Daughters, Dads And The "Talking Sex" Taboo

Daughters, Dads And The “Talking Sex” Taboo

I can’t think of a single female friend who would talk to her dad about sex, never mind talking to their fathers about sexual performance, various sexual partners, and even being filmed while having sex. But Stoya isn’t your average female friend. She’s not exactly a local down at the pub on a Friday night: she’s a sultry porn star whom you’d more likely find streaming live sex-sessions with screaming audio, or filming her latest sex-capades on the weekends.

Very few daughters have such an open and candid relationship with their fathers; but Stoya does. She has to. She’s just signed a mega deal with a large producer and her vagina (and her photo!) is hitting stores globally in the form of a brand new Fleshlight. Her dad was bound to find out sooner or later.

When he did, he was suitably angry, but not quite for the reasons you’d imagine. His daughter might be a famous adult actress, but that doesn’t bother him one bit.

My dad is purely angry that I ruined porn for him, she told the Huffington Post. He’s mad because I couldn’t, like, just do a few scenes, I had to sign with a big company.

Instead of just experimenting sexually and keeping her adult career under wraps, Stoya’s found herself starring in adult films, enjoying the fame and following of a successful adult actress. She’s had sex toys modelled on her, she’s been filmed doing all sorts of unmentionables, and her photo is blasted across the internet and in adult stores.

The problem for Stoya’s dad is simple: she turned porn into a no-go area for her dad. He can no longer surf the web looking at naughty videos for fear that his daughter might pop up in one. Banner adverts promoting Stoya’s new fleshlight flash across your screen when you visit adult entertainment websites. Huge posters leave nothing to the imagination in adult video stores.

Porn is simply ruined for him. For now, at least, while Stoya’s adult career skyrockets, Dad isn’t going anywhere near his online collection of blue movies.

Anastasia Filipenko

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