Foria CBD Review

ForiaCbd Review


Unlike various CBD companies, Foria wellness focuses on offering sexual wellness through CBD. The brands aim to increase intimacy level and wellbeing, especially in women. However, according to its website, it seeks to minimize its ecological footprint and maintain high transparency and community engagement in its operations. The brand has obtained fame and has notably been mentioned in various media outlets, including The Huffington Post, Shape, The New York Times and GQ. Also, compared to other CBD brands social media, the company has 109k followers on their Instagram page. According to our research, very few companies offer natural intimacy solutions that might have less or zero effects on females. Therefore, most women have found the company to be effective and helpful. In our analysis, we are going to examine all aspects of the brand. Our review explores each significant operation that the company participates in to ensure quality to their customers.

About the Company

The main aim of Forias founder was to create a permanent natural solution for enhancing women empowerment and sexuality. The company was founded in 2014 by Matt Gerson. In addition, the company is currently based in Boulder, Colorado. As the company was being established, it had a mission to offer effective products for important and under-served experiences. According to the company, wellness and sex are inseparable, and to meet the individual’s needs,various formulas have to come intoplay. The company has also focused on environmental conservation and sustainability besides investing in women’s sexuality a sex education. As a results of their multiple efforts, it has gained fame very fast compared to other CBD companies. Very few companies offer sexual solutions to people; however, Foria has not only stopped at offering solutions but also carry out random education about having healthy intimacy.

To come up with quality products, the company sources its hemp from Hudson Hemp. Hudson Hemp is a renowned generative family farm that applies organic, biodynamic farming to come with pure hemp for its clients. In addition, the brand uses sustainable packaging along with 100%plant-based and responsibly sourced ingredients.

Their brand story started with one simple product (Foria Pleasure), which arouses lube made to increase sensation and pleasure while diminishing and discomforting women. However, the product hit the market but was only available in stores within California and Colorado, which was a limiting factor. However, the company received overwhelming feedback from people who had tried the product. From this point, Foria increased its range of products to four and was all created using the hemp plant. They include; arousal oil, CBD oil, vaporizers and suppositories. According to their website, they were meant to increase pleasure, reduce pain and promote overall wellness with the aid of the power plant.

Foria has continued to gain fame over time by being featured to even several reputable magazine publications such as Butle, Vice, and New York Magazine because of its effectiveness. Notably, Foria gives a quick response to any inquiries done on their email. Their customers help desk is readily available to offer assistance to the best of their knowledge. To verify this, we went further to reach out for assistance on the order we had made. Our email was replied to within 24 hours and with a response that exceeded our expectations. Upon your first order, the company gives you a 14-day satisfaction guarantee. This allows their customers to try the product and confirm its risk-free. Lastly, besides its focus on purity, it has also ensured that all its products undergo third-party testing for safety measures. Some of the tests include pesticides, heavy metals, microbial and levels of both THC and CBD. On each product, the company has provided extensive instructions on how to store it properly and use it for its effectiveness.

Manufacturing process

Although Foria CBD has not published much information about its operations, we gathered some relevant information to help you understand a few processes. First, the company sources its hemp from derived ingredients from sustainably grown hemp plants in Colorado, USA. The company has worked incollaboration with the farmers to ensure they apply organic farming at all times. The hemp used by the company is grown in a fertile area and does not use chemical fertilizers or pesticides to maintain the crop.

Foria uses the CO2 extraction method to ensure all beneficial ingredients within the plant are sustained for quality purposes. As a result, they can maintain their standards for quality. However, the company manufactures a wide range of products with different purposes to meet various needs of people. Some of their products include; Foria CBD Lube, Foria Intimacy Sex Oil 120 mL, CBD Suppositories, Floria Wellness Tonic CBD 30 Ml, and Awaken Arousal CBD Oil. Depending quantity and quality of their products, they come at various prices.

In addition, the company ensures all its products undergo third-party tests to ensure safety and quality is attained. The company has hired an independent lab to carry its third-party test. After the products have been manufactured, they undergo a third-party test to ensure CBD and THC are equal to the labelled ones. Besides that, the lab is also responsible for ensuring that the products are free of any contaminants, heavy metals, or pesticides harmful to the human body. All the results obtained from the labs are also posted under each product on their website for consumers to review quickly. As a result of such commitments of keeping their customers informed, the company has obtained a lot of trusts.

