, we would say 95% of our insight comes from their website. Notably, they don’t offer information on the people behind the company and its operations.

Consequently, their website is easy to navigate since it is well-articulated unlike other companies with congested, disorganized, unreliable information; we could easily get the information we was looking for. To assess buying experience, we decided to order some products. Our experience was fascinating compared to some we encountered since we could easily add and remove products to our cart; nothing suspicious happened. After getting content with our cart, we approved the items and received an email confirming that our order was successfully placed within two minutes. As stated in their shipping policy, we received our products on the fifth day of the order confirmation; domestic shipping takes 5-7 working days. Besides, the company offers a 90-days money-back guarantee to customers who don’t find their products effective.

Since the trademark has not been in the play for a long time, we were not surprised by their range of products. The brand offers a considerably minimum line of products manufactured carefully to maximize their quality. To ascertain quality, they have an independent laboratory that runs tests on all their products before being released to consumers. CBD pure has the following line of products; soft gels, joint and muscle cream, CBD hemp oil and pet products, which are some of their latest expansion of its line of products.

Despite CBD Pure having a product review page where most customers leave their feedback on their product experience, they also have an extensive page for frequently asked questions. Their FAQ page hasaddressed multiple issues such as entourage effect, reliability of their products, and health guidelines, among other information.

CBD Pure also offers a separate “Contact Us” page which helps its customers reach their support team for any guidance or clarification. It is fascinating how their contact page has been well articulated; it’s unique. It offers various contact information such as customer return address, US Corporate address and UK corporate address. Besides, it has a support email and email as[email protected] and +1-855-422-0990, respectively.

To assess the effectiveness of their support team, we had to contact their customer care using the email seeking more information on the full-spectrum oil we had received from them. In six hours, we received an email appreciating us seeking guidance on the product we had received. Additionally, our inquiry was responded to adequately; they gave more information than we needed and allowed us to strive for clarification that was not understood. From our experience, their support team is knowledgeable and conversant with their trademark and CBD as a whole.

Manufacturing process

Notably, CBD pure is a trademark owned by Natural Pure LLC, at 500 Broadway Street#480 in Vancouver, WA 98660. Besides, CBD pure relies on hemp grown in Colorado and Washington by local vendors and farmers who share its vision of offering quality to all its customers. To ensure the quality they get from these two regions, the brand supports farmers they get their hemp from by educating giving them financial support that could help them bring up only organic hemp.

All products manufactured by CBD Pure are made in full-spectrum and largely relies on hemp grown in Colorado. Also, once the hemp is harvested and transported to their manufacturing facility, to obtain hemp cannabidiol, the brand uses CO2 as their extraction method. This process has been designed to preserve natural terpenes and cannabidiol, including other relevant oil found in hemp plant extracts.

After their products have been manufactured, they are taken to a third-party independent laboratory for potency and purity tests. The company ensures none of their products fails to undergo the following tests; pesticide testing, cannabinoid profiling, terpene analysis, microbiological screening and residual solvent screening. After the results are out, they are posted under each product on their website and their product labels for customer confirmation. Lastly, the brand has ensured that all its products are manufactured according to FDA certification and has less than 0.3% THC levels.

It performs extraordinarily by offering red-flag information. It has indicated the correct dosage. Customers who might experience side effects such as vomiting, fatigue, and diarrhoea are recommended to reduce their dosage and see how the body responds before increasing it again.

Range of products

As mentioned earlier, the brand offers a minimum line of products but utilizes that opportunity to attain quality. All the products manufactured by the trademark are of full-spectrum and use organic hemp; only blends in other valuable ingredients that have been researched and proven to be effective.

CBDPure Hemp Oil Review

CBDPure Hemp Oil Review

CBDPure hemp offers discounts for those who order their hemp oil products for 3-6 months. This allows their customers to save some amount and encourage others to buy from them. Besides, there is a 2ml dropper which the brand recommends using half a droper daily. Also, the company ensures there is 5mg of CBD in every ml in each serving. The company decided to make its products more effective by blending in some natural preservatives and flavours. CBDPure offers the product in three concentrations; 300 mg, 600 mg, and 1000 mg, in 5mg, 10mg, and 16.66mg per ml, respectively.

CBDPure Oil Softgels

CBDPure Oil Softgels

Unlike CBDPure Oil drops, the brand offers even lesser options for softgetls; the brand currently offers 750mg. The soft gels are designed to be easy to administer without feeling the natural test. Additionally, the brand uses relevant ingredients such as vegetable glycerin, gelatin, and distilled water to make their shells. Apart from full-spectrum as a feature, each container contains 750mg, a total of 30 capsules in every bottle, and each capsule has 25mg of CBD. For safety purposes, the brand also assesses the purity of its soft gels by a third-party lab and posts the results for consumers to verify.

CBDPure Muscle and Joint cream

CBDPure Muscle and Joint cream

Muscle and joint pains have become common worldwide, creating discomfort within people. CBDPure offers a solution to those suffering from this problem by providing them with a cream that will enhance relaxation. The product has been designed to havean immediate impact, and you will feel the relaxation in 2 to 3 minutes. To enhance this effectiveness, other high-quality ingredients have been used during manufacturing; hemp-derived extracts dominate the product. Lastly, the product uses the CO2 extraction method to obtain hemp extracts, and third-party tests affirm that the product contains 0.3 THC levels.

CBDPure pet 100

CBDPure pet 100

Since pet products have become famous in the CBD market, the trademark saw an opportunity to make their company better in the CBD market by offering pet products. Unlike other products, its pet products are the latest,containing less than 0.3% of THC. It serves the following purpose; nausea relief, itching relief, stimulation of appetite, pain relief, inflammation reduction, immune support, and enhanced joint mobility, among other functions. The product is void of artificial ingredients or preservatives; it is manufactured with human standards.

What we like about the company

To indicate confidence in their production, the brand gives 90 days of money-back guarantee for those who don’t find their products compelling.  To minimize such cases and avoid losses, the brand is devoted to offering quality at all times. Consequently, the brand products undergo third-party tests to ensure they are safe for consumption. The lab provides safe products for usage by confirming they are void of herbicides, pesticides, fertilizers or any other contaminant that might adversely affect the users. Lastly, the brand highly relies on organically grown hemp from Colorado and has support programs that help farms grow the most refined hemp.

What we don’t like about the company

Although the brand defends itself based on quality, they have a minimal line of products that turns away customers interested in their trademark, but their preferences have not been addressed. Therefore, we recommend the company to expand its line of products just like other companies who come later and manufacture a considerably extensive line of products and still meet quality. This would give them a chance to sell better as a trademark within the CBD line which has become quite competitive.


We would recommend CBDPure products to anyone who would wish to start using CBD or any CBD user searching for quality. The brand gives the safety of its customers a priority and is committed to manufacturing the highest-quality CBD that will ever exist in the CBD market. From time to time, it has proved to be a good ambassador of the brand by educating farmers and consumers on the relevance of using CBD. However, it should expound its line of products to offer a natural solution to people who have unique preferences such as edibles; as a result, the brand will become better.

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