Day Hotels Offer Romance By The Hour

Day Hotels Offer Romance By The Hour

Hotels by the hour don’t have the best reputation. Just think about it – how many people are actually going in there to catch up on some R & R during their lunch break, or while out and about in the city? Book a hotel for an hour and a half, and chances are, you’re not going there to watch the telly.

The truth of the matter is that most people (if not all) use ‘hotels by the hour’ for more adult purposes – for a sexy lunch break with your partner when you can’t get back home, for a saucy love affair, or just for something different from your normal routine. It’s not all back-alleyways either… some per-hour hotels are just downright posh.

Some hotels use this factor to capitalise on the per-hour rates, offering their clientele themes or accessories to go with their ‘stay’ well-furnished and elegant BDSM hotels are popular in Japan, for example, and there are many elegantly themed hotels in France which offer accessories and toys that you can purchase for the occasion and take home with you if you so wish.

Fancy a few hours in a posh love hotel? You don’t have to travel to France to find one. There are plenty here in the UK – and they’re not limited to off-the-high-street motels or per-hour beds either. For many hotels, the problem of ’empty rooms’ cuts into their profits. That’s why some have now introduced a ‘day rate’ it’s a fixed rate you pay for a fabulous room for use during the day-time. Enjoy the finest hotels in the city and forget about the exorbitant nightly rate: this is a love hotel in the 21-st century.

Day Use Hotels is a website started by a group of French hoteliers, and they’ve targeted the finest and best hotels in London with a view for offering day-rate rooms to those looking for cash-transaction bookings.

Thibaud d’Agreves, one of the founders of Day Use Hotels, explained that the day-rate plan is particularly attractive to people who are interested in ‘matters of seduction.’ He expects London to experience an 80/20 split between those looking for pleasure, and those looking for somewhere to hold a fancy business meeting. In a hotel room. Just saying.

I’m not sure if the concept of per-hour hotel rooms is going to take off here – this is Britain, after all – but with loads of websites turning tricks like, it’s no surprise that there is a great demand for a private space with a lot of glam and a locked door.

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