Eating guava is one of the greatest ways to boost your health status. Guava fruits and leaves have many health benefits. Consuming them regularly will help you stay healthier, and live longer.

Let’s admit it. Guava is never on the list of our favorite fruits. Most individuals would rather have other fruits but not guava. Are you among the individuals who quickly say ‘yuck’ after sipping guava juice?This fruit may not be the sweetest out there. Still, it’s nutritious and worth adding to your fruits shopping list. With what you’ll learn today, you’re about to change your attitude toward this fruit after reading all its benefits.

How does guava look like?

In the supermarket or grocery stores, you’ll find some fruits quite as tastyand fruity as guava. With all the positive and negative talks about this fruit, whatexactly is guava? Guava, a tropical fruit, originated from South America, Central America, and Mexico. Its skin is light green, or yellow when ripe. Its flesh has a lively shade of pink or deep red. Guava is round in shape and has edible seeds. It grows on Psidium guajava tree which is in the myrtle family. In its ripe state, guava will have a strong, sweet, and earthy rawness smell.

What’s the taste of guava?

When it comes to fruits, taste means everything. Guava has a unique flavor that is sweet, and pleasant. For some, its taste is a combination of a pear and strawberry. The sweetness of guava depends on the type you’re consuming. Here are the different varieties of guavas;

Red Malaysian-it’s sweet, has red skin, and pink flesh. It’s mostly preferred for decoration purposes.

Lemon guava– it has a lemon-like flavor. It’s tiny, with a strong smell and flavor. It’s the most common type and is often identified asapple guava.

Tropical white-it has whitish skin and its inner part is yellow. It’s mostly used as a dessert because of its sweetness.

Tropical yellow-also known as Mexican cream, its skin is white and creamywhile its flesh is orange-looking. It has moderatesweetness and has more liquid than other types of guavas.

Tropical pink– has pink flesh and its skin bright yellow. Its sweetness is mild and the fruit has a strong smell.

What is the nutritional fact of a 100g guava?

  • 68 calories
  • 14.32 g of carbohydrate
  • 8.92g of sugars
  • 624IU vitamins A
  • 228.3mg vitamin C
  • 417mg of potassium
  • 5.4g of dietary fiber
  • 0.95 g of fat

What are the health benefits of guava?

Improves complexion and skin texture

Eating guava will help you get rid of dark circles, skin discoloration, acne, and redness. Hence, maintaining your skin’s freshness and radiance. Guava leaves and unripe guavas can make a great DIY scrub that’ll eliminate dead skin cells and tighten and lighten your skin. Guava’s high content in vitamin K is what is enabling it to have great properties for skin health. Also, they are rich in vitamin A, vitamin C, and packed with antioxidants like lycopene and carotene thatprotectsskin from wrinkles.

Cough and colds

Guavas have high quantities of iron and vitamin C, both helpful in preventing viral infections and colds. Its juice and leaves help to relieve cold, get rid of mucus, and protect the respiratory tract, lungs, and throatfrom infections.

Weight loss

Determined to lose some body fat? Guava serves as a ticket for your weight loss journey. With a combination of vitamins, fiber, and proteins, guava will help you regulate your metabolism thus lose weight. It’s a filling snack and will quickly satisfy your appetite, making you consume fewer calories. Also, it has less sugar compared to other fruits.

Useful to your brain

Guavas have niacin and pyridoxine, that is vitamin B3 and vitamin B6 respectively. These nutrients improve blood circulation in the brain. Therefore, relaxing the nerves, and supporting proper cognitive functions.

Helps with stress

In the current world, stress is part of life. High levelsof stress is harmful to mental and physical health and negatively affect social life. Magnesium present in guavas helps to relax the body’s muscles and nerves. Thus,guava is what you needto relax your mind, combat stress, boost energy, and have positive vibes after a tough day.

Important for your tooth

Guava leaves have anti-inflammatory properties and antibacterial abilities which kill germs and fight off infections. Thus, consuming it will help with tooth problems. Also, guava juice is known to heal swollen gums, oral ulcers, andtoothaches.

Improves eyesight

Presence of vitamin A makes guava a great booster of eye health. Consuming this fruit will protect your eyesight from degrading, and generally improve your visual abilities. It may also help to prevent maculardegeneration and the appearance of cataracts.

Boosts immune

Did you know though small, guavas offer four times more vitamin C than the content oranges provide?This nutrient boosts immunity and keeps you safe from infections and pathogens.

Protects you from chronic illnesses

Cancer, diabetes, and heart illnesses are deadly diseases that have caused many deaths. Consuming fruits like guavas provides your body with lycopene, vitamin C, quercetin, sodium, and potassium which are useful in reducing risks of chronic diseases. More so, guavas havea low glycaemic index that inhibits rise in blood sugar levels thereby perfect for diabetes patients.

How should you eat guava?

The whole guava is edible. Wash it wellbefore slicing it. this fruit has many culinary purposes, though it’s still great when consumed by itself. If you’ve ever tried Aqua Fresca, a refreshing fruit-based beverage common in Latin American Countries. Additionally, it’s often used in candies, desserts, dried snacks, and meats. Its high pectin amounts make it great for jams, jellies, and marmalades.

Ideas to try at home

  • Baked guava chicken
  • Guava cream cheese pastries
  • Guava-candied ginger gelato
  • Guava-strawberry smoothie
  • Baked ham with guava glaze
  • Add it on grilled shrimp
  • Blend guava ice pop with passion fruit
  • Tropic fruit salad with guava


Guavas are great fruits that need more appreciation from individuals. It’s a powerhouse of essential nutrients. To unfold these health benefits, you’ll need to introduce this fruit into your diet. You’ll benefit from it whether you eat it as a fruit, juice, or an ingredient in other meals. if I were you, I’d try one of the suggested ideas immediately. Once you try, you’ll keep wanting to exhaust all the guava recipes.

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