Range Of Products

Floria has genuinely committed itself to ensuring it offers its customer various options fora range of products. The company has the following range of products;

Awaken Arousal Oil With CBD

Awaken Arousal Oil With CBD

To try and meet each woman’s demand, the brand has crafted and designed this oil to meet various needs. Arousal supplements come with high levels of CBD. However, there are hypoallergenic elements that are smooth and safe for women’s fragile intimate areas in each bottle. Additionally, its arousal oil facilitates sensitivity and increase blood flow for aiding disease symptoms. Under the website product description, it is recommended users either consume it or use it directly around vaginal areas. For those who wish to administer it orally, it’s also recommended to place it under the tongue; it has a pleasing, light flavor.

Intimacy Natural Lubricant with CBD

Intimacy Natural Lubricant with CBD

Intimacy Natural Lubricant comes in broad-spectrum containing phytochemicals and terpenes of the hemp. The product is designed to ease any discomfort, pain and enhance arousal. However, each bottle of lubricant contains 200mg of CBD. The lubricant boasts hypoallergenic ingredients and offers a solution to those who aresensitive to traditional creams or lubricants. In our analysis, most consumers who have tried to use this brand attest to guaranteed functionality and recommend it to others. For safety purposes, the brand ensures the product is critically scrutinized during third-party tests.

Intimacy Suppositories with CBD

Intimacy Suppositories with CBD

The product is versatile and can either be inserted rectally or vaginally. According to the company, the product contains up to 50mg top-notch CBD per suppository. Also, the product is designed to meet multiple issues relating to various conditions including, painful sex, muscle tension and pelvic floor problems. According to our research, we found the products to be vegan-friendly and eco-conscious with restrained packaging.

Intimacy Botanical Vape Pen

Intimacy Botanical Vape Pen

If you are looking for an exclusive vaping experience, the brand offers you Intimacy Botanicals Vape Pen as a solution. The product has slick design which isinconspicuous and discreet that enhancing its reusability. To function effectively, one has to wait for about three seconds to get a puff of vapourthat enhances the first-class heating element and boosts state-of-the-art inhalation-enabled battery. For every 1ml pre-packed cartridge, it contains 450mg of broad-spectrum hemp extract. Lastly, the product is manufactured to enhance stress relief and relaxation effectiveness among users having extraordinary tests and delicacy.

Relief Suppositories

Relief Suppositories

The product is designed to minimize tension and pain before as well as during women’s menstrual cycles. To promote inflammation and muscle relaxation mitigation, the brand uses hemp extracts andamixture of laboratory tested ingredients. According to tests we conducted on the product, it had no preservatives, additives, and it’sentirely THC free.

Wellness Tonic Gel Capsules

Wellness Tonic Gel Capsules

For those who don’t enjoy multiple tests infused in CBD oils, we recommend you go for Wellness capsules. The capsules are effectively formulated with broad-spectrum CBD oils such as flavonoids, phytochemicals, and terpenes. For every tub, it contains either 750mg of CBD or 30 servings. Consequently, for those who would wish to evade the hustle of dosage measurements, then it’s the best option. Lastly, it is recommended to administer it orally withwater or your favourite drink to enhance effectiveness.

What we like about the company

The brand has various fascinating things about its operations. First, we liked the way the company brands its products. All their products are beautifully packaged to indicate their effectiveness. Foria company aims to not only brand their name positively but also educate people on the relevance of using CBD brands. The company offers education on general knowledge of wellness tips and sexual life in connection with CBD. Lastly, the company has taken safety as their key priority, they ensure all products they manufacture and have no side effects on the human body.

What we don’t like about the company

Although the company offers exemplary products in the market, a few areas need to be adjusted. The company should reconsider using broad-spectrum products. Although the company considers it, it is second after full-spectrum extracts since it includes all phytochemicals present in cannabis apart from THC. In case this is applied, then they would render more quality products to its consumers.


Foria CBD has proved to be one of the best CBD companies in existence. Most people who have used their products give it a rating of five over five. The company does not only stop at providing the best products for its customers, but it also conducts public education on various importance of using CBD brand. Finally, we would recommend that most women who have problems enjoying their intimate moments go for Floria products. They are effective and have been proved not to pose any threat to your health. 

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