El Gallo CBD is one of the best CBD brands creating the highest quality CBD products on the market. Their products are carefully monitored through the entire process of production and include 100 percent natural, lab-tested, CBD products.

El Gallo has a great team that is made up of some of the brightest minds in the industry. Each team member is dedicated to making the company’s products the best choice in the market. El Gallo takes pride in its operations and they hold their partners to the same unrelenting standards. It is a company that was formed to help people deal with a variety of health problems, including chronic pain, inflammation, anxiety, depression, and other conditions. Through rigorous lab testing and high standards of production, all their products are free of THC and contain only the purest CBD extract to deliver the healing benefits of hemp. In this brief brand review, we are going to take a deeper look at El Gallo, their highest standard process of manufacturing, their line of products, and even try some of their products for you, so you won’t have an excuse of not having one. So maintain your position and allow us to introduce you to one of the bosses in the CBD industry.

About El Gallo CBD

El Gallo is a US-based company headquartered in California. If you have been scouring the market just to find the greatest CBD, then you are already home. El Gallo is a business that is completely committed to contribute its customers the finest, purest, and most effective CBD products. They use only the best botanical ingredients and modern extraction methods. El Gallo is a Spanish name meaning “rooster” and is related to Mexican slang for marijuana. The reason why this company is one of the best and its products are most effective is because they strive to provide people with only the best desirable compounds from the hemp plant, including cannabidiol, terpenes, and amino acids. All their products contain lower than 0.3% THC so they won’t leave you “stoned” or feeling “high.”

The company claim that they are the true way, the only potent and strong way, and everything they do is channeled to their mission to provide powerful and most effective medicine to families, patients, and friends looking for non-opioid pain relief with the purest ingredients. From the founders to the distributors, the team is made up of the greatest and brightest minds with extensive knowledge in the CBD industry. Everyone in the team works tirelessly to ensure that El Gallo products are the best choice out there. The company’s hemp extracts are lab tested for potency, purity, and consistency from one batch to another.

Process of Manufacturing

CBD is a medicinal herb that is highly sought due to its numerous benefits. To make it more useful in your body, any manufacturer needs to ensure that the ingredients used are pure. El Gallo seems to understand this. In fact, they believe that they have set the gold standard of production. To have products as potent, pure, and consistent as El Gallo’s means that no shortcut was taken. Their process of manufacturing is simple but of the highest standard. They proudly use hemp sourced from American farms, so if you purchase their products, you will directly support your fellow American families. Their hemp is cultivated with the most ethical, non-chemical farming practices.

Once mature hemp is harvested, it is carefully dried. The leaves are then taken to El Gallo’s factory. The manufacturing process takes place inside ISO-7 and ISO-8 cleanroom facilities, employing ISO standard 14644-7. This means that the finished products are of the highest quality and safe for your consumption. At every stage of production, the products are tested for quality assurance. The company uses the finest extraction method in the industry, including the carbon dioxide method of extraction and winterization process. Every batch is then sent to a trusted third-party lab for final approval. They are tested for the absence of heavy metals, parabens, pesticides, and other detrimental toxins. Lab test results are posted online on their website jut help you see the amount of CBD used in the product.

Customer Reviews You Can Trust

It is true that CBD is fast-growing and becoming popular in the wellness and health industry. And with products as luring as those manufactured with El Gallo, you can easily be moved to get out your wallet and to purchase but this would be something you may regret. It is always important to familiarize yourself with a particular CBD product or brand you are inclined to before purchasing it. For your information, not all companies are up to par as El Gallo, and purchasing with other brands before researching on them can lead to regrets. Fortunately, you can easily gather more information from readily available sources.

When you find yourself inclined or interested in a particular CBD brand you are not familiar with, you can count on customer reviews as your best resource. The USA heavily regulates any CBD brand operating in any state. The federal laws prevent them from making any specific claims about the benefits a customer would expect from using their products. It, therefore, means that, if you are looking for more information about a specific brand you are interested in, the company’s website is not something you can count on. The good thing is that the federal laws do not limit customers from leaving a CBD review. TrustPilot is the leading host of customer reviews. You can check customer reviews from them about this particular brand. El Gallo’s website is also filled with numerous customer reviews. No customer is awarded for praising the company nor anyone is punished for leaving a negative review. It means that any comment you will be reading is as honest as it should be, and you can trust.

