From time to time, Envy CBD has proved to be among CBD companies that utilize organic, non-GMO, and non-pesticide farming methods. Despite the brand having a manufacturing certification from GMP, they also have worked so hard to obtain USDA certification, which they recently did. To ensure all their products attain quality and highest purity levels, it has employed chemists who hold PHDs to help them manufacture products from the hemp plant, among other naturally occurring ingredients. Although they don’t offer vape products, they have a considerable line of products that help them gain more market; capsules, bath bombs, gummies tinctures, pet products and topicals. Although the brand keeps its customers informed using its website, we couldn’t find information about the company’s co-founder, when it was established and the people holding the team together in support of manufacturing quality CBD products. Besides, the brand has its main offices in El Monte, California. Notably, the brand obtains its hemp plant, which is used as its primary raw material from its farms based in Oregon, Colorado and Minnesota. Our analysis has captured critical information about the company, its operations, and its products. To keep getting informed, keep reading our insight.

About the company         

To bring to its customers’ high-quality products, the brand closely controls its hemp growing practices, manufacturing and production processes altogether. Unlike other brands, Envy CBD commits itself to establishing trust among its customers andto offer traceability and transparency in its products. The company’s efforts have not gone futile from what we could experience under their products review page. Most of its customers have found the products effective, which allow them to leave positive reviews.

Although the brand tries to build a good reputation using its products, it still has a lot to address to obtain better reputation levels. In our opinion, it’s high time for the brand to come out clearly and give adequate information on the people behind it. Consequently, although they have mentioned PhD chemists holders who facilitate their manufacturing process, they ought to provide more information about other contributors and their bios. Most CBD companies who have strived to obtain a better position within the CBD competitive market address such minor issues with priority since it helps them avoid being misjudged.

To address general concerns such as what is CBD, how to use it and any other general question, Envy CBD offers a comprehensive FAQ page. This frequently asked question page has helped it minimize traffic on its support team since it has most issues addressed. On this page, we also noted useful information about Envy CBD, such as its manufacturing process, return and shipping policy being addressed adequately.

For customers whose needs have not been addressed under the frequently asked question page, we recommend they get in touch with its support team. To enable this, the brand has provided its physical address, email and phone number; South El Monte, CA 91733, [email protected], and (866) 526-3689, respectively. Besides, it also has a contact page where one is needed to enter their name, email and intended message, respectively. Notably, its service line is open from 9:30 am – 5:30 pm PST on weekdays.

According to what we obtained from its website, the brand doesn’t offer a money-back guarantee. Luckily, we noticed they have a return policy on unopened products which should be initiated within 30 days of receiving the products. Besides, the brand allows customers to track their products after they are immediately dispatched to their designated location (tracking number is shared on the customer’s email immediately the ordered products leave its stores). In addition, the brand offers free shipment countrywide on all its products despite the amount used to purchase. 

The brand offers adequate product description right under every product to uphold trust levels. Under each product, the customer is able to be given relevant product details such as its use, the ingredients, its potency, third-party lab results as well as prices. Such information helps customers to understand more about the product they are buying. For new customers, they will be able to understand which product suits their demand and how the correct dosage they should start with. However, we encountered a challenge while checking on the lab results since they don’t offer specific batch numbers, which would help customers identify the tested batch.

Unlike some of CBD company’s websites, Envy’s website is easy to navigate within. Using products description provided under each product, its customers can understand what product they should add to their cart and which one not to; depending on the needs. To start shopping, all you need is to click on “add to cart”, and you will be redirected to the products. In our case, we found the website convenient and transparent since we could easily add and remove products from our cart. After we were satisfied with what we chose, we cross-checked and went ahead to confirm our order. Lastly, we received our product on the second day of order confirmation without any shipping fee.

Manufacturing process

Right from its farming activities, the trademark controls all steps until the products are in the consumer’s hands; they monitor farming practices, crafting of products, extraction, packaging, and shipment of the products. Notably, the brand refers to itself as a farm to table manufacturing,to mean they don’t outsource any step, which helps them keep a close eye and control every step to come up with quality. In addition, all its manufacturing processes adhere to GMP guidelines that have also approved their manufacturing facility.

