Her Highness is a renowned CBD brand based in New York City. It is inspired by and engineered by women. If you want a trusted girlfriend in the CBD and cannabis space, it’s time you embraced Her Highness products. From THC & CBD items to posh gift bags to high heel pads to sleek marry-me rings, the brand got you covered. Women have always risen to meet cannabis, but when Laura Eisman and Alison Krongad entered the cannabis industry, the stigma was completely reversed, and a turn-around for tables came in. Instead of women rising up for CBD, the latter now rises to meet women at their level. If you are a gentleman, please step aside and let her highness enjoy Her Highness’s sleek products. We had the privilege to review the brand, and here is what we found out.

About the Company

At the very click of Her Highness link entry into its official page, you will be awed by the glamor right about when you will be reminded that you are dealing with an exclusively unique CBD brand for women’s couture. We could not tell from the website when the company was launched, but it’s clear who its co-founders are; Alison Krongad and Laura Eisman. Besides, the website does not mention any other thing about the team members.

According to the company’s official webpage, the two women wanted to see a world where women shine, and no stigma hits them. However, they realized that no one was creating such a world, and that’s when they set out to deal in CBD and THC products, as well as women’s accessories. We surfed through the site and realized that despite being glamorous, it was somewhat vague. For instance, failing to indicate basic information about when the company started or how long it has been operating was a serious kink. Besides, the contact means are limited to an email address and chat feature, but no phone number for reaching the customer care desk instantly or mailing address for sending parcels and physical letters.

Additionally, Her Highness’s website lacks critical information about the company’s manufacturing processes and about itself. It has a FAQ link, but it takes you to a page that answers a few basic questions like what CBD is and whether or not it is psychoactive and will make you high. We kept surfing through the pages looking for information about shipping and return policies, but we were met by utter disappointment; the brand mentions nothing of the kind.

Nonetheless, we were impressed that Her Highness is committed to quality, as seen through the rigorous third-party tests whose results we readily obtained on the links to the products page. We examined the Facial oil for CBD and THC against what was indicated on the label. Although the product label bore 250 mg CBD, our confirmatory tests revealed otherwise. The actual CBD content was 265.4 mg, while the THC percentage was 0%, just as indicated. The CBD variation was 15.4 mg, translating to a 6% deviation, which is well within the 10% acceptable limit. This shows that the brand’s third-party tests are fairly accurate. Unfortunately, we could not test our ordered items for contaminants to establish whether or not they were contaminant-free. Typical contaminants often tested for include microbials (E. coli and V. cholerae), heavy metals, solvents, pesticides, and animal and plant residues.


The following characteristics are true of Her Highness CBD brand;

  • Third-party testing
  • No scannable QR codes on product labels
  • A fairly elaborate website
  • Average price points for various items range between $0.08 and $0.73 per mg CBD
  • No information about how the brand’s hemp is grown or what manufacturing processes are followed
  • Product prices range between $20 and $75
  • Extract available in full- and broad-spectrum formulations
  • No batch numbers for products
  • The CBD extraction method is not stated
  • Exclusively dedicated to making sleek women accessories as well as CBD and THC products
  • No emailing address or address to the physical location
  • Third-party tests do not include contaminants

Manufacturing Process

The Her Highness official website lacks any information on how it grows its hemp, where it grows it, the entire manufacturing, or what techniques it applies to strip off CBD from the hemp fiber. However, it mentions that all its items are phthalates, sulfates, parabens, and aluminum-free.

We used the chat feature to communicate with the customer care service desk, asking about the brand’s manufacturing process. The first attempt was futile since we got no response after ten days, forcing us to reach out to them for the second time. This time, however, they responded and indicated that they use US-sourced hemp, especially from the farms in Shelton, CT. Nonetheless, they were uncertain about what extraction methods are used by the brand. They made us understand that the hemp is 100% natural, organic-certified, non-GMO and that their manufacturing facilities are cGMP-certified and located in San Diego. If every piece of that information was true, we commend them because many controversies surround genetically modified products, and using non-GMO raw materials is one of the safest industrial processes.

Furthermore, Her Highness website indicates that the brand does in-depth third-part testing. The tests are limited to THC and CBD potencies and are basically done by independent laboratories to establish whether the potency data indicated on the product labels match the actual content. This is not enough because effective third-party tests consider contaminants and test for heavy metals, microbials, solvents, and animal and plant residues, yet Her Highness does not test for any other this. The brand’s official page includes data on the independent lab tests, but such are for the latest products and not individual products. This observation comes about because the products lack batch numbers on the containers, nor do they have scannable QR codes through which one would access third-party results for individual items if at all the results were there.