El Gallo CBD Uses

There are uncountable ways to use amazing CBD products. However, there are some universal tips that people seem to like and fall for. The company understands that everyone is not the same and they have different desires and goals to using CBD products. One person will use CBD because they can’t hold chronic pain anymore, another will grab El Gallo CBD to help them sleep, and another person will use CBD products as an enjoyable method of promoting health and wellness. El Gallo CBD products are contained in small lightweight containers which you can carry with you just about anywhere. Whether you are attending that busy meeting, having a long car drive, or just relaxing at home, you can always count on El Gallo product that you have safely stashed in your briefcase or purse.

Line of Products

El Gallo CBD has a limited product line, compared to other major CBD brands. This has helped them manufacture some of the best CBD oil in the market. Dealing with a small product line means that you have all the time to focus on perfecting its quality. And that is exactly what El Gallo CBD did. They have CBD products for everyday use including CBD tinctures, CBD topicals, and CBD mints. They are specifically designed to help people combat inflammation, reduce anxiety, depression, and other chronic conditions. They stand out for their incredible flavor profiles including Papaya, Rebellion Mango, and Strawberry. These products also come in different strengths you can choose from.

Range of Products

We narrowed it down to selecting some of the best products from El Gallo and testing them for you. We had to subscribe to the website to smoothen our ordering procedure. It succeeded and we received our products on the second day. We tried all the products and we were pleased with their incredible results. We decided to share our experience with you. Here are the products we ordered:

  • El Gallo CBD Infused Balm – 250 mg
  • El Gallo CBD Tincture Star Anise – 500 mg
  • El Gallo CBD Tincture Natural Vanilla
  • El Gallo Cool Mint – 500 mg CBD Oil

El Gallo CBD Infused Balm

El Gallo CBD Infused Balm

You know how embarrassing dry skin can be. We didn’t want our skin to botch and we were looking for something with potent healing power. Then we got El Gallo CBD Infused Balm. It is a fast-acting balm enhanced with the exact healing power of CBD we were looking for. It is designed to give your body a proper boost. It is free of unnecessary fillers and nasty grease and comes in a fruity fragrance that will give your skin a nice scent. Apply the balm by smearing it onto skin areas you may be feeling pain or aches, and repeat according to the needs of your body. You will experience more relief if you use it after a workout or long walk.

El Gallo CBD Tincture Star Anise

El Gallo CBD Tincture Star Anise

It was time to let our tongue test the taste of El Gallo. This product is made with anise which has a welcoming aroma of sweet licorice. With such an exceptional flavor, we thought that it is just the best tincture El Gallo has ever made. It is powered with CBD extracted from the finest quality hemp plants. Unscrew the dropper top and apply the required amount under your tongue. Let the oil absorb for one minute before swallowing it. Each bottle comes with 30 ml of CBD isolate blended with a black licorice flavor that you will never find anywhere.

El Gallo CBD Tincture Natural Vanilla

El Gallo CBD Tincture Natural Vanilla

Who doesn’t love chocolate and vanilla? We love it naturally. But to be sincere, saying vanilla is an understatement. Are you on the radar with us, like is there any nice ice cream flavor? Nod with us. If you concur with us and are looking for something sweet, you gotta try the new brand from El Gallo – Vanilla-flavored CBD tincture that is extracted from organically grown hemp, harvested, and manufactured in America. It is easy to use with its dropper top. It contains full-spectrum CBD and 0.3 percent of THC. It is accepted in all 50 states and comes in four different strengths – 300 mg, 600 mg, 1200 mg, and 1500 mg.

El Gallo Cool Mint – 500 mg CBD Oil

El Gallo Cool Mint – 500 mg CBD Oil

You will never go wrong with this tincture flavored with fresh mint. El Gallo Cool Mint CBD oil is a delicious CBD tincture that will double the benefits of enjoying top-tier CBD.

What We Like About El Gallo CBD

The company makes high-quality CBD oils with the world’s favorite flavors. Their tinctures are accepted in all 50 states.

What We Don’t Like About El Gallo CBD

Their products are charged higher than the benefits offered.

Our Overall Verdict

If you have been looking for a brand making the finest CBD oil with great flavors, then you are at the right place. El Gallo products are made for you, helping you forget your pain while enjoying CBD

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