Although the brand doesn’t offer much details about its hemp farms, we note that they are located in Colorado, Minnesota and Oregon (they use proprietary hemp plants). In addition, Envy CBD states that all its farming practices are well-monitored and controlled to yield quality. Although the brand has no certification to support these claims, they insist on engaging in farming practices void of any artificial chemicals and pesticides that might interfere with their products purity levels.

Lastly, before any of its products gets to the market, it passes through an independent third-party lab tasked to check on the product’s purity. The role of the lab is to ensure the product is not contaminated with contaminants such as heavy metals, chemicals and pesticides. Consequently, the lab has to ensure THC levels in the products don’t exceed 0.3%, and CBD levels match the one on the labels and one on its website. In aid of quality control, the brand has employed chemists with PhD qualification levels to help them oversee its manufacturing process. Another role of the chemists is to ensure fewer chemicals are used during manufacturing to avoid product contamination.

Range of products

For the brand to keep selling its trademark, it offers the following products;

Envy CBD Tinctures

Envy CBD Tinctures

Although the brand insists on using CO2 as its primary extraction method, its tinctures are made from ethanol extracts and crafted in full spectrum. Notably, they have no traceable amounts of THC. To address various teste preferences, the brand offers its tinctures in three flavours; double apple, watermelon and orange. In addition, each variety is availed in the potency of 1500 mg, 1000 mg, 500 mg and 250 mg. Depending on the side and strength, their prices range from $43.99 to $109.99. Lastly, the product is only administered orally.

Envy CBD Gummies

Envy CBD Gummies

According to our analysis, Envy CBD offers its gummies in two choices; sour and original. In addition, each bottle contains 20 gummies, and their ingredients are extracted using ethanol which helps them craft the gummies in full-spectrum having 10 mg per gummy. Besides, the gummies are naturally flavoured and coloured, but they have gelatin, making them non-vegan. Lastly, each bottle is sold at $24.99, which is somehow fair.

Envy CBD Capsules

Envy CBD Capsules

Soft gels are one of the most convenient CBD products consumed in onego. However, unlike other products produced in various forms, the soft gels are of only one type. In addition, the capsules from the company are not vegan friendly since they comprise bovine gelatin. The brand offers ten capsules in each bottle, each capsule having 25 mg of full-spectrum. Lastly, they sell the ten capsules at $34.99.

Envy CBD Bath Bombs

Envy CBD Bath Bombs

Are you looking for a serene, comfortable and peaceful bath? Then it’s time you purchase bath bombs from Envy trademarks. They designed this product for easy absorption by the skin allowing the user to feel some sort of relation and calmness during and after the bath.

What we like about the company

Envy CBD has a lot of fascinating things about it compared to any other brand. First, the brand is considered the table trademark since it has all its processes given a keen look at right from the farming practices till the products are in the hands of its consumers. Also, the brand offers a comprehensive FAQ page that has addressed multiple questions that arise among the customers; they address both concerns of their trademark and CBD as a whole. Additionally, they offer free shipping despite the price used to purchase the products. These are but a few of their extensive line of fascinating things you would find in their trademark and not any other, like having chemists with PhD qualifications overseeing their manufacturing activities.

What we don’t like about the company

Although the brand seems to address most issues adequately, it still has some areas of weakness that ought to be addressed. First, offering a money-back guarantee is one way of creating confidence among consumers that you are indeed committed to offering quality products to avoid it. Besides, the brand has higher pricesthan other trademarks, making customers look for cheaper brands offering quality. Lastly, the brand does not offer discrete packaging boxes while shipping products as well as they have failed to provide batch numbers redirecting to the third-party results.


As it’s evident in our analysis, the brand has some weaknesses that ought to be addressed but do not exceed the strengths. It has invested a lot of money and effort in ensuring they offer unique products and services that one couldn’t easily find in other trademarks. Due to this commitment, we have evidenced most customers being happy and appreciating them by leaving positive reviews under their review page. However, we call upon the brand to address minor concerns to avoid tarnishing their reputation, which they have invested a lot of effort and money to build. By doing so, they will also be improving to increase their chances of climbing the ladder of the CBD competitive market.

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