Customer & Buying Experiences

Her Highness’s official website is easily navigable, making the shopping experience somewhat straightforward. However, unlike most brands, it has not grouped the items based on particular categories; all you can see on the web include paraphernalia, CBD, and THC, and all basically have the same products. Therefore, you need to know what you want, surf through the page, locate it and add it to the cart, and have the shipping cost calculated. Shipping typically takes 2-3 business days, and within 5 days, you should have your orders delivered.

Range of Products

Her Highness’ product line includes women accessories and THC and CBD products. Here are some of the products you might want to order from the website;

Her Highness CBD Topicals

Her Highness CBD Topicals

Some of the most popular items in the Her Highness product line include topical items such as mask, facial oil, moisturizer, and a variety of body items for enhancing skin and body condition, all of which are in broad-spectrum formulations. The total CBD amounts include 20 mg, 30 mg, 200 mg, 300 mg, 500 mg, revealing a potency range of 8.33 mg/ml to 16.67 mg/ml. The cheapest product costs $20, while the most expensive one costs $70, revealing a price point of $0.12 to $0.40 per mg CBD.

Her Highness CBD Edibles

Her Highness CBD Edibles

Her Highness CBD edible items include the Menage Mints, the only available eatable product in the line. Like most items in the brand’s inventory, menage mints are packed with broad-spectrum CBD.

Her Highness CBD Oil Tinctures

Her Highness CBD Oil Tinctures

Are you a female enthusiast of CBD products? You could experiment with Her Highness CBD oil tinctures available in two categories; Queens’ Elixir and Sleeping Beauty. Both have CBD, but the former also has CBN, while Sleeping Beauty is also packed with CBG.

Her Highness CBD Vape Products

Her Highness CBD Vape Products

If you are a veteran CBD vaper, you will enjoy Her Highness vape products. They feature two categories, including the Highly Relieved and Highly Tranquilized vapes. The former helps relieve pain while the latter is for calmness, but both have full-spectrum CBD oil with different essential oils.

Her Highness CBD Smokable Products

Her Highness CBD Smokable Products

You could buy the brand’s pre-rolled hemp flowers, including the Last Prisoner Project Single Pre-Roll and Lighter. It has 0.5 mg hemp flower, but the exact amount of CBD remains unknown.

What We Like About the Company

The sleek Her Highness caught our attention because of the following aspects;

  • The brand has a 14-day money-back guarantee, an arrangement that gives dissatisfied clients full refunds
  • It has a relatively wide product line, including tinctures, vapes, bath bombs, topicals, and many women accessories
  • It is dedicated to ending women stigmatization and empowering them by offering the best of products
  • It might be using high-quality materials to make its products, especially the accessories
  • It deals in sleek items that, despite being expensive, are pleasing to the eye and to own

What We Do Not Like About the Company

Like a coin with a head and a tail, we found kinks with Her Highness. Sadly, what we did not like about the brand surpassed what we liked. Here are a few of the many aspects of the company we feel need ironing;

  • The price points are higher than the market ranges, leaving the products for the few who can afford them
  • The website does not say a lot about the brand; it basically gives two to three sentences about how it was started by two ladies
  • Third-party tests do not include contaminants like solvents, animal and plant residues, heavy metals, and microbials, all of which are dangerous for human health
  • Sluggish customer care response; we had to reach out to the customer care desk twice in a span of two weeks to get the response about CBD extraction, hemp growing, and manufacturing process
  • The lab reports posted on the website are for the recent products but not individual products because of the lacking batch numbers
  • Surfing through the website, you would not come across information on how the brand’s CBD is extracted
  • Products are not grouped based on any categories, making the shopping experience somewhat less ideal

Our Overall Verdict Her Highness is a CBD brand located in NYC. Inspired by and engineered by women, it exclusively deals in women’s accessories, as well as THC and CBD items. Its CBD products are either in broad- or full-spectrum formulations and include no isolate. You can order tinctures, edibles, vapes, and smokable products from the brand, but you will not have a wide variety from which to choose. We appreciate the brand’s dedication to ending women’s stigmatization, but it has a long way to go. It should expand its product lines to feature many varieties, organize its web well to include hemp growing, CBD extraction, and manufacturing process, and it should do better in third-party testing by including contaminants in the tests and posting products lab results based on batch numbers.

Barbara is a freelance writer and a sex and relationships adviser at Dimepiece LA and Peaches and Screams. Barbara is involved in various educational initiatives aimed at making sex advice more accessible to everyone and breaking stigmas around sex across various cultural communities. In her spare time, Barbara enjoys trawling through vintage markets in Brick Lane, exploring new places, painting and reading